The Top 20 CDP Essays (2012-2014).

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Here are the Top 20 CDP Essays from 2012 to 2014, in bite-sized form. Click at will and enjoy in moderation.

‘The Greatest TV Show Of The Last 25 Years.’ (April/May 2014)
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6

#20 – ‘The Walking Dead Friday.’ (Seasons 3/4)
S3-E9 Review.
S3-E10 Review.
S3-E11 Review.
S3-E12 Review.
S3-E14 Review.
S3-E15 Review.
S3-E16 Review.
S4-E9 Review.
S4-E10 Review.
S4-E13 Review.

#19 – ‘Shining Like A Beacon From Coast To Coast.‘ (2/25/13)

#18 – ‘Stanger Danger.‘ (11/11/14)

#17 – ‘The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Television Fans.‘ (9/13/13)

#16 – ‘Aren’t You Gonna Smile For Me?‘ (2/18/13)

#15 – ‘Today I Am 30.‘ (2/1/12)

#14 – ‘Time To Meet Your (Sandwich) Maker.‘ (7/19/13)

#13 – ‘Burning For You.‘ (2/17/14)

#12 – ‘Nuclear (Nielsen) Family.’ (3/11-15/13)
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

#11 – ‘Let’s Go To The Hospital.‘ (4/15/13)

#10 – ‘The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen.‘ (2/7/12)

#9 – ‘If Love Is The Answer You’ll Hold, Hold On.‘ (6/19/13)

#8 – ‘Waiting For October.‘ (10/29/13)

#7 – ‘Have A Super Sonic Day.‘ (9/15/14)

#6 – ‘Don’t Call It A Comeback, I’ve Been Here For Years.’ (2/11-12/13)
Part 1Part 2

#5 – ‘It’s Great To Be Eighteen.‘ (2/6/12)

#4 – ‘The Great CD Swap Of 2000.‘ (5/7/13)

#3 – ‘Dad.‘ (6/14/13)

#2 – ‘The UW-Whitewater Swim Team.‘ (2/8/12)

#1 – ‘Eat The Fish Head.‘ (2/10/14)

Thank you.

Two Minutes Of 2014.

Here’s a thing I wanted to share with you as a kind of final haymaker punch to the frustrating year that was 2014.

There’s this app called 1 Second Everyday. You put it on your phone and start shooting video. As much or as little as you want, for as long as you want. After a certain amount of time, 1SE will string all of your clips together into tiny increments, giving you a frantic video patchwork of your last month, year or whatever. It’s a cool idea, works like a charm and never crashed on me. I think it costs a dollar.

Near the end of 2013 and deep into 2014, I tried to remind myself to shoot some video everyday for my 1SE project. I’m not the type to capture a lot of photos and video when experiencing something interesting, and sometimes I would just grab a few seconds of me petting the cats, but I did manage to put together about 120 seconds of usable footage. It’s mostly sushi, cats and beer, but I cannot think of a more accurate snapshot of how I live my life.

No, seriously. A lot of sushi, cats and beer.

So anyway, here it is (after a few tweaks and adding some music). Take it or leave it; I just couldn’t bear to have it sitting on a hard drive. Turn up the sound, watch and enjoy.

So long, 2014. For real. The CDP returns with more new stuff shortly.