The La Crosse Incident.

(The following is a transcribed conversation on my Facebook wall on the night of April 16, 2011. I was alone in a hotel room in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, when this took place.)

April 16 at 8:39am – Ryan wrote:
Question Of The Day: Can somebody tell me what this is a picture of?

April 16 at 8:46am – Dawn wrote:
Well, its measuring megahertz or radio frequency…and decibels or strength of sound. I’m guessing its testing a ham radio’s receptivity. Wait…is it on a TV?

April 16 at 8:47am – Ben wrote:
Is it a VU meter?

April 16 at 9:01am – Ryan wrote:
So can anyone tell me why it was on my hotel’s television last night? I ran into it at about midnight, on a channel that wasn’t part of the guide. You obviously can’t see it in the photograph, but the graph and all of the numbers were spinning around like crazy. Creeped me out.

April 16 at 9:20am – Ben wrote:
VU meter wasn’t what I was looking for, but it looks like a meter that monitors the image being broadcast by a television signal. I’m not sure what it’s called. that might explain why it was on the television.

April 16 at 9:25am – Ryan wrote:
Okay. The graph was moving around for the time that I watched it (about 5 minutes), but it’s weird that it randomly showed up in my guide. Why does it need its own channel, specifically one that I (a random d-bag) can see? And why have I never seen it before in my life?

April 16 at 9:36am – Ben wrote:
It might have been a mistake and it was accidentally being broadcast. Weird.

April 16 at 9:44am – Ryan wrote:
Okay, I just checked my TV and it’s not there anymore. I had my own personal ‘Wyoming Incident‘ last night, apparently.

April 16 at 12:02pm – Ryan wrote:
In a moment of paranoia, I actually wandered around the room and jumped around and made noise just to make sure it wasn’t reacting to me. You can never tell in these hotel rooms.

April 16 at 2:43pm – Caitlin wrote:
Is it something to do with the Dharma Initiative?

April 16 at 2:52pm – Ryan wrote:
I kind of hope so.

April 16 at 3:32pm – Aaron wrote:
Is it a network analyzer?

April 16 at 3:35pm – Ryan wrote:
Would a network analyzer be something that normally appears on a (supposedly) blank TV station in the middle of the night?

April 16 at 3:40pm – Aaron wrote:

April 16 at 3:56pm – Ryan wrote:
Yeesh. This is officially the 9th weirdest thing that has ever happened to me at a hotel.

April 16 at 11:53pm – Ryan wrote:
11:50pm, and the mysterious broadcast is BACK. Most of the numbers and patterns are identical to last night. I’m going to keep an eye on it, because I literally have nothing better to do.

April 17 at 12:09am – Ryan wrote:
Okay, check this out –

This is a picture someone else took of the same station at a DIFFERENT hotel in the La Crosse area…almost two years ago to the day. This city is beginning to freak me out.

April 17 at 12:19am – Ryan wrote:
Here’s a clip someone shot; yes, it’s exactly this creepy: –

According to a weird message board I found, this channel is analog, so you can’t see it unless you remove the box and hook the coax directly to the TV (like at this hotel). Basically, it’s supposed to be hidden, and you can only see it if you hook up the TV wrong. That may explain why the only other photo I found was in another La Crosse hotel; maybe they were all installed wrong by the same people?

April 17 at 12:28am – Ryan wrote:
Here’s a similar photo –

…In San Juan, Puerto Rico. These are literally the only photos I can find. I…yeah. I don’t know what the deal is.

April 17 at 12:37am – Ryan wrote:
That’s enough for one night. I guess the mystery isn’t so much what it is, but what the magic circumstances are (time, location, hookup) that allows someone to actually SEE it. What a bizarre thing.

Any information you can shed would be helpful as to why this showed up on my TV. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

4 thoughts on “The La Crosse Incident.

  1. When you first posted this, I remember thinking it reminded me of the signal monitors in the control rooms from when I worked in tv – looks like the signal waveform on an audio monitor to me, personally. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that it's probably a feed showing some form of modulation settings for the television itself, possibly the audio clarity/strength/quality. :shrug:


  2. Yeah, I'm thinking it was something at least similar. I'm still grasping as to why it was able to be seen in my room (along with someone else's room), but perhaps the conspiracy is too think for me to comprehend.

    …Or someone hooked up a television wrong.


  3. That was the other weird thing. It only seemed to show up at certain times, as when I checked during most of the day, it wasn't there.

    La Crosse gives me the creeps. That same weekend, I saw someone at their mall that looked so much like my sister that I stopped walking and almost said hello. Then this woman, this freaking doppelganger of my sister if I ever saw one, started slowing down and walking towards me in the same fashion, like SHE recognized ME. We got about three feet away from each other before we both realized that we didn't know each other. It was like double mistaken identity.


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