I Wrote Five Different Things For You To Read.

Thanks for the blazer, mom!

1. If you’re someone familiar with Madison culture (or just like to rig ballots), it would be lovely for you to vote the CDP as ‘Madison’s Best Blog’ for the 2008 Best Of Madison Awards. You’ll have to vote for at least half (53) of the 106 categories, but make sure you list Ryan Zeinert and theCDP.net as Madison’s Best Blogger! This is a very spur-of-the-moment, never-gunna-happen thing (the deadline is tomorrow), but who knows; we just might shock the city. Thanks in advance.

I'm watching you, Stride.

2. An Open Message To The Creators Of Stride Gum:

Listen. I enjoy your gum, but the whole concept is really starting to creep me out.

I mean, I didn’t initially buy into your ‘ridiculously long-lasting’ ad campaign, but after I received a few packs of your product in my Christmas stocking last month, I gave it a whirl. As it turns out, your flavor does last an extremely long time; more so than any gum I’ve ever chewed before. This is high praise, as I’m an experienced gum chewer from all the way back to 1986. I’ve rocked them all.

Hey, remember Fruit Stripe? The flavor in a stick of Fruit Stripe was gone before the wrapper was even off of it. Direct exposure to oxygen all but turned it into a strip of soy bacon. Nope, your gum is the real deal, which is why I’m starting to get concerned. In fact, I put a stick of Stride in my mouth at 7am this morning, and I’m still enjoying it at 10:21am. At this pace, I might have to skip lunch.

I’m a logical guy, and I’m smart enough to know that you didn’t just crack the code on some long-hypothesized chewing gum flavor mystery. I’m quite certain that your team of scientists didn’t hit some 3am, Willy Wonka-esque breakthrough on how to make a stick of gum last an entire day. My theory is that you’re using some experimental, borderline-toxic preservative that’s causing a grapefruit-sized tumor to form on my brain stem, along with the collective brain stems of all Stride chewers.

Clean up your act, Stride. I’m watching you.


3. Me and the Missus spent over an hour eyeballing the HDTV sets at Best Buy last Sunday. I guess at some point during the weekend, it was mutually decided that our tax refund would be better spent on an updated entertainment system than our credit card bills and that artificial hip I so desperately need to walk again. After all, who needs to be mobile when you have 5.1 Dolby Surround?

More importantly, we got to the bottom of the HD discussion and figured out what we need to make the switch. I looked into HD Cable, debated LCD/Plasma, 720pi/1080pi and took a measurement as to what was the largest television I could put in my living room without suffering a brain hemmorhage approximately eight seconds in. I could theoretically mount a 72″ in the breakfast nook if I knock out the retaining wall between the bedroom and master bath. Who cares if we rent? I get to watch the UFC in High Definition!

Will it happen soon? Doubtful, but we’re ready to go. I should also mention that the Missus is not hindering this purchase in any way. In fact, I think she wants to upgrade more than I do. I need to remember to take her out for a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day; she’s alright.

I smoke money.

4. When I was younger, I was into whatever Alternative Press said was cool. As I got into college, I was into whatever Pitchfork said was cool. When I turned 22, I got into whatever Paste said was cool. Now that I’m a few days away from 26, I do whatever Esquire says is cool.

Esquire is like Playboy without all the pesky nudes and short fiction; the ultimate guide to living like a true discriminating gentleman. I’ve changed my attitude, manner of dress and codes of conduct to better suit the Esquire lifestyle. Sure, it’s bankrupting me, but at least I don’t look like a douche anymore while I’m eating 39-cent macaroni and cheese right out of the pan.

I’m an author, damn it! A small-business owner! I’m doing interviews, shaking hands, establishing a brand, for Christ’s sake! I needed to ditch the emo sweaters, black-framed glasses and navel-gazing, post-haste! It was for my own good; real confidence is never found wearing an ironic t-shirt and hanging out in the back of an Of Montreal concert.

Of course, I’m joking. However, I still am adopting an Esquire lifestyle, one step at a time. My current item on the path of gentleman-ly evolution is ditching my wallet for a cigarette case. As someone who cannot stand having things in his pockets, a slim, metal cigarette case is just what I need to keep the panic attacks down (maybe more so than actual cigarettes). Just the essentials will accompany me; cash, credit cards and out-of-state oil change coupons. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Anyway, I'm not cliche'.

