10 Photos Of Des Moines.

 photo DesMoines5_zpsreb3d4lz.jpg

NOTE: I’m not done with the ‘Most Popular Post In CDP History’ essay, so please accept my apologies and enjoy these selected photos from my 2016 vacation to Des Moines.

 photo DesMoines7_zpswojc2oce.jpg


 photo DesMoines4_zpswrbnor4s.jpg


 photo DesMoines6_zpspizeix6g.jpg


 photo DesMoines2_zpspsytxoqw.jpg


 photo DesMoines10_zpsfouihwug.jpg

Static pillow.

 photo DesMoines8_zpsad9aljkj.jpg

Fong’s Pizza.

 photo DesMoines9_zpst0cex5ql.jpg


 photo DesMoines11_zpsguqi0qzk.jpg


 photo DesMoines1_zpsqdztzzao.jpg

Laika (mirror) tattoo. The reason for the season.

See you Monday.

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