15 Photos Of Chicago.

 photo EEE5ACE9-F43A-4FAB-897E-A54D63808668_zpsttgeukjg.jpg

NOTE: I’m not done with the ‘Most Popular Post In CDP History’ essay, so please accept my apologies and enjoy these selected photos from my 2016 vacation to Chicago.

 photo 188AC1AB-B5C9-4B71-B113-87B67926BA7E_zpsih1bwdwr.jpg


 photo 1A2D80ED-EC77-45DC-B09D-C19B22BD0FD6_zpsuctaecvq.jpg


 photo 50E9BAD4-DA4A-4C6D-9AB4-8DAFFDD92E64_zpsr8pfj48r.jpg

Media Wall.

 photo 57F250CA-308A-4304-81F8-4E6BAFA0E43E_zpssrymh6rx.jpg

Dummy (right).

 photo 5952421D-6328-47D5-B552-32C0D54BC885_zpsskbwlnro.jpg

Debate Camera.

 photo LettersToCleo_zpsquciofxc.jpg

Letters To Cleo.

 photo A597FA05-F353-474E-8F8A-8CB418415897_zpsqb8ppm2k.jpg


 photo CeliaAndKay_zpst62ngmas.jpg

Missus and Kay.

 photo B70E81CF-2540-40F1-A5BD-5F51A80ED9BD_zpsshgk2gmg.jpg

“The dead have risen and are currently walking the Earth.”

 photo 1944AEFB-C09C-40DB-A9A0-B98CCF3B03F4_zpsadxv76lw.jpg


 photo C3225D0C-C919-4E68-910F-F035640E496B_zpsuhwj3gwe.jpg

Happy Good Day.

 photo DC33C065-AC4B-42D5-8AD5-F47F90915800_zps4ad1nky4.jpg

I’m moderating this bitch.

 photo 55EE0740-3A56-46D0-B0AA-8085D9CC7087_zps9kyja3hn.jpg


 photo ChicagoStinktown_zps2ibvjbew.jpg

Deuces, Stinktown. It’s been real.

See you again soon. I’m writing, I promise.

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