5. My studded belt has seen better days. The studs are falling off of it in mass quantities, the metal is poking into my stummy when I sit down and the sharp edges are tearing up my pantaloons. I need a new one, so teenagers will still think that I’m cool. Actually, when I wear my studded belt with my faux-leather jacket, I pretty much look like a ‘Leather Daddy,’ which is appealing to no one I’d care to speak with outside of an ironic costume party.

Hot Topic is the only place where I see studded belts on a regular basis (and just $20), so I popped in for a few minutes. As I scanned the abysmal t-shirt wall, I saw a nice-looking Misfits shirt staring down at me. Ruh-roh.

I was then hit with a serious moral decision.

Do I buy the Misfits shirt at Hot Topic and ignore the sound of my 17 year old self commiting suicide at the thought? Do I not pay attention to all contradictions, and logically see it as nothing more than a nice shirt that I want to wear? After all, the mere thought that I’m conflicted is far more punk than the Misfits ever were. This is a band that licensed their logos out for more merchandise than KISS, for God’s sake. It’s not my fault that they’re whores for money; why should I deny myself a t-shirt because of the time, location and circumstances surrounding its existence? Have you ever even heard ‘Astro Zombies?’ I mean, have you?

In the end, I just couldn’t bring myself to it. Mainly because there was a design on the back of it that was really retarded looking. For future reference, I’m still conflicted and I’m glad I didn’t have to make that decision on that day. Another time, perhaps. Maybe when I’m older.

There you have it, a handful of stories for the last day of January. Today is also special, because it’s my sister’s 21st birthday. Happy Birthday, Alissa; I love you and hope you’re not too embarrassed by your oaf of a brother. Your present is in the mail.


The CDP’s Lost Season 4 Preview.

CDP Lost Season 4 Preview.

Season 4 begins
Where Season 3 had left off;
Baffled confusion.

Welcome to the CDP’s Lost Season 4 Preview. We have much to discuss.

You know, sometimes it seems like the cast, crew and production staff of Lost are genuinely cursed. They’ve fought through timeslot changes, accusations of not knowing where the storyline was going, on again-off again episodes and repeats, and now a writers strike that will cut Season 4 in half. They really should have just listened to the natives; don’t take Hawaiian lava rocks back to the mainland with you! It’s bad luck!

Hardcore fans, however, tough through all that crap. We know that Season 4 is a new beginning for Lost. Season 1 was as groundbreaking as television gets. Season 2 was so overloaded with action and mythology that I couldn’t believe it was on mainstream national television. Season 3 faltered slightly, only because the writers needed to tread water as they worked out a scheduled end date for the series (all was forgiven after the finale). Now that they know exactly how many more episodes they can produce, new life springs forth, and the story will be told exactly as it was planned.

Vincent can dig this one.
(“So it’s settled. Charlie doesn’t deserve a funeral. Who wants dinner?”)

Speaking of which, where are all the Heroes crybabies now? When Heroes burst onto the scene, millions jumped ship, claiming that Lost had abandoned its direction and was being written with as much foresight as a David Lynch screenplay. Heroes knew what was up. Heroes was going to save the day. Heroes could lift a house. Heroes was Superman.

As it turned out, Lost had everything all planned out, and for six amazing seasons at that. It was Heroes that crashed and burned no more than two episodes into their second season. Sad, really.

So suck it, Heroes. Suck it hard, and consider yourself no longer welcome to the inner Lost Fan Circle. You will no longer receive invitations to my cocktail parties and ice cream socials.

Based on early reviews, interaction and spoilers, Season 4 of Lost looks to be absolutely insane. More action, more corpses, more mythology, more flashbacks/flash-forwards and more characters to monopolize all of your free time. The most intelligent, engaging, deep and brilliant television drama in recent history is back, bitches, and y’all betta’ recognize.

THAT'S for saying I had a small weiner!
(“THAT’S for telling everyone that I had a small wiener!”)

What you need to know, first and foremost, is the Season 4 schedule. Eight of the sixteen Season 4 episodes have been shot and will be aired back-to-back until late March. The second half of the season will be in limbo until the strike is resolved and everyone gets back to work. The new timeslot is Thursdays at 8pm Central, which means that American Idol won’t be around to boot their viewership square in the knob and run off with their insulin money. Pretty sad, considering that American Idol is officially more scripted than Lost is.

Now pay attention, or you’ll miss everything. I will not repeat myself.

