Twenties On Top, Fifties On Bottom.

(“Looking for Lost Monday? Well, suck it!”)

Due to Easter and other extenuating circumstances, this week’s Lost Monday will arrive…never. I have a book to start writing, I’m looking at houses with my real estate agent damn near every night and I’m needed at public gatherings on Wednesday and Thursday. Real life beckons for the time being, and it just isn’t going to work out this time around.

Please use the comments section as a way to discuss last week’s episode, along with the second half of Season 4. I’ll get you started with some topics of interest:

Rousseau and Karl got capped, Widmore and Benjamin are both trying to keep the island a secret for different reasons, Tom is gayer than Canadian money and Michael sucks so much at life that he can’t even end it properly. Satisfied?

In NCAA Tournament news, ten of my Sweet 16 picks are still alive, along with all of my Elite 8. That being said, I’m resting comfortably at the rock bottom of my office pool for some inexplicable reason. Why do I throw $5 at this thing every year? I’m letting the cats pick my 2009 bracket, mark my words.

Wisconsin looks to reach another Final Four, and Duke continues to suck a gravy boat full of ass. All is well. Spring is here.

Why So Sad, Panda Bear?
(“Another book I have to pretend to like? This makes me pouty.”)

As mentioned last week (in the CDPeons Facebook Group, which you should all be joining for multiple reasons), I will be devoting the month of April to break ground on my second book. I aim to have it all wrapped up by the end of the year, but things are bound to change on a moment’s notice. The CDP will remain updated on a semi-weekly basis, as it would pain me to leave you all alone in the chilly Blogosphere like that. I’m not that sort of man.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Monday.

29 thoughts on “Twenties On Top, Fifties On Bottom.

  1. Milwaukee’s own.I’m going to try to crank out <>Lost Tuesday<> this afternoon and evening, but we may be looking at another house and whatnot, so my apologies in advance if real life gets in the way for another day.


  2. No shots were fired. It all went down at the Idiot. I’m writing up the story and an accompanying interview now for posting on Spork Nation tomorrow./shameless plug


  3. Hey, I’m serious about this…next time you need to ask permission before using my photo. Don’t make me get the law involved any more than we need to.


  4. My images are almost always unattributed (read: ganked off teh intrawebs). I keep waiting for a cease and desist, but then I realize that no one actually reads my boring-ass blog except for a handful of people, so I’m relatively safe. Plus, they wouldn’t really know who to address the notice to, anyway. How was everyone’s pagan-ritual infused Spring holiday? Mine was full of late afternoon post-ham drama – shoes were thrown, cops were called. A full on family brawl almost erupted. The Easter of Aught Eight shall be recalled with amusement tinged with bitterness. The best thing is that it wasn’t my family…<>this time<>.


  5. Yeah, Maus is good people. I need to hear all about this.I won’t let this copyright thing go down without a fight. Wait until you hear the logic behind it.


  6. Yes, shoes <>and<> punches. It totally could’ve devolved into a classic episode of ‘Cops’. And no one was even drinking. That was the weird part! It would’ve been really funny if it had happened to someone else. Since it involved my husband and his family it ends up feeling kind of embarassing. I’d think about posting it, but it would make my husband kind of mad, so… I want to hear all about JT’s heroics, though.


  7. CDP: Didn’t you just by that condo a year or two ago? Actually, if you don’t have a house to sell (or you sold it quickly) then this is the time — desperate sellers will do almost anything. The rates aren’t as good but when you are paying 20% less for your house, it really doesn’t matter.When you move, you find out who your real friends are. No one likes to move, but your true friends will show up and lug your boxes. And, in our case, a piano. No one really likes to do that, but they will if they are truly your friends.The only bad thing is — you have t help them when they move.


  8. Between JT’s felon-throwdown and the CDP’s (no doubt hilarious) bizarre lawsuit threat, I’m all a-twitter for blog posts tomorrow!


  9. <>HOSS<> – We currently live in an apartment that we do not own, so we’re looking to strike when the market is good and gain some much-needed equity. We’re looking at places now that were entirely out of our price range 3 years ago, and it feels good to not have to compromise too much. For most of the places we’re checking out, the mortgage is just a little more than our rent is now.I will never help someone move; that’s why we always hire illegal immigrants and meth addicts to move our stuff around.<>EMILY<> – Me and JT bring the pain tomorrow! WHOOOOO!Will I be seeing you at the Pup Quiz on Wednesday?


  10. Shameless plug — think of it as a fix-a-flat until the CDP puts up their far superior writeup. But I write 500 words or less writeups for each episode of Lost on another blog, so I posted all 8 of my write-ups from this season on my own blog.Write-ups include the world’s longest setup for an Airplane! joke and a high school science reference that only one in four hundred twenty eight people will even appreciate.Personally, I’m hoping to come back tomorrow morning to find a Lost Tuesday.


  11. CDP – Sadly, no pup/b quiz for me. You wouldn’t believe my schedule this week, it’s insane. I’m beginning to suspect that the cosmos is conspiring to keep us from meeting in person.


  12. Everyone should check out Living On The Backside Of Twenty for their weekly <>Lost<> fix, because Bruce did a good job and I won’t be posting a write-up for Episode 8.<>EMILY<> – The cosmos just knows that we’re far too awesome to exist in the same room. Someone would get wrecked.


  13. did you just say you won’t be posting a write-up for episode 8? damn! I thought my joke was going to live on in notoriety. I will shed a tear for it, silently, and alone. See you Wednesday!


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