10 Photos Of Portland.

 photo Portland1_zpsdt5u5enc.jpg

NOTE: I’m not done with the ‘Most Popular Post In CDP History’ essay, so please accept my apologies and enjoy these selected photos from my 2016 vacation to Portland.

 photo Portland2_zpssu1b4v8t.jpg

Liquor wall.

 photo Portland4_zpstekwklqo.jpg


 photo Portland3_zpsqwx9hqjp.jpg

Dope kicks.

 photo Portland6_zpsfftxiape.jpg


 photo Portland10_zps49xqomdw.jpg

Voodoo Doughnuts.

 photo Portland8_zpstynajax0.jpg

I unfortunately had to travel alone.

 photo Portland7_zps2hmioara.jpg


 photo Portland12_zpsovhhfpmb.jpg

CDP alumni Levi Greenacres tattooed me! Also met Pointless Banter’s Kevin Palmer and the Mark and Toddcast’s Todd Werkoven. Great, great people.

 photo Portland13_zpsmohwosxm.jpg

Technically Utah.

See you Friday.

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