The Walking Dead Friday – ‘After.’

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Season 4 – Episode 9: ‘After.’

Happy Valentine’s Day! Because I love you, and because it’s been nearly a year, here’s a fresh batch of Walking Dead captions for you. Have fun, be responsible and please keep it above the waist until High School. Thanks.

 photo 0409MichonneScream_zpse5e8c58a.jpg
Michonne’s toddler inadvertently deletes Season 2 of Nashville from the DVR.

 photo 0409RickConcussion_zpseac0dfcf.jpg
Per Web MD protocol, Rick sleeps off his massive concussion.

 photo 0409HerschelHead_zpscbf42351.jpg
“Now, hold on a moment; I still think our camps can co-exist peacefully. Let’s talk this over.”

 photo 0409DerbyMassacre_zpsafc3836e.jpg
This is what happens the next time someone links me to a Buzzfeed article, I swear to Christ.

 photo 0409BooksSuck_zps9155f94a.jpg
Once again, books nearly cut the life of a young man short. The lesson: Never read.

 photo 0409DeadBird_zpse55efa29.jpg
Bird died of loneliness. And starvation. And its tiny legs probably got nibbled. But mainly loneliness.

 photo 0409MichonneDerp_zps924689c9.jpg
When it comes to blending in with a zombie horde, Michonne is basically Daniel Day-Lewis at this point.

 photo 0409HipsterDeeb_zpse2d383be.jpg
“Wow, I sure wish this hipster kid was still around…so I could break his ukelele over his head, run him over with his penny farthing bicycle and shoot him in the knee.”

 photo 0409RickWhine_zps226bfe63.jpg
“Carl. Let’s stop. Carl. My feet hurt. It’s hot out here. I’m thirsty. My sleeves are missing. I think I has a brain damage. Carl. Carl.”

 photo 0409WalkerPeeker_zpsd1241e15.jpg
In my Condo Association, if you’re late on your dues by so much as a day, you can bet your ass that this will happen.

 photo 0409SwordSammitch_zps510af81e.jpg
“Granite. Chain link. Hundreds of skulls. But it’s still sharp enough to slice through this delicate brick of Asiago. I ask you, how much would you expect to pay for a katana like this?”

 photo 0409RickScurred_zps2a5fc68c.jpg
“Carl, you’re a man now. A psychotic, terrifying, pudding-obsessed man, and I’m very afraid of you.”

 photo 0409ZombieMormons_zps8168aa9c.jpg

Sound off in the comments section, click some links and enjoy your weekend. Oh, and one last thing just for you, my little pumpkin muffin, on this joyous day…

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One thought on “The Walking Dead Friday – ‘After.’

  1. I know the text is kind of big in this one. I wanted to test it out and see what it looked like. I don't really like it (unless you like it; then I LOVE it), so it'll probably go back to normal next time.


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