Two Important Things & Two Less-Important Things.


Next Monday, September 6, I will reveal the name of my next book, along with a FAQ answering a good chunk of your burning questions. We’re getting very, very close, so remember to come back and get in on the ground floor.


2. I will announce the winner of the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8 within the next few weeks. As you may know, the winner gets a free copy of the aforementioned book, and I have received a lot of fantastic and well-deserving entries. Keep your eyes peeled for that.


3. I was doing some shopping in Galena, IL last weekend, when I spotted the above poster in a winery. Just like I did, I’m sure some of you recognize Mr. Post from a feature I did many years back spotlighting the Worst Album Covers Of All Time (Post came in at #7):


A small part of me wanted to show up at his presentation to inquire about the album cover, but I figured he’d be in character and act like he had no idea what I was talking about. Furthermore, there was a decent chance he would have punched me in the face, so I purchased my wine and hit the road.


4. Saw this at a hot sauce store. Laughed so hard that I was asked if I was okay. I guess all his rowdy friends are coming over tonight…for TACOS!

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. Make sure to come back Monday, as we reveal the title of the new book.

The CDP 2010-2011 Fall TV Preview.


For the SIXTH. YEAR. IN. A. ROW, the CDP Fall TV Preview has returned for the 2010-2011 Season. And even though the new batch of shows looks to be…less than promising, we still have the scoop on over 50 premiering and returning programs, including a preview of one of the most anticipated TV premieres in CDP History (read on). I’ve done as much research as I could to get the correct dates and timeslots (current as of August 22), and I’ve stuck to network schedules as much as possible. All times Central, let’s go.



I Will Be Watching…

6:00-7:00AFV (ABC – Premieres 9/26)
7:00-7:30The Simpsons (FOX – Premieres 9/26)
7:30-10:30Sunday Night Football (NBC)


And I Might Take A Chance On…

7:30-8:00Bob’s Burgers (FOX – Midseason)


But I Will Avoid At All Costs…

Anything Seth MacFarlane (FOX)

I’m sticking with tried-and-true favorites on Sunday night, and the more mindless the entertainment, the better. I don’t know about you, but there are some nights where I’ll pass on watching something cerebral merely because I’m too exhausted or lazy to focus so intently on a program. Therefore, I can’t think of a better night to watch children kicked in the nuts and grown men suffering concussions by the truckload. Oh, and The Simpsons.



I Will Be Watching…

7:00-8:00Antiques Roadshow (PBS – Midseason)
8:00-9:00Hoarders (A&E)
8:00-10:00Monday Night Raw (USA)
8:00-11:00Monday Night Football (ESPN)


And I Might Take A Chance On…

9:00-10:00Hawaii Five-O (CBS – Premieres 9/20)


But I Will Avoid At All Costs…

Mike & Molly (CBS)

If you were trying to learn a little something about who me and the Missus are as a couple, our Monday night viewing habits probably wouldn’t grant you too much access. From the quirky class of Antiques Roadshow, to the rubbernecking freakshow of Hoarders, to…the rubbernecking freakshow of Monday Night Raw, we pretty much cover all of our bases.

Any TV show that focuses on the weight of the main characters is a joke that’s not funny.



I Will Be Watching…

8:00-9:00Dirty Jobs (DISC)
9:00-10:00Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC – Premieres 9/21)
10:00-10:30Louie (FX)


And I Might Take A Chance On…

8:30-9:00Running Wilde (FOX – Premieres 9/21)


But I Will Avoid At All Costs…

Glee (FOX)

The Missus is usually out of the house on Tuesday nights, so this is a light night when it comes to quality viewing. Detroit 1-8-7 has promise, Louie has been a surprise hit for FX, and Dirty Jobs just might be the best reality program on television right now.

Please don’t try to sell me on Glee. I’m a grown man.



