Lost Friday – "Because You Left/The Lie."

The first Lost Friday of Season 5 is finally upon us. Make with the ha-ha, Joke Monkey!

Before we jump into this week’s episode, two quick thoughts. First off, like most of you, I was worried that this new storytelling element of ‘shattering the laws of logic to pieces and no longer making any sense’ was going to…you know…instantly ruin the show in a hundred different ways at once. But you know what? Screw logic, because Lost is just as good as it’s ever been, only now, the writers have stepped into an even more brilliant gear, actually overlapping old storylines with this cocksure attitude of, “See? See? We knew what we were doing the whole time, you pessimistic, faithless pantloads.” I loved every second of the season premiere, completely understand where they are and where they are headed, love the simultaneous on and off-island plotlines, and absolutely cannot wait for next week, and the next week after that. After years of nervously waiting for the shark-jumping shoe to drop on Lost, I think it’s due time that we just sit back and purely enjoy the greatest Television drama of all-time.

Secondly, I am officially boycotting the Academy Awards due to their Best Picture snub of The Dark Knight. When you make that much money, exceed every one of the already-astronomical expectations, break such new ground and essentially be the sole savior of a faltering Hollywood for 2008, you’d think that you’d receive a Best Picture nod on general principle. Nope. Apart from Heath Ledger’s near-automatic Supporting Actor nomination, The Dark Knight is up for nothing but technical Oscars (deservedly so); not even a Best Director nod for the incomparable Christopher Nolan. This is ridiculous, unacceptable, and indicative of the Academy’s tradition of voting for films that they feel good voting for, in lieu of films that were actually good. Frost/Nixon, Milk and Slumdog Millionaire may have been good films to say the least, but to deny The Dark Knight their due with at least a nomination is unnecessary, elitist bull-rip that flies in the face of anything resembling taste and logic.

Handing an Oscar to Slumdog Millionaire is like putting a ribbon around the neck of a Special Olympics participant. It’s a feel-good moment for the organization, it rewards the tireless efforts and uplifting spirit of the athlete and looks good on the front page of the paper, but we all remember that the poor kid was left in the dust seconds after the gun went off. Remember in 1998 when Shakespeare In Love inexplicably won Best Picture over Saving Private Ryan and Life Is Beautiful, two of the most breathtaking war films ever created? Yeah, and they wonder why fewer and fewer people tune into the Oscars each year. I’m through talking about this nonsense.


(“Okay John, let me bring you up to speed. When Ben went into the Orchid Station, he blew apart the vault that the Dharma Initiative used for time-traveling experiments, and descended into the core of the Island where he found this frozen donkey wheel that pretty much navigates this place through time and space. So anyway, he spun the wheel, warp-whistled himself to the Sahara Desert, and left this place stuttering across the Universe, with us along for the ride. At this point, you’re going to be thrust fairly violently from one date to the next while Ben tries to round up all of your Oceanic 6 buddies for an Island reunion, including your future corpse. Still with me? Good, because Ethan, a guy that Charlie shot to death four months ago, just shot you in the leg and you’re bleeding to death. The next time I see you, I won’t have any idea who you are, so give me this compass and pray that I’m not in a killing mood. Tally-Ho!”)

(“Christ, I didn’t get a word of that. Did he say something about a donkey? Why does my leg hurt?”)

(While Sawyer survived the moving of the Island with relatively minor discomfort, his shirt and pants were tragically blown clear.)

(“Sit tight, you little bastard.”)

(“Hello, I’m Neil. I’m annoying, overbearing and have never been featured on the show until this very moment, which means that I should have a flaming arrow piercing my chest cavity right…about…”)


(Oceanic Six? More like Oceanic Sex if you ask me. Am I right, fellas? High five. Touchdown.)

(“I’m telling you, some day I’ll get everybody in Canned Heat back together and we’re going to tour the World!”)

(After Ben threw Jack’s pills away, Shephard resorted to sucking the embalming fluid out of Locke for a cheap fix.)

(‘Hoffs/Drawlar’ is an anagram for ‘Batcrap Crazy.’)

(“Um, Sun? I don’t really know how to explain this Ultrasound, so I’m just going to show it to you. You haven’t been making love with any pirate ships recently, have you?”)

(The number of times I took solace in the fact that Claire wasn’t in this episode.)


(“I’ll take a coffinload of your best salami.”)

(In a rather unexpected move, Naveen Andrews submitted this episode to the Emmy Nomination Committee.)