1. There will be an ‘enhanced’ re-airing of the two-hour Season 3 finale (“Through The Looking Glass“) tonight at 8pm Central, loaded with Pop-Up Video-esque bits of trivia and whatnot to get you all soggy for tomorrow night’s premiere. Sounds great, and we all could really use a refresher.

2. Thursday night’s festivities will kick off with “Lost: Past, Present & Future” at 7pm Central. It’s an hour-long recap of the essentials leading up to the premiere. Finally, “The Beginning Of The End” airs at 8pm Central, blowing minds and causing nosebleeds from coast to coast.

There, that should take care of the technical side of things. Now, let me grip your clammy hand and lead you into Season 4.

Ranch dressing ahoy!
(Hurley risks his life to salvage a ‘Cool Ranch’ Dorito he accidentally dropped into the ocean.)

There are three big stories going into Season 4 that will be addressed in the upcoming eight episodes. They are:

1. The fact that a freighter is coming to the island for a potential rescue, or potential slaughter, depending on what side of the argument you’re on (please be slaughter, come onnnn slaughter…).

2. The addition of flash-forwards to the storytelling device, proving that the show doesn’t end just because we know that a few people are about to get off of the island. In fact, judging by the way the Season 3 finale ended, Jack might actually be on his way back to the island. Presumably to hide from all the Speed Racer backlash he’s about to receive.

3. Charlie’s death and Jack’s amazing flash-forward beard; I can’t tell which plotline is more important right now. On one hand, you have the death of a major character. On the other hand, you have a beard.

Beard Power!
(I’ve seen the future, and it’s a world without razors.)

That being said, here is a SPOILER AND JOKE-FILLED preview of the first eight episodes of Season 4. You’ve been warned.

Episode 1 – “The Beginning Of The End.”

1. This episode is Hurley-centric and will feature flash-forwards of more than one character. Of course, I count Hurley as two separate characters (that’s Hurley Fat Joke #2, for those keeping score at home).

2. In island time, the episode will focus on the Losties dividing into two camps; those who think the rescue boat is just that, and those who are pretty sure they’re about to get chopped up with an electric mixer of some sort.

3. Written by Cuse and Lindleof, this episode will get Season 4 off to an awesome and confusing start. Anyone who calls me between the hours of 8 and 9pm will be removed from the address book and annual ‘Zeinert Family Newsletter.’

Episode 2 – “Confirmed Dead.”

1. This episode will contain flashbacks from those who have arrived on the ‘rescue’ freighter. Wow, I hope the satellite phone gets its own flashback. It’s like an iPhone if it were invented in 1994.

2. As you can imagine, this will shed a lot of light on what exactly the ‘boaties’ want with the island. My theory? Free Hi-Def cable and the freshest kiwi around.

3. If my calculations are correct, this episode will represent December 25, 2004 on the island. Merry Christmas, losers! We only have a few more months of President Bush on the mainland; it just hasn’t been your year, has it?

Episode 3 – “The Economist.”

1. This episode will be Sayid-centric and feature flash-forwards of his life post-island. Yeah, I guess even Sayid’s going to make it out alive the first time through. In fact, I could see a pretty decent Sayid spin-off show once Lost has run its course. He’ll play a vigilante chef in 1980’s USSR.

2. ABC’s official press release reads as follows: “Locke’s hostage may be the key to getting off the island, so Sayid and Kate go in search of their fellow castaway in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful deal.” Damn, Locke has a hostage? Expect an explosion. Explosions follow that guy around so much that I think he’s actually a professional wrestler.

3. In this episode, there will be more spying on the Boaties and a few spats as to the best way of finding out their main objectives. What is this, a middle school dance? Just ask them already!

Episode 4 – “Eggtown.”

1. This is a Kate-centric episode that will feature flash-forwards. The scoop from TV Guide reads: “When Kate eventually gets the flash-forward treatment, expect the episode to address how the freckled fugitive was free for that teary reunion with Jack. How is it she’s not in jail? Did she already serve her time? Was she pardoned when she got back? Another burning Kate question: Who is the “he” referred to by one-time commitment-phobe Kate when she implied to Jack that someone was waiting for her at home?

Thanks for the info, TV Guide; both your magazine and television station are terrible and lacking substance.