I Will Be Watching…

7:00-7:30The Middle (ABC – Premieres 9/22)
8:00-8:30Modern Family (ABC – Premieres 9/22)
8:00-9:00Friday Night Lights (TV101)
8:00-9:00Mythbusters (DISC)
9:00-10:00The Ultimate Fighter (SPIKE – Premieres 9/15)
9:00-10:00Destination Truth (SYFY)


And I Might Take A Chance On…

7:30-8:00Better With You (ABC – Premieres 9/22)


But I Will Avoid At All Costs…

Hellcats (CW)

Even though Lost is gone, Wednesday is still my favorite night of the week for television, sporting some of my favorite programs in Modern Family, Friday Night Lights, Mythbusters and The Ultimate Fighter. However, if I could recommend an under-the-radar program for the cerebral smartass, I highly suggest that you check out SyFy’s Destination Truth.



I Will Be Watching…

7:00-7:30Community (NBC – Premieres 9/23)
7:30-8:0030 Rock (NBC – Premieres 9/23)
8:00-8:30The Office (NBC – Premieres 9/23)
8:30-9:00Parks & Recreation (NBC – Midseason)
11:00-11:30Metalocalypse (TOON – Premieres 8/26)


And I Might Take A Chance On…

7:00-8:00My Generation (ABC – Premieres 9/23)


But I Will Avoid At All Costs…

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS)

As much as I would like a Thirtysomething for my own generation, previous attempts have failed miserably (see Quarterlife). However, I will give My Generation a chance. $#*! My Dad Says is already shaping up to be the Cavemen of 2010, with our only saving grace being the solid Must-See TV lineup by NBC, presumably the only decent thing the network has left.



I Will Be Watching…

7:00-9:00 – Friday Night Smackdown (SYFY)


And I Might Take A Chance On…

8:00-9:00Supernatural (CW – Premieres 9/24)


But I Will Avoid At All Costs…

Body Of Proof (ABC)

I watched the entire first season of Supernatural, but lost track of it as it continued forward. I did think it was a decent, well-written and fun show, so I might check back up on it to see how it’s been holding up. Other than that, my Fridays consist of (minimal) socializing and (maximum) drinking, so I really don’t have any more time for the small screen come Prime Time. Friday nights usually boast MMA action on HDNet, so chances are I’ll be watching that if I’m in front of the TV at all.



I Will Be Watching…

7:00-7:30Cops (FOX – Premieres 9/11)
10:30-12:00Saturday Night Live (NBC – Premieres 9/25)


And I Might Take A Chance On…

Clearing the DVR queue and playing MarioKart Wii.


But I Will Avoid At All Costs…

Reruns and pretty much everything else.

I watch Cops every Saturday night, regardless of whether or not it’s a rerun. Generally, whenever I ask someone why they don’t watch Cops, they’re either not interested, or feed me some self-righteous gibberish about racism and abuse of authority. I will argue this point if necessary, but I understand the basis. Personally, I enjoy that it’s still one of the purest shows on network television, and will probably run forever as long as the interest remains.



4:30-5:00Pardon The Interruption (ESPN)
6:00-7:00Attack Of The Show! (G4)
10:00-10:30The Daily Show (COM)
10:00-11:00The Conan O’Brien Show (TBS – Premieres 11/8 Mon-Thu)
10:30-11:00The Colbert Report (COM)

The biggest news in cable is the November return of Conan O’Brien to TBS. It’ll be interesting to see what (if anything) will be different on his show compared to the previous ones, but it’ll certainly spell a ratings boom for the network, and a triumphant call to arms for O’Brien’s legions of fans (myself included).



10. Scrubs
9. Ugly Betty
8. Numb3rs
7. Cold Case
6. Dollhouse
5. FlashForward
4. Heroes
3. 24
2. Law & Order
1. Lost

I still enjoy the Lost Finale, still think it ended correctly, and I’m still waiting for the perfect time to watch the series from start-to-finish once again.



I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the October premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC. Adapted from the absolutely phenomenal Robert Kirkman comic, it sincerely looks like they’re going to do this correctly, and the concept of a zombie television show is something that has never really been done before in such a grandiose capacity. Myself and millions of other Walking Dead fans are praying for a smash hit, and goddamn it, so should you.

