9 thoughts on “The Communist Dance Party.

  1. I will truly miss CDP. It was one of my regulars. I stumbled into it as a Lost fan for Lost Friday's and stayed for everything else. As a result I gained some new music, new to me anyway, and was thoroughly entertained and enlightened. Good luck and I'm following on Twitter so I hope to hear about the next great endeavor.


  2. My wife pointed me out to this site — a college friend of her's posted to it, she read it and laughed hysterically. And I read it and was hooked.

    I participated in every mixed-tape trade and loved every minute of it. I got exposed to lots of great and new-to-me music. Maybe I did the same for others.

    I also never got into Lost — probably the only regular here that read Lost Fridays and didn't care to watch the episode.

    One funny CDP story — I posted on Facebook that I was working on my CDP mix, and posted a link to the site. My mother-in-law saw it. The next day, she calls my wife, very concerned: “Is Mike a Communist?”


  3. Awww. 😦 I made some new acquaintances through the CDP, and enjoyed the community feel that the Lost Friday (Tuesday…uh, what day was that show even on, I can't remember anymore, honestly?) posts had. I'm going to miss that, but at least I am still able to stalk…um, I mean TALK TO some of my new favorite online people from time to time. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to be a part of this experiment of yours! Thanks so much for everything.


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