2. Expect to see Jack show up in her flash-forwards, but not the same disheveled Jack we saw in the Season 3 finale. The ending for this episode is going to be incredible, from what I can tell. This is only a theory, but I expect Jack and Kate to be in some sort of romantic relationship for a short period following their rescue from the island.

Or not. What am I, Kreskin?

3. The bulk of the flash-forwards will center around Kate’s murder trial. Expect a cameo appearance from the charred husk of her step-father, as he takes the witness stand in the breathtaking climax.

The only two cast members that still have valid drivers licenses.
(Here we see the only Lost cast members that still have a driver’s license.)

Episode 5 – “The Constant.

1. This episode appears to be Desmond-centric, but there’s no verification on the backstory. Even if there was verification, we all know that Desmond-centric episodes are about as coherent as a fever dream, so why bother?

2. The shooting script of this episode calls for a character that’s narcoleptic. Wait, what?

3. I wonder if they’ll ever address why Desmond can see the very immediate future. I didn’t really like that aspect of last season’s storyline, mainly because it was ridiculous, even for a show like this. Supernatural monster made of smoke that can murder people and read their thoughts? Sure, no problem! A guy that’s sort of clairvoyant? Balderdash! Piff-poff!

Episode 6 – “The Other Woman.”

1. This episode will be Juliet-centric and show more flashbacks of her time on the island. Hopefully wearing something besides a filthy tank top.

2. The word around the campfire is that the relationship between Jack and Juliet will get all icky this week. Meh, I’ll allow it. Whatever keeps Claire and her alien baby off-camera.

3. Expect to see Goodwin, Ethan and Tom (‘Zeke‘) pop up in Juliet’s flashbacks. Good, I was beginning to miss Ethan, what with him being a googly-eyed raving lunatic and all.

Episode 7 – “Ji Yeon.”

1. This episode is Sun & Jin-centric (really?), and appears to be told via the flash-forward. Expect to see most of Sun’s scenes filmed in my basement, where I currently have her hog tied.

2. Ji Yeon is the name of their baby, which will probably make an appearance at some point. In fact, Ji Yeon gets her own flashback at some point, which consists of mostly darkness and the sound of fluids rushing around her.

3. Is it just me, or is anyone else slightly bummed out that most of the cast is going to get off the island unharmed? Not that I want the bulk of the main cast to be offed or anything, but maybe the nerds were right that this kills a bit of the suspense. Food for thought; more poop jokes are on the way, though.

Episode 8 – (Title Unknown As Of 01/30/08.)

1. All you need to know about this gem is that it’s Michael-centric, and will get us up-to-date on what happened to him when he double-crossed everybody and got off the island with Walt. Wow. I need a change of pantaloons.


Well, there you be. Not only are you ready to roll for Season 4, but you have the scoop on the entire first half of the season. Send all thank yous and handwritten love notes to:

PO Box 865

Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Thanks for reading; sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.


CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange #2 Drawing.

Mix-Tape Exchange #2.

It’s go time, kids!

After extensive laboring, uploading e-mail addresses and building one of those spinny-wheels with the Bingo balls in them, I have come up with the 24 pairings for the CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange #2. Everyone that signed up has someone that they will create a mix-tape for, and in tune, they have someone who will make one for them.

The pairings are as follows. The drawing was random; a co-worker picked a number, and I eliminated the names, ‘MASH’-style. Because there were more guys than girls, there are a few situations where a married guy will be making a love-themed mix for another married guy. Don’t fret, it’s not going to turn you gay or anything, I promise. Here we go.

1. The Missus will be making a mix for Bruce Dierbeck.
2. Emily Mills will be making a mix for Blustacon.
3. Sherry will be making a mix for Carrot Duff.
4. Julia Rubin will be making a mix for Caveman.
5. Kenny Frankly will be making a mix for Moe Greene.
6. Cargirl will be making a mix for Jesse Russell.
7. Vic will be making a mix for The CDP.
8. Heather will be making a mix for Scott Fendley.
9. Daniella Maria will be making a mix for Morgan Dempsey.
10. Kate Carillo will be making a mix for Will Betheboy.
11. JT will be making a mix for Sherry.
12. Moe Greene will be making a mix for Kate Carillo.
13. Jesse Russell will be making a mix for Domsar.
14. Carrot Duff will be making a mix for Mike Hoss.
15. Will Betheboy will be making a mix for Benjamin.
16. Blustacon will be making a mix for The Missus.
17. Morgan Dempsey will be making a mix for Cargirl.
18. Caveman will be making a mix for Kenny Frankly.
19. Bruce Dierbeck will be making a mix for Heather.
20. Domsar will be making a mix for Vic.
21. Mike Hoss will be making a mix for Julia Rubin.
22. Scott Fendley will be making a mix for Daniella Maria.
23. The CDP will be making a mix for Emily Mills.
24. Benjamin will be making a mix for JT.