Well, there you have it, another Fall TV Preview in the books. Stick around the CDP this September, as I announce who won the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8 (and a copy of my next book!), along with a few hints and sneak-peeks at said new book, which is around two months away from global release. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

The CDP’s 2010 Emmy Picks.


On Monday, August 30, the CDP will unveil its 6th Annual Fall TV Preview. The night before, however, belongs to the 2010 Emmys. So before I tell you what to watch next season, let’s take a look at some of the best television of the season that was, with my 2010 Emmy Picks. Let’s go.

Outstanding Comedy Series:
Curb Your Enthusiasm

Modern Family

Nurse Jackie

The Office

30 Rock

Who I Want To Win: Modern Family
Who I Think Will Win: Modern Family

This, for me, is one of the only locks of the Emmys. Sure, I know that Glee has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon this last year, but Modern Family succeeded with one of the most perfect first seasons of comedy since Arrested Development. What makes Modern Family such a triumph is their ability to mix new-school sitcom techniques (mockumentary, single-camera, no laugh track) with old-school emotion and timeless storyline devices. Featuring a cast with no weak points, the more-than-welcome return of Ed O’Neil and a slew of hilarious newcomers, Modern Family is the smartest show with the broadest appeal.

If I’m right about this selection, it means that 30 Rock will lose this award for the first time ever. For their first three seasons, 30 Rock has captured the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy all three times. And while their fourth season was more than deserving (as well as the brilliant seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm), Modern Family had the kind of straight-out-of-the-gate debut that you can only hope for with new comedies.

Outstanding Drama Series:
Breaking Bad

The Good Wife


Mad Men

True Blood

Who I Want To Win: Lost
Who I Think Will Win: Mad Men

Mad Men has been on fire recently. The ratings have skyrocketed, the critics will not stop yammering, and the self-important Drama fanboys will have you believe that it’s currently the greatest show on television. They may be almost correct in these assumptions, but until Lost is officially off the air (which it now is), every other drama needs to play second fiddle.

We all know that the sixth and final season of Lost wasn’t necessarily their best overall (for my money, that would be Season 1). However, unlike Mad Men or even True Blood, the eyes of a rabid nation were feverishly dissecting each and every episode leading up to the final curtain call for Jack Shepherd and company. If anything, Lost deserves the Emmy as a Lifetime Achievement Award, although I would not be surprised if Mad Men takes the baton and continues to run.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:
Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock
Steve Carell for The Office
Larry David for Curb Your Enthusiasm
Matthew Morrison for Glee
Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory
Tony Shalhoub for Monk

Who I Want To Win: Larry David
Who I Think Will Win: Alec Baldwin

When I was obsessed with Seinfeld, I was certain that Jerry Seinfeld was my role model. My doppelganger. The voice of my selfishness, crankiness and ego. However, once I got older and discovered Curb Your Enthusiasm, I realized that this love and respect should have always gone to Mr. Larry David. Every neurosis, every annoyance and every insecurity that made Seinfeld great came straight from the real-world experience and frustration of Larry David, and with the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it has never been displayed in a more hilarious or absurd light.

Any (and perhaps every) fan of Seinfeld should do themselves a favor and pick up the seventh season of Curb if you haven’t seen it already. Not only is it worth your money, but it will probably turn you into a superfan that either grabs every season prior, or subscribes to HBO for the sole purpose of catching Season Eight.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series:
Kyle Chandler for Friday Night Lights
Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad
Matthew Fox for Lost
Michael C. Hall for Dexter
Jon Hamm for Mad Men
Hugh Laurie for House M.D.

Who I Want To Win: Matthew Fox
Who I Think Will Win: Bryan Cranston

Kyle Chandler is amazing. Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite television dramas of all-time. However, the fourth season of FNL pales in comparison to what Matthew Fox stepped up to do in the sixth season of Lost. Surrounded by a group of- let’s face it- better actors, Fox made Lost his own again, leading up to a finale that made you a Jack fan regardless of if you fell off of that wagon years ago. He did an unquestionably fantastic job in season six, and for that alone, I feel the Emmy belongs to him.