(Knowing Shih-Tzu owners, I get the feeling that this was one of the smaller shirts sold that day.)

(“You’re right, you’re totally right; at this point, the fact that I’m still wearing a tie is smug and cocky at best.”)

(“Do you have any idea how drunk you were going back there?”)

(“So that’s it. We’re going to have to lie about everything. The Island, the Dharma Initiative, the survivors, Penelope’s fantastic complimentary continental breakfast, the time I accidentally shot Aaron in the face, that episode where the Harlem Globetrotters showed up and took all the Virgin Mary statues, when we just let Vincent eat Charlie instead of taking the five minutes to bury him, that time I watched Mr. Eko dancing when he didn’t think anyone was around, and the fact that I’m completely nude from the waist-down right now. Everything.”)

Sound off in the comments section, start the discussion and enjoy your day.

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35 thoughts on “Lost Friday – "Because You Left/The Lie."

  1. Annnd I am officially not getting anything done until after lunch. Bravo to you, sir. My favorites: <>“WAAAAAAALLLLLLLLT!!!!”<> (I thought that was amazing comedic timing there for Frogurt’s last hurrah)and <>“ACTING”<>But…(Spoilers?)Am I the only one who isn’t so sure that “Jeremy Bentham” is <>actually<> dead?


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Maustastic.As far as spoilers go on here, I don’t consider them to be ‘spoilers’ if the episode already aired, so don’t worry about being too tight-lipped about it.And yeah, either ‘Jeremy’ faked his death, or he’s coming back to life once the Six get back to the Island.


  3. Here’s my theory–Bentham starts with a B. You know what else starts with a B? That’s right, Bernie Lomax. This whole show, all six seasons of it, are just one huge viral trailer leading up the release “Weekend at Bernie’s III: Do You Smell Something?”Book it. Done.


  4. Wait a second…about that Dark Knight movie comment…What did you mean you were upset it didn’t get the Best Picture nod?Did you watch the movie?I agree with you on it making boatloads of money, and it was one heck of an action film while there were actions in the scene, but Best Picture nod? It was a fragmented picture that failed to highlight the essential sameness and differences between Batman and the Joker.What happened after Batman jumped out of the window to save Rachel? The Joker just cheerfully left the building? That was one giant gaping hole there. The obvious and sudden introduction of the Police Detective family for heart-tugging scenes and to heighten drama for the finale showdown with the family being taken hostage? That is certainly not Best Picture material. The final monologue scenes with flashes that are out of sequence? That’s rushed editing on an ending that was supposed to define the title to the audience.Just those 3 points are enough to not get a Best Picture nod.It is a rushed, fragmented, potential wasted release in its current form. Nolan could have made it tighter, even more dramatic, and logical had more time was given. But we ended up with what we got and while it’s a blockbuster, it’s not Oscar-worthy.


  5. In my recap of last week’s… um… recap, I found an awesome pic of the Weekend at Bernie’s cover w/ Jack, Locke, and Ben.Funny as hell, this blog.Some of my readers and I were discussing today:1. How Daniel insisted that Sawyer couldn’t make Desmond answer because he said if it didn’t happen it wouldn’t… yet, it did when he banged on the door.2. The possibility that the Asian psychic is the baby in the beginning seeing as how nosebleed redhead has a childhood connection to the island.3. The lady at the end, from the jewelry shop, being Daniel’s Mom.4. The guy behind the video camera in the beginning (only see half his face) looks like a much younger eye patch dude. But this makes no sense seeing as how we know that would make him Dharma and we know Ben took them all out when he sided with the island’s, “hostile, indigenous…”And crap, we have a bunch of theories.


  6. <>MOE<> – I’m really surprised that Sawyer knows who Dilbert is.<>JAMES<> – Good points; really. While I know that there are a couple parts of the film I would have tightened up a little bit, I still believe that the overall success of the film (monetarily and intellectually) were more than enough to have it considered for more nods. A Best Picture winner? Perhaps not, but I think you’d have to admit that The Dark Knight’s lack of major nominations would place it in the ‘snub’ category. I plan on seeing it in IMAX again for the re-release, and I look forward to seeing if the film has held up as much as I’ve perceived it to.


  7. <>NINA<> – Thanks for stopping by; don’t be a stranger!I think that Desmond answered for Faraday, because Desmond is Faraday’s ‘constant.’ He’s the anomaly that ties this all together, and allows Faraday to instruct him in the Present Day to find his mother in Oxford. Just a theory, there.I think you’re totally right about the Asian baby being the psychic. It looks like both him and Charlotte have a birth connection to the Island. Strange, considering what we’ve seen happen to women that give birth there.I think that woman is Daniel’s mom as well, and she’s plenty evil.


