Two Important Things & Two Less-Important Things.


Next Monday, September 6, I will reveal the name of my next book, along with a FAQ answering a good chunk of your burning questions. We’re getting very, very close, so remember to come back and get in on the ground floor.


2. I will announce the winner of the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8 within the next few weeks. As you may know, the winner gets a free copy of the aforementioned book, and I have received a lot of fantastic and well-deserving entries. Keep your eyes peeled for that.


3. I was doing some shopping in Galena, IL last weekend, when I spotted the above poster in a winery. Just like I did, I’m sure some of you recognize Mr. Post from a feature I did many years back spotlighting the Worst Album Covers Of All Time (Post came in at #7):


A small part of me wanted to show up at his presentation to inquire about the album cover, but I figured he’d be in character and act like he had no idea what I was talking about. Furthermore, there was a decent chance he would have punched me in the face, so I purchased my wine and hit the road.


4. Saw this at a hot sauce store. Laughed so hard that I was asked if I was okay. I guess all his rowdy friends are coming over tonight…for TACOS!

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. Make sure to come back Monday, as we reveal the title of the new book.

12 thoughts on “Two Important Things & Two Less-Important Things.

  1. As of 9/1, I have received Mixes from Benjamin, Mike Hoss, Greeklish, Mike I, Cargirl, TJ, Wallrock, Rissa, Bubba, Caitlin, Emily and Smedley. Thanks so much, everyone!


  2. I dunno, the mix I got from Bubba had a laminated cover. I thought mine was pretty awesome, but it's going to be hard to compete with that.

    P.S. Jim Posts' mustache is effin' dreamy.


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