However, Bryan Cranston is arguably the best actor on television (I love the guy), so it almost seems to be a foregone conclusion that the Breaking Bad captain makes off like a bandit here.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series:
Toni Collette for United States of Tara
Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey for 30 Rock
Julia Louis-Dreyfus for The New Adventures of Old Christine
Lea Michele for Glee
Amy Poehler for Parks and Recreation

Who I Want To Win: Tina Fey
Who I Think Will Win: Edie Falco

I’m biased to Tina Fey. I think that she already belongs on a shortlist of some of the funniest women in television history (I’m talking Lucille Ball/Betty White territory, here), so in my opinion, you can’t hand this woman enough Emmys. However, 30 Rock had a decent-yet-faltering fourth season, and the buzz for Edie Falco is unignorable at this point.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series:
Connie Britton for Friday Night Lights
Glenn Close for Damages
Mariska Hargitay for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
January Jones for Mad Men
Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife
Kyra Sedgwick for The Closer

Who I Want To Win: Connie Britton
Who I Think Will Win: Julianna Margulies

Connie Britton is real, and Friday Night Lights allows her to showcase her acting in the rawest of ways. Her sensitivity, dominance, uncertainty and slew of leading storylines in season four put her in the forefront of a good number of episodes. She deserves this Emmy. Yet, I know how the voters vote, and I understand how happy people seem to be with The Good Wife and Julianna Margulies, so Britton will be facing an uphill battle to say the least.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series:
Ty Burrell for Modern Family
Chris Colfer for Glee
Jon Cryer for Two and a Half Men
Jesse Tyler Ferguson for Modern Family
Neil Patrick Harris for How I Met Your Mother
Eric Stonestreet for Modern Family

Who I Want To Win: Eric Stonestreet
Who I Think Will Win: Neil Patrick Harris

There’s a reason why three of these six nominees are from Modern Family. Their supporting cast of male characters are easily the funniest and most fearless on network television. And while the whole world seems to be in love with Doogie in 2010, I think that someone, anyone from Modern Family is more deserving of the nod. Stonestreet’s portrayal of Cameron is the one that makes me laugh the hardest, but it’s possible that a three-way vote split will send the Emmy in the direction of How I Met Your Mother.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:
Andre Braugher for Men of a Certain Age
Michael Emerson for Lost
Terry O’Quinn for Lost
Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad
Martin Short for Damages
John Slattery for Mad Men

Who I Want To Win: Terry O’Quinn
Who I Think Will Win: Michael Emerson

This needs to be a Lost lock (or Locke). Pulling triple-duty in season six, O’Quinn nailed it in every which way. I was nearly rooting for the guy towards the end. That being said, the always-magnificent word of Michael Emerson is just as deserving, and I’ll be happy either way.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:
Julie Bowen for Modern Family
Jane Krakowski for 30 Rock
Jane Lynch for Glee
Holland Taylor for Two and a Half Men
Sofia Vergara for Modern Family
Kristen Wiig for Saturday Night Live

Who I Want To Win: Sofia Vergara
Who I Think Will Win: Jane Lynch

This should be a very interesting contest. While Jane Lynch and Glee have turned heads and created obsessive superfans in less than a season, Vergara’s portrayal of privileged ubermilf Gloria Pritchett has been a welcome (and hilarious) surprise. Keeping up with a cast of Modern Family‘s caliber is hard work, and the fact that Vergara can steal a scene with her humor alone is a real testament to the depth and synergy of the cast. It’s a toss-up, and in my opinion, I’d like to see Modern Family walk off with as many Emmy’s as they can carry.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series:
Christine Baranski for The Good Wife
Rose Byrne for Damages
Sharon Gless for Burn Notice
Christina Hendricks for Mad Men
Elisabeth Moss for Mad Men
Archie Panjabi for The Good Wife

Who I Want To Win: Christina Hendricks
Who I Think Will Win: Christine Baranski

Christina Hendricks has been somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in recent months (her breasts in particular, if you happen to subscribe to the same magazines as me). And as I don’t really watch or care too heavily about any of these four shows, that’s good enough for me. Next!

Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series:
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Real Time with Bill Maher

Saturday Night Live
The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

Who I Want To Win: The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien
Who I Think Will Win: The Daily Show with John Stewart

As much as I would like to see the Academy show some class and send the Emmy Conan’s way (and subsequently stick it to Leno), it’s hard to bet against the Daily Show. Really, any of these would be fine with me (Colbert is an easy dark horse pick, too), but I feel that the best way for the 2010 season to end would be for Conan O’Brien to hoist an Emmy for the fantastic job he did with the all-too-short-lived Tonight Show.

Outstanding Reality Program:
Antiques Roadshow
Dirty Jobs

Food Revolution

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List


Undercover Boss

Who I Want To Win: Dirty Jobs
Who I Think Will Win: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Antiques Roadshow is an addiction for me, and Mythbusters is one of those shows that I can watch reruns of for days at a time (seriously, if you like Mythbusters, we’re going to be good friends). However, Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs have taken things to another level, and it’s due time that they’re recognized for all of the work, dedication, emotion, humor and heart they throw into every episode. Rowe can make anything charming (even those Ford commercials), and to see him awarded for being neck-deep in pig shit every week would be redemption on a nearly-biblical level.

So, there you have it. Sound off in the comments section with your Emmy picks and enjoy your day. Like I said earlier, the CDP will return on August 30 with our 6th Annual Fall TV Preview. See you then.

The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8 Drawing.


It’s go time, kids!

After extensive laboring, uploading e-mail addresses and building one of those spinny-wheels with the Bingo balls in them, I have come up with the 19 pairings for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8. Everyone who signed up has someone that they will create a Mix-Tape for, and in tune, they have someone who will make one for them.

The pairings are as follows. The drawing was random; a friend picked a number, and I eliminated the names, ‘MASH‘-style. I don’t think kids still play ‘MASH,’ but that’s neither here nor there:

1. THE CDP will be creating a Mix for SHERRY.
2. BENJAMIN will be creating a Mix for REESE.
3. BUBBA GREENACRES will be creating a Mix for EMILY MILLS.
4. SMEDLEY will be creating a Mix for TJ.
5. MIKE HOSS will be creating a Mix for HEATHER.
6. MIKE I. will be creating a Mix for CAITLIN.
7. WALLROCK will be creating a Mix for HILBELINK.
8. MIKE GREEKLISH will be creating a Mix for CELIA.
9. ERIC COBB will be creating a Mix for CARGIRL.
10. CELIA will be creating a Mix for KENNY.
11. SHERRY will be creating a Mix for MIKE I.
12. REESE will be creating a Mix for BUBBA GREENACRES.
13. EMILY MILLS will be creating a Mix for WALLROCK.
14. HILBELINK will be creating a Mix for ERIC COBB.
15. CARGIRL will be creating a Mix for MIKE GREEKLISH.
16. HEATHER will be creating a Mix for MIKE HOSS.
17. TJ will be creating a Mix for THE CDP.
18. CAITLIN will be creating a Mix for SMEDLEY.
19. KENNY will be creating a Mix for BENJAMIN.

Wonderful. Here’s what we all do next:

1. I will be sending e-mails out to everyone today (give me until later this evening), reminding them who’s creating a Mix-Tape for whom, and what that person’s e-mail address is. For example, your e-mail from me will look a lot like this:

Ben, Ryan is making a Mix-Tape for you. His e-mail address is Please contact him and give him your mailing address.

2. It will then be up to the future recipient of the Mix-Tape to contact the creator and give them their physical mailing address. For example:

Ryan, it’s Ben. I’m looking forward to your mix-tape; my address is blah-bloo-blee.”

3. One you get the mailing address of the person you’re sending a Mix-Tape to, MAKE IT AND SEND IT! Be creative; I’ve seen amazing artwork, brilliant track selections and overall awesome efforts by everyone every time, so I’m expecting nothing less this time around, as well. Remember that the theme of the Trade is ‘Three Little Words,’ so create your theme and get to work!

