The CDP’s Top 100 Simpsons Episodes: #95-91.

#95 – ‘Don’t Fear The Roofer

Season 16 – Episode 16 (Episode 351 Overall)

Synopsis – Sick of being unwanted, Homer befriends a man who works as a roofer. The trouble is, no one else can see him and Homer’s insistence that the roofer does exist prompts everyone to think he has gone crazy.

#94 – ‘Bart Sells His Soul
Season 7 – Episode 4 (Episode 132 Overall)

Synopsis – While forced to clean the organ pipes after playing a prank against the church, Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for five dollars, to prove his point that a soul does not exist. Meanwhile, an encounter with the Hibbert family results in Moe converting Moe’s Tavern to a family restaurant to make more money.

#93 – ‘The Cartridge Family
Season 9 – Episode 5 (Episode 183 Overall)

Synopsis – After a large soccer riot leads to break-ins into people’s homes, Homer decides to buy a gun when he cannot afford a home security system.

#92 – ‘The Regina Monologues
Season 15 – Episode 4 (Episode 317 Overall)

Synopsis – After making over $3000 from his own museum, Bart takes the family to London, where Homer is arrested for treason after crashing into the Queen.

#91 – ‘Homer’s Barbershop Quartet
Season 5 – Episode 1 (Episode 82 Overall)

Synopsis – In a flashback, Homer recounts his time with a barbershop quartet called ‘The Be Sharps’ that also featured Principal Skinner, Apu and Chief Wiggum who was later replaced with Barney.

4 thoughts on “The CDP’s Top 100 Simpsons Episodes: #95-91.

  1. You’ve got 2 of my absolute favorites in here – The Cartridge Family and Bart Sells his Soul.

    …any soul will do…


  2. I like ‘Don’t Fear The Roofer’ because they created a character in Ray Romano that would instantly become Homer’s best friend, someone so much like him that everyone thought he had made him up. Homer’s descending into madness is just icing on the cake.

    ‘Bart Sells His Soul’ is good for similar reasons. It’s touching, brings moral and spiritual questions into light and is generally hilarious, the perfect mix of a great Simpsons episode.

    ‘The Cartridge Family’ is…wow, a really good episode. For as idiotic as Homer is, it’s actually an episode that you could have full-length conversations about concerning gun control.

    ‘The Regina Monologues’ is Swartzwelder at his recent best; just one topical, geographical or historical joke after another.

    And ‘Homer’s Barbershop Quartet’ is a classic. Homer wins a Grammy!


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