The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 6.

It’s back!

After five previous Trades and nearly 125 different Mix-Tapes created by nearly 100 different people, the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade is making it’s triumphant return just in time for Autumn.

For those of you who are new to the Trade, or for the alumni in need of a reminder, the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade is a chance for CDP readers from all over the globe to not only create a Mix-Tape for each other, but to receive one as well. It breaks down like this:

1. If you want to be involved with the Trade, you can easily sign up by leaving me a comment or sending me an e-mail at Be sure to leave me a name and an e-mail address!

2. The deadline to sign up is this Saturday, September 12 at 11pm Central Time, so don’t procrastinate, or you’ll miss out!

3. On Monday, September 14, I will draw and post a random partnering of everyone that signed up for the Trade, so you can not only see who you will be creating a Mix-Tape for, but also can see who will be creating one for you.

4. This is the fun part. You will then get to work on creating a Mix-Tape (or CD, most likely) that follows the set theme of this particular Trade (see below for theme). In tune, someone will start making one for you. I function as the middleman concerning all communications, such as sorting out mailing addresses and the like. Don’t be afraid to get a hold of me as the Trade rolls along if you have any questions.

5. When you’re done creating your (no doubt, fantastic) Mix, you’ll mail it off to the person that was drawn for you, and in tune, you’ll shortly receive a Mix in the mail as well. Mailing deadlines will be announced next Monday when we draw names; you’ll get around two full weeks.

6. As always, any Mix-Tapes that are sent my way will be acknowledged and reviewed right here on the CDP. Oh, and just for a little additional incentive to get on board, one random winner will be selected from the participants to win a FREE CDP COFFEE MUG!

Simple as that. Make a Mix, mail it out, and you’ll get one back. This is one of the more fun and reader-collaborated things that we do here on the CDP, and it’s always a blast and a chance for people to come out of their lurker shells and join the vocal masses.

Now, in the past, we’ve done themes like Love Mixes, Cover Mixes, Top 10 Mixes, mixes where the theme is based on a catchphrase, and so on. For the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 6, the theme is…

‘Six Degrees.’

Easy, tiger; let me explain. The theme of your Mix is actually a collection of six different ‘mini-mixes.’ Your Mix-Tape can consist of as many or as few of the following six Mix themes as you want. And the six themes are:

Theme #1 – ‘Crank It To 11.’
Synopsis – This theme will consist of songs that you cannot possibly play loud enough. The tracks that you always ‘crank to 11,’ so to speak.

Theme #2 – ‘Track #1.
Synopsis – This theme will consist of your favorite opening tracks to albums.

Theme #3 – ‘Guilty Pleasures.’
Synopsis – This theme will consist of tracks that you may not necessarily admit to listening to constantly when nobody else is around. Time to come clean, and turn others on to your guilty musical pleasures.

Theme #4 – ‘Parental Advisory.’
Synopsis – This theme will consist of tracks that are…not exactly for the little ones.

Theme #5 – ‘Live.
Synopsis – This theme will consist of your favorite live tracks. No tracks by the rock band Live will be allowed under any circumstances.

Theme #6 – ‘Closing Track.’
Synopsis – This theme will consist of your favorite final tracks to albums.

Ideally, I’d love to see a Mix-Tape that encompassed a little bit of all six themes, but if you’re sweeter on some than others, it’s fine to tilt the tables a little bit. My goal was to take a bunch of decent Mix-Tape ideas, and combine them all into something that was greater than the sum of its parts. I have nothing but faith that all of you will create a fantastic piece of art.

Let’s make the sixth CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade the biggest one ever. Sign up via comments or e-mail, remember to leave a name and e-mail address, and make sure that you do it by Saturday, September 12 at 11pm Central Time!

Thanks much. Sound off in the comments section, start brainstorming what your Six Degrees Mix will be, and enjoy your day.

28 thoughts on “The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 6.

  1. Oh, I'm in. I may challenge myself as well. I don't know how many CDs this will encompass, but it's not going to be a small mix and I may do something challenging with the themes!

    The reason I want to challenge myself is I need keep my mental jewelry up. I don't like to just throw copper and nickel and zinc around for no good reason. I alone will determine the mix, and I may be selling the drama, but that's just the way it is. And I hope I get someone nearby or where I'll be traveling, because the distance to here isn't great for many in this blogosphere. And I really hope one or two songs affects you like lightning crashes in the atmosphere.

    /I'll stop now.


  2. Yes! I've been waiting for this. Sign me up!

    So I could do like 2 tracks from each for my CD? Like 2 “Crank it to 11”, then 2 openers, etc.


  3. SMED – They should have called themselves 'A Trifecta Of Meh.'

    MIKE – You're in, Mike! And yes, exactly! Any combination of these six themes would be ideal, although if there's one or two you're not a fan of, you can always ditch them in favor of more tracks for the other themes.

    For example, I'll do all six themes; my CD will probably be 18 tracks with 3 songs for each theme.


  4. My music library took a huge hit in my move from the PC, because I decided to rebuild it completely free of DRM. I was in this process when I moved to The Uni, at which a skilled team of nerds constantly scans the network and zaps file sharers. Unfortunately, that means I no longer have a choice between 7000 of my favorite songs, but between roughly 150 of the 600 songs I've sorted out of all my combo packs.

    Tl;dr, My mixe/s are going to suck it long and hard, and not in the good way. I apologize in advance for being a stick in the vanilla pudding.


  5. No fair posting this on Labor Day!

    You know I'm in — I've already said that. But I want to be sure I'm counted.

    I agree with SMED that getting this as one CD may be a challenge. But having 3 songs per mini-mix is a good idea, although several of my live tracks are over 10 minutes long!


  6. I may not do 6, but I have some neat ideas on how to exploit these themes. Yet, some songs I have moved into a “CDP” folder ready for a potential mix aren't going to fit, as in “The French Inhaler” by Warren Zevon or “My Old Man” by Joni Mitchell. Not leadoff tracks, not guilty pleasures, not live, not final tracks, not crank-it-to-900, nor 'controversial'. Just good songs. Ah, well. Can't always get what you want.


  7. CAITLIN/BLUSTACON – You're both in; thanks much! And I'm using your previous e-mail addresses, so let me know if you have an updated one!

    SMED – The rest of the CDP Network should take a cue from you; create a 'CDP' folder in iTunes so you can be poised at the ready when a Mix-Tape Trade arrives. I want to see these songs come out of a freaking holster.

    After two days of signup, we're up to 15 people! If you're still on the fence, what are you waiting for?


  8. Although this theme sounds as if it's probably the best yet, I'm going to have to pass. I'm up to my tits in geographhy coursework and the like, and time seems very much of the essence recently. If I take this task on I'll probably have to give up showering or something.

    I'll definetly be in for the next one though.


  9. I'm going to jump in on this one too. I read the theme and immediately thought of great songs for all of the categories. Unfortunately, they were all songs by the band Live, and I'm assuming the Category #4 ban extends throughout, so I'll have to work harder on my Plan B picks.


  10. HOSS – Oh, come on! That's the beauty of the Guilty Pleasure portion of the Mix. Me? Nothing but Eddie Money.

    JOHN – Wonderful; you're in! I'll use the e-mail that's in your Blogger profile unless you tell me otherwise. And since Carrot Duff is sitting this one out, you are our sole UK participant this time around.

    DUFF – You got it; no problem, man.

    WALLROCK – You're in; I got your e-mail! Sorry you have to go to Plan B, but even a Mix-Tape needs standards, you know?

    We're up to 17 people signed up for the Trade so far. If you're still on the fence, what are you waiting for?


  11. It took me a good 15 minutes of staring, but I finally witnessed the DirecTV screen saver bouncing exactly into the corner of the TV screen. It was honestly better than anything I went on to watch this evening.


  12. All be it from me to recommend a band here, but I will. Because you all know how it is — when you discover a fantastic band that no one knows about it you want to tell everyone. They are called Reilly and, really, you need to see them.

    Despite my outward faith that try I not to hide, I think most Christian music is lame. These guys are in that minority portion. I caught them by chance as the first band on the third stage of a music festival. Usually you don't have high expectations in that situation yet I saw one of the best live performances I've ever seen. Only to be topped by their performance the next night (still on the third stage). The only thing I can compare their live performance to is Ben Folds Five. Yes, lots of heart and they want to bring it all to the crowd every single time.

    Here's a small taste of them doing their thing. They are from the Philly area so you Philly people have little excuse. I can't wait to see them again.


  13. Hey, I hear you, man. Me and the Missus have a surprisingly large collection of Christian music, and they range from transcendentally beautiful to the most unlistenable schlock on the planet. I almost went to LiFest this year based simply on how much fun I had there when I was a teen. I'll definitely give these guys a proper listen this weekend.


  14. As of Saturday morning, we have 19 people signed up for the Trade. You still have about 12 hours to get on board if you want; so drop me a line and become a part of the best Mix-Tape Trade yet!


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