Everyone has a buddy; it would really suck if someone gets left out because you suddenly decided to go deadbeat on them. The deadline is to have ALL MIX-TAPES MAILED OUT BY MONDAY, AUGUST 23. Now that you know who you’re making a Mix for, you should have plenty of time to whip it up and get it mailed out within two full weeks. If someone gets left out, I’ll feel personally responsible, so please don’t make an ass out of me, or I’ll publicly ostracize you here on the CDP. I’ve seen too many people create wonderful pieces of art and get nothing in return, so…don’t do that, please.

4. If you’re having a problem contacting anyone, an e-mail address is dead or anything else goes wrong, feel free to contact me immediately and I’ll sort it out. I’m pretty neat like that. Remember though that people are busy, so give them a day or two to answer you back, but let me know if it’s taking a ludicrous amount of time.

Of course, once you receive your Mix-Tape, sound off in the comments section so we all know the status of everyone’s packages. Half the fun is sharing the experience with everyone involved.

5. I always mention this (and I’ll mention it again in your e-mail), but if you’re looking for an easy way to thank me for inventing something as uniting and awesome as the Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade, I would love a copy of your mix. My mailing address is as follows:

PO Box 865
Sun Prairie, WI

Like I said when we announced the Trade, any mixes that make it to Headquarters by August 23 will be entered into a contest to win a FREE COPY OF MY NEXT BOOK. Simple as that! Send one my way!

You should be receiving your instructional e-mails by the end of the day today (Monday). So get out there, create a rad Mix-Tape and send it off to your partner before Monday, August 23!

The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8.


It’s back!

After seven previous Trades and nearly 175 different Mix-Tapes created by nearly 100 different people, the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade is making it’s triumphant return just in time for the end of Summer.

For those of you who are new to the Trade, or for the alumni in need of a reminder, the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade is a chance for CDP readers from all over the globe to not only create a Mix-Tape for each other, but to receive one as well. It breaks down like this:

1. If you want to be involved with the Trade, you can easily sign up by leaving me a comment or sending an e-mail to Be sure to leave me a name and an e-mail address. The deadline to sign up is Sunday, August 8 at 11pm Central Time, so don’t procrastinate, or you’ll miss out!

2. On Monday, August 9, I will draw and post a random partnering of everyone that signed up for the Trade, so not only will you see who you’ll be creating a Mix for, but also can see who will be creating one for you. This is the fun part. You will then get to work on creating a Mix-Tape (a CD, most likely) that follows the set theme of this particular Trade (see below for theme). In tune, someone will start making one for you. I function as the middleman concerning all communications, such as sorting out mailing addresses and the like. Don’t be afraid to get a hold of me as the Trade rolls along if you have any questions.

3. When you’re done creating your (no doubt, fantastic) Mix, you’ll mail it off to the person that was drawn for you, and in tune, you’ll receive a Mix in the mail from whomever drew your name. You’ll have two weeks; the deadline to mail out your Mix will be Monday, August 23. If you think for any reason that you may go deadbeat, don’t bother signing up. I mean that, and so does the poor bastard that you were about to screw over.

Simple as that. Sign up, make a Mix, mail it out, and you’ll get one back. This is one of the more fun and reader-collaborated things that we do here on the CDP; it’s always a blast and a chance for people to come out of their lurker shells and join the vocal masses. The artwork, musical depth and participation never cease to amaze me.

Your theme for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 8 is…

‘Three Little Words.’

Easy, tiger; let me explain. The theme of your Mix will be anything you want, provided that the title (and theme) of the Mix is a three-word phrase. For example, if you name your Mix ‘I Like Fudge,’ then you’d probably want to base your Mix around songs that have to do with chocolate. Get creative, think of a three-word phrase and craft your Mix around it. That’s it.

Want some extra incentive? Anyone who sends a copy of their Mix my way will be entered in a drawing to receive a free copy of my next book. Holy shit.

Let’s make the eighth CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade the biggest (and possibly final) one ever. Sign up via comments or e-mail, remember to leave a name and e-mail address, and make sure that you do it by Sunday, August 8!

Thanks much. Sound off in the comments section, start brainstorming what your ‘Three Little Words’ Mix will look like, and enjoy your day.