The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade IV.

Here we go!

1. If you wish to be included in the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade IV, simply let me know in the comments section or via e-mail ( If you haven’t already participated in a Mix-Tape Trade, make sure to include your e-mail address with your request. Also remember to include your ‘theme’ with signup, which I’ll explain in detail below.

2. For those who are interested in participating, but hopelessly out of the loop, the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade breaks down like this:

a) You will create a Mix-Tape, attempting to follow the specific theme set by yours truly (again, see below for theme). Be creative and do whatever you want within those parameters.

b) Everyone will be chosen a partner at random who they will send their Mix-Tape to. I will put everyone in contact with each other via e-mail on the date of the deadline, so they can work out proper mailing information. The goal is for everyone to receive a Mix-Tape in their mailbox by the specific date (announced later), sent to them by a random CDP reader. It’s fun, it works and it’s worth your time.

Simple as that, really.

3. The theme for the CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade IV is…Catchphrase! This means the following:

When you sign up for the Mix-Tape Trade (again, either in the comments section or via e-mail), you will give me a Mix-Tape theme in the form of a phrase. Examples are:

“He left me on my wedding day…for a dude.”
“Another night alone in this spaceship.”
“I want to kiss you, but your coldsore is disgusting.”
“I can’t believe I tested positive for radiation.”

These phrases will be thrown into the hat, along with the names, meaning that you’ll be effectively choosing a Mix-Tape theme for a random participant. Make sense? Let’s recap:

a) Sign up for the trade and give me a Mix-Tape theme in the form of a phrase. Any phrase that you think will constitute a decent mix.

b) When the Trade partners are randomly drawn this weekend, each person will be assigned a phrase in which to base their Mix-Tape around. I’ll make sure that nobody gets their own. The goal is to stay close to the theme, but above all, create something that’s neat to listen to.

4. The deadline to sign up for the Trade is THIS FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME. I’m moving quickly with this one, so if you’re not already on board and want to be, shoot me a comment or send me an e-mail before Saturday! The pairings and themes will be announced on Monday morning, and all the remaining information will arrive there.

We’ll go from there, so keep an eye on the CDP, get signed up by Friday night, watch for the drawn pairings on Monday and get brainstorming on the perfect phrase for someone to base a Mix-Tape around.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Sound off in the comments section or send an e-mail to Enjoy your day.

47 thoughts on “The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade IV.

  1. No matter how tasty the new theme sounds….I’m still out.I’m trying to focus on my writing and I’m trying not spend a lot of time on the internets.In fact, I implore you NOT to allow me to enter no matter what I say.Thank You.Your Friend,Caveman


  2. Poor Caveman. Your whole ‘Avoiding the Internets’ thing doesn’t seem to be going too well. Either way, best of luck on staying focused on the writing and whatnot. It can be difficult sometimes.<>HOSS, SMEDLEY, JT<> – You’re in, and the phrases are exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Way to kick things off proper!


  3. “Watching the universe implode from space and wishing I had remembered my toothbrush, but at least I have your hand. If only I could find the rest of you.”Of course I’m in!-heydomsar


  4. I’m not entering this one as I let my recipient down for III (no mix). However, I’d like to throw “Welcome To The World’s Largest Dysfunctional Family” into the bowl…


  5. <>COMET/EMILY<> – You’re in! So far, the phrases have been great. The beauty in this theme (hopefully) lies in how the Mix-Tape creators interpret these phrases into their own artistic expression. Those who create a phrase may have a very specific Mix idea in their head that might be completely opposite from the person who actually draws it.Also remember that I’m taking signups through e-mail as well, just in case you don’t want anyone to know what phrase you decided to throw into the hat.


  6. Seriously like 3/4 of the people I know right now are sick. It’s nasty. I think someone at the FMF had some weird, bionic virus and passed it on to all of Dane County!


  7. Hathery: “Seriously like 3/4 of the people I know right now are sick. It’s nasty. I think someone at the FMF had some weird, bionic virus and passed it on to all of Dane County!”<>Jesse tries to nonchalantly walk away hoping that no one remembers his Facebook status said he was ready to infest the entire music industry with his cold this weekend.<>


  8. This entire festival was a clever way for Jesse to infect every hipster in Madison with this supervirus, thus weakening us for when he ships us out of the city in droves and replaces every divebar in Dane County with an Abercrombie outlet.I’m hopped up on the medicine right now. Sorry.