Wonderful. Here’s what we all do next:

1. I will be sending e-mails out to everyone over the next few hours (give me until around noon today to finish), reminding them who they need to create a mix-tape for, and what that person’s e-mail address is. For example, your e-mail from me will look a lot like this:

“Vic, you will be making a mix-tape for the CDP. His e-mail address is communistdance@yahoo.com. Please contact him and get his mailing address.”

2. It will then be up to the creator of the mix-tape to contact the recipient and get their physical mailing address. For example:

“Hey Kenny, it’s Caveman. I’m making you a mix-tape, so give me your mailing address so I can send you some sweet-ass tunage!”

3. One you get the mailing address of the person you’re sending a mix-tape to, MAKE IT AND SEND IT! Everyone has a buddy; it would really suck if someone gets left out because you suddenly decided to go deadbeat on them. My goal is to have ALL MIX-TAPES MAILED OUT BY MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11. Now that you know who you’re making a mix for, you should have plenty of time to whip it up and get it mailed out within two weeks. If someone gets left out, I’ll feel personally responsible, so please don’t make an ass out of me.

4. If you’re having a problem contacting anyone, an e-mail address is dead or anything else goes wrong, feel free to contact me and I’ll sort it out. I’m pretty neat like that. If everyone gets their mixes mailed out by the week of the 14th, everyone should get their packages in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. Of course, once you receive your mix-tape, sound off in the comments section so we all know the status of everyone’s packages.

5. Here are some assorted FAQ’s about the Trade:

Q: Does it have to be on a CD? I want to go old-skool, and put it on a cassette!
A: Although your recipient might not like it, you’re more than welcome to go totally 80’s and make a mix-tape the way God intended.

Q: What should I put on the mix-tape?
A: For Mix-Tape Trade #2, we’re going with a Valentine’s Day, love-themed mix that covers at least one of the following two categories:

1. Your favorite love (or anti-love) songs.
2. Your favorite songs to get it on (or think about getting it on) to.

Also, get creative with hand-written liner notes, instructions for listening or your personal thoughts on each track. The less sterile it is, the more it will be enjoyed (and the more fun it is to create).

Q: I don’t know the person I’m sending the mix to? What should I do?
A: Well, this is really the point of the whole Trade. Express yourself and say hello through your mix. Who knows? You might make a new friend out of the deal. But probably, you’ll just realize that your taste in music is horrid. Be creative or be lazy; just do something and mail it out in time.

Well, I think that’s about it. Wait for my e-mail and go from there. Any questions, comments or concerns? Sound off in the comments section or drop me an e-mail. Let’s freaking do this!


The CDP’s Lost Season 3 Recap.

Lost Season 3 Recap.

Damn, are you ready like I’m ready? The greatest drama in television history is back, baby!

The 4th season of Lost begins next Thursday, January 31 at 8pm Central. Eight of the 16 episodes will run back-to-back, with an indefinite break between the first and second halves of the season (due to the WGA strike). People will be shot with fiery things, flash-forwards will confuse even the most intelligent, and a Zombie Mr. Eko will return from the dead to eat everyone at some point.

Next Wednesday, the CDP Lost Season 4 Preview will spoil you silly, but until then, let’s take a look back at the season that was, with a little Lost Friday Season 3 Recap. Enjoy the only thing on my site that I consider the ‘best’ of anything currently on the web; the funniest, most smart-ass and in-depth Lost reviews anywhere. Enjoy.

Season 3 – Episode 1 Review
Season 3 – Episode 2 Review
Season 3 – Episode 3 Review
Season 3 – Episode 4 Review
Season 3 – Episode 5 Review
Season 3 – Episode 6 Review
Season 3 – Episode 7 Review
Season 3 – Episode 8 Review
Season 3 – Episode 9 Review
Season 3 – Episode 10 Review
Season 3 – Episode 11 Review
Season 3 – Episode 12 Review
Season 3 – Episode 13 Review
Season 3 – