Give Life Back To Music.

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(I was not compensated in any way for this review. I wouldn’t do that.)

Guess what? Random Access Memories is awesome.

RAM is the smoothest, funkiest, chillest, sexiest and most beautiful Daft Punk album to date, and easily the best album I’ve heard all year. A game changer that lacks cohesive description (having the best marketing campaign in recent memory didn’t hurt, either).

While the tracks flow seamlessly, each seems to speak to a different specific feeling (every reviewer seems to have a different favorite track, which is almost unprecedented). It’s not so much a Daft Punk album as a love letter to the last six decades of Pop Music. More soul/jazz than EDM/techno, it’s a masterwork of audio engineering and (ironically) human emotion. I came in with unrealistic expectations, and they were completely turned on their ear with the throwback direction taken by our beloved robotic Frenchmen. I loved it in a way I couldn’t have predicted, which as a music fan, is all you ever ask for.

A new Daft Punk record is sort of like a new Daniel Day-Lewis film or Beastie Boys album; they show up once every six years if you’re lucky, and it always kicks ass. The soundtrack to the Summer has arrived early, yo. Go pick up this album and enjoy your weekend.

2 thoughts on “Give Life Back To Music.

  1. That's pretty much the whole of it; more 'Rock With You'-era Michael Jackson than say, Dangerous.

    Considering also that it's almost entirely a live instrument record, I was extremely surprised but happy. I think there's a lot of people who think modern dance music (or electronic/techno/EDM or whatever you want to call it) has become soulless and boring, so I really loved that Daft Punk (of all acts) brought some human emotion back to the genre. The Julian Casablancas track ('Instant Crush') may be the most that guy has ever emoted.

    It seemed like they pretty much did whatever they wanted in the best studios, too (it may be one of the best-engineered albums I've ever heard). But hey, it's definitely not for everyone. I'm currently trying to find the best way to subtly introduce this album to Celia in a way that won't make her instantly reject it. 🙂


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