The Walking Dead Friday – ‘Inmates.’

 photo TWD0410LogoPic_zpsec904d33.jpg
Season 4 – Episode 10: ‘Inmates.’

POW! Another week of Walking Dead captions out of nowhere! Enjoy!

 photo TWD0410Steve_zps9c0b52e0.jpg
I remember this being a lot funnier when Steve Martin did it.

 photo TWD0410OCB_zps2abcce50.jpg
This reminds me of every dinner I’ve ever had at Old Country Buffet.

 photo TWD0410Filthy_zps39f8fd2b.jpg
Tyreese, not good with children and attempting to lighten the mood, tells the filthiest joke he knows.

 photo TWD0410LittlePsycho_zps82fce36c.jpg
There’s my little sociopath.”

 photo TWD0410TakeBaby_zps2b33197f.jpg
“Look, I don’t even care that you killed Karen, just TAKE. THIS. F***ING. KID.”

 photo TWD0410Lost_zps2fe596b8.jpg
You know, this looks sort of familiar…

 photo JackVincentEnd_zpsced8b526.jpg
The Walking Dead takes place in the Lost Universe. Everything makes sense now.

 photo TWD0410Fire_zps8f770a75.jpg
“If she randomly busts into one more folk song, I’m setting my feet on fire.”

 photo TWD0410Gurps_zpsea6d3709.jpg
“Hey. Gurps.”

 photo TWD0410RealGurps_zps0cb5d213.jpg

 photo TWD0410Judith_zps0bc3914c.jpg
As I was following Twitter during the episode, I saw no less than 1000 tweets pleading for someone to “Shut that stupid/annoying/goddamn baby up.” But once Lizzie starting in with a bit of the ‘ole suffocation, the very same people started flipping their collective wigs. Twitter morality is tricky, I guess.

 photo TWD0410NiceBus_zps7a9b3af3.jpg
Still, this is one of the nicer school buses you’ll find in Georgia.

 photo TWD0410HatSpit_zps541fcb53.jpg
When I was riding the bus in Grade 3, an older kid spit in our bus driver’s baseball cap. This, as I recall, is pretty much what happened next.

 photo TWD0410Sociopath_zps56c2a525.jpg
I’m just going to tell you right now: This Lizzie situation will not end well.

 photo TWD041018_zps1bf71b46.jpg
Daryl crunches every equation in his head attempting to remember if Beth is over 18.

 photo TWD0410FordShot_zps51063872.jpg
I just had to show you how awesome this was…

 photo TWD53Cover_zps5ee62a13.jpg
They care about the details; I can assure you.

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