No More Entertainment #13 – Thanks For Coming Out.

The 2 Funniest Things I’ve Ever Heard Heckled At A Concert:

Show #1 – Yesterdays Kids – Blue Moon Coffee House, Neenah WI

The Setup – The Yesterdays Kids hadn’t played a show in quite some time; both main songwriters were spearheading different bands, so it was quite a surprise and treat to see them take the stage together again. On this day, however, the normally well-scrubbed and clean-shaven Kids were sporting scraggly, alcoholic beards.

The Pitch – “Hey, thanks for coming out. It’s good to be back; we just got back from…um…Outer Space.


Show #2 – Chixdiggit – Random Outdoor Festival, Sheboygan WI

The Setup – Chixdiggit is a super-catchy, ultra-hilarious pop-punk group from somewhere in the great white north of Canada. Their songs are about girls, their live shows are entertaining as hell, and their senses of humor are brilliant. Well, ‘brilliant’ as in they write songs with titles like ‘I Wanna Hump You’ and ‘Henry Rollins Is No Fun.’ They took the stage a little late to a welcoming and intoxicated crowd.

The Pitch – “Hey, thanks for coming out. Sorry we’re late, we had to drive, like…200 kilometers to get here.

The Heckle – “WHAT’S A KILOMETER!?

(Note: This is made even funnier when you realize that the heckler looked exactly like Brian Posehn, and was absolutely serious.)

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4 thoughts on “No More Entertainment #13 – Thanks For Coming Out.

  1. Another great moment at that Chixdiggit show was the drunk 40-something crowd repeatedly yelling out requests for 70's and 80's bar favorites. When Chixdiggit finally played a Cheap Trick cover, those drunks nearly wet themselves dancing. It was a good time.


  2. Those are better than some drunken douche in the back of a club yelling out “Freebiiiiirrrrd”. That has happened far more times in my experience than it ever should have. I always want to track the douchebags down and give them a physical reminder of how not funny or original that is. This may have something to do with why I haven't been to a show in two years. Of course, there haven't been any really good bands to come through in a while, either.


  3. At the Blur reunion concert in Hyde Park, Crystal Castles were supporting that particular night (they're awful). During their set the frontwoman, Alice Glass, jumped into the crowd. Some guy nar the front stole her mike and screamed 'WHERE THE FUCK ARE BLUR?!'. Brilliant.


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