  9. Man, I’m apparently missing out on a lot by not living in Madison …After careful consideration I think I am going to have to pass on IV, though not because of cowardice. I just think that working full-time, taking 2 grad classes, and having a renewed dedication to my own writing and sax practice is consuming enough of m time, even though it does sound like an awesome theme. *heavy sigh*


  10. Ha! Okay, I’m in. Hopefully, I won’t flake out this time. And all this talk of “sex practice” makes me think that “But the gutter is where my mind <>belongs<>” could be a theme for the trade…BUT that is not my submission. I’ll give mine tomorrow – if extra themes are needed or whatever, ya’ll can have that one.


  11. Well, I am a newlywed …Arguably, depending on the people involved, sax practice can be sexier than sex practice.Now, can anyone tell me how long people are newlyweds before they are considered to be just married and boring?


  12. MAUS – I’ll add your spare phrase to the pool and look forward to your official pick tomorrow. It’s really cool to have you on board!BERRYJO – This is why sex and sax go together so sexily.Well, me and the Missus will be approaching our fifth year of marriage next June, and I’d have to say that you officially become ‘just married and boring’ when you go to a party and find that you have nothing in common with any of your single friends anymore. Just living two completely different lives now, you know? I’m of the opinion, however, that this realization makes you ‘better’ than your friends, but I’m obviously biased.“I’m sick of the bar scene, you know? So I’ve been trying the online dating stuff, and…well, I met this one guy, but he just slept with me once and never called back. Don’t you just hate that?”“Um…I honestly don’t know. I sleep in a big bed with my wife every night.”“…I’m going to go and shallowly lament to someone else now, kay?”“No problem, I was just leaving.”


  13. BERRYJO –<>Now, can anyone tell me how long people are newlyweds before they are considered to be just married and boring?<>Too easy for a bitter divorcee. However, based on reading your blog, I believe you’ll do just fine.See? I make mean marraige jokes and then back them off with praise. I’m like freakin’ Dr. Phil over here…if Dr. Phil was currently drinking rum straight out of the bottle.Speaking of, if we need more phrases, may I submit “What Happens When Pirates Drink”<>hint: I wind up with a mohawk. Go see.<>


  14. Great jorb, everyone. Keep signing up if you haven’t yet (you have until Friday at midnight), and if you haven’t already given me your phrase, send it my way.


  15. If I end up with a theme even remotely related to science, robots, or zombies I will be as happy as a little schoolgirl. Or something equally filled with joy.


  16. Aw, thanks, JT (for the praise and for reading). 🙂 Might I suggest that rum goes better in a big pitcher of sangria than it does straight from the bottle?CDP: I don’t think I have any single friends. All my friends got married when they were about six years old. OK, maybe they were 20 and I felt like I was six years old. But I see what you’re going for. Sit-coms and message boards make me extremely grateful to not be dating.But really, I was just wondering if there was some notion of a time constraint on the use of the word “newlywed,” like “married for less than a year” or “less than five years,” or something somewhat arbitrary like that. I like to be precise in my word choice, and I’ve discovered that sometimes people have different ideas of the precise definition of a word than I do.Back to mix tapes: guess what I got in the mail yesterday?! A friend of mine sent one to me totally unexpectedly. It’s called Monsoon: Desert Rain Songs. I can’t wait! Maybe I’ll recruit her for the trade.


  17. SMED – It’s been added to the pool. Thanks!MAUS – There have been a couple Science-related phrases, but that’s about it. I’d personally love to hear a Zombie Mix.BERRYJO – In my opinion, you’re a newlywed until you’ve been married for more than 18-24 months. Assuming that you and your spouse will be together for, say, the next 50-60 years, it seems about right.


  18. For Cargirl…“Advanced mathematical methods for integrated quantum electrodynamic field theory”(I’m not entirely sure this is a real theory, but it is fun to say)“The main reactor has failed” “Now to unleash screaming temporal doom”My theme submission is: “The drinking will continue until morale improves”Some of you could have some real fun with that, right?


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