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Greetings, first time visitor (or forgetful regular in need of a reminder). Welcome to the CDP. It’s nice to see you looking so well. Sit down and let me get you a glass of your favorite carbonated or powdered beverage (Tab? Tang?). I have something to share with you about this very page.

The CDP is a humorous personal essay/pop culture blog started by yours truly in February of 2004. Instead of looking for a job after graduating from college, I starting pouring a lot of free time into writing. A couple of books and a few million readers later, and here I still am. I made the move from Blogger to WordPress in 2017, but everything is still up, either here or at my original site.

My name is Ryan. I’m in my 30’s and I cannot swim without assistance.

The CDP started out as ‘The Communist Dance Party,’ but was shortened for legal reasons. The content remains the same, but the mesquite flavor has been improved by at least 10%. Also, I don’t have to explain the joke to my relatives anymore.

Thanks for stopping by, and take a minute to look around. I’m sure you’ll eventually find something that makes you happy. If you don’t, you can go straight to hell. Get out of my house, and give me back my Tang.