The Holy Trinity Of Awesome.

1. On Monday, the CDP returns with our 5th Annual Fall TV Preview. An absolutely massive compendium, it contains information on over 80 new and returning TV shows, covering nearly 75 hours of entertainment with over 40 photographs. Speaking as someone who’s cobbled together four of these previews in the past, this one is easily the best yet.

2. And hey, if that ain’t enough for you, the Fall TV Preview will also mark the Communist Dance Party’s 1000th Post! Even if you’re some tar-paper shack-living hermit that couldn’t care less about television shows, at least stop by to wish this old place a happy 1000th.

3. And last but certainly not least, The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade will make its long-awaited return this September! Start thinking ahead if you want to participate; this theme is going to be rad, and we’ll once again be giving away prizes.

Okay, enough good news for today. Sound off in the comments section, enjoy your weekend and get ready for a heaping helping of awesome over the next few weeks here at the CDP.

9 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity Of Awesome.

  1. You know I'll be there for the mixxx trade. And the special 200 mix will probably be sent at that time as you. Oh, was that a secret 200 mix? Fiddlesticks.


  2. Do you even have to ask? I'm so in on the mix tape action. And I will also be here to congratulate you on post #1000, because I am a good and loyal boot licker.


  3. I've gotten into The Big Bang Theory in summer reruns. I haven't laughed so hard at a sitcom in a long time, so I'm anxious to watch the new ones.

    And of course I'm in on the new mix trade.

    Here's to 1001 more posts!


  4. WALLROCK – Thanks, man; open bar weddings are the best! As a kid, it was pure torture, but once you discover alcohol, it's like a whole other world.

    HATHERY – Thanks for making the TV Preview just that much better. And thanks on your 1000th proofread essay of mine.

    SMEDLEY – It's not a CDP Mix Trade without someone winning the Smedley Sweepstakes. And yeah, if the Missus didn't proofread my stuff, you'd think it was hammered out by a six year old with Popsicle-sticky fingers.

    EMILY – Fantastic, and thank you! Furthermore, special congrats on making the Annual Manual TWO TIMES!

    MOE GREENE – You and me both, buddy. I get to talk about all that stuff on Monday.

    HOSS – Thanks a lot, man! It's good to see all the Mix Trade regulars throwing their hats into the ring so quickly.


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