  8. Penny and Desmond might be the “Adam & Eve” found in the caverns (or it might be Kate and any number of male characters…) Charlotte might somehow be Penny and Desmond's daughter. Many more people will die. But none as awesomely as Frogurt becoming a giant flaming man-kabob. That was the best death-of-a-background-character-that-the-viewers-don't-care-about on that show since a couple of seasons ago.


  9. <>MAUS<> – Mmm-hmm, and you could see it coming from a mile away, too.I never wanted to believe the theory that Jack and Kate were 'Adam & Eve,' but now, it looks like <>something<> to that effect will take place.<>HATHERY<> – You can’t kill Locke. You can only hope to contain him.


  10. My friend Kevin pimped this on Facebook for people to Digg. If you want to swap Lost links each week, I’m game. My readers would get a kick out of this. I post my recaps every Thursday morning. Just shoot me an email if you’re interested. Nina@blogitoutb.com


  11. <>NINA<> – I just sent you a FB request; we can totally work something ‘oot.<>MOE<> – 'Adam & Eve' were the first corpses found by the 815 survivors in a cave on the Island. The name was given to them by Locke, suggesting that they were the first inhabitants of the Island.My brain; she hurts me!


  12. Moe – early in the show (can’t remember if it was 1st or 2nd season), the survivors had moved away from the beach to some caverns, where there was a water supply, and it was discovered that the skeletal remains of two adults were in a natural rock shelf (they were possibly positioned to look as if they were embracing, I think?). I think this happened before it became obvious to the Oceanic survivors that there were “Others” also inhabiting the island. Some character (don’t remember who?) referred to the bodies in the caverns as “Adam and Eve”, and it seemed important enough at the time for me to wonder if the show’s writers would ever explain it.


  13. <>MOE<> – Totally. I was thinking the same exact thing. I had been wondering how they were going to answer some of the more historic Island questions; not it seems as if we’ll be able to see them first-hand. Incredible.<>Worst Oscar Snubs – From Yahoo!<>“The Academy undoubtedly upset both critics and fans when it decided to overlook the Caped Crusader’s latest adventure. Perhaps voters felt it was too violent. It’s conceivable to assume that they’ve agreed to forever shun superhero flicks. Maybe they just miss Michael Keaton. Who knows? In any case, the $1 billion-grossing blockbuster deserved to be decorated for many reasons, including Christopher Nolan’s precise directing, the groundbreaking cinematography, and Heath Ledger’s trumping of Jack Nicholson as The Joker. And, hello? If “Titanic” can win Best Picture, doesn’t “The Dark Knight” at least deserve a nom?”


  14. Honestly? I don’t think <>That Dark Knight<> deserved a Best Picture nod. I loved the movie, don’t get me wrong, but for many of the reasons already given here, I don’t think it was at the top of the year.That said, I think it’s a frakking travesty that <>Benjamin Button<> got the nomination. It was entertaining enough, and the visuals + acting were great, but overall I found it to be formulaic and scattered.I’m mostly pissed that <>In Bruges<> wasn’t nominated for Best Picture. It absolutely deserves the Best Original Screenplay nod, but it was a damn fine movie and deserved more. A lot more.


  15. <>CAITLIN<> – Thank you!<>EMILY<> – I should have just kept my fool mouth shut and focused on the <>Lost<> stuff. I’m telling you, though, 10 years from now, <>The Dark Knight<> is the only movie the majority of people are going to remember about 2008 cinema.


  16. I’ll never figure out what makes an Academy Award winning film, but I do know that there seem to be some that are made almost solely in an attempt to win awards for awards sake. My husband is just baffled by the spate of <>Slumdog Millionair<> trailers we’ve seen in the last couple of days. Every single time he turns to me and says “But WHAT is this movie about?”.


  17. While the introduction of time travel (and the “rules” that will inevitably be broken from the weight of their own complication) bothers me, I found it hilarious that Vincent time traveled with them.Thanks for bringing back Lost Friday, CDP. The world is a better place for it.


  18. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it before, but man, you’re right! Danny Boyle totally does look like Morrissey.An exaggerated, excessively Scottish Morrissey, but still.


  19. Every time I see that dude, I <>always<> think it’s Morrissey.Course, now every time I listen to The Smiths, I think about <>Slumdog Millionaire<>, which is essentially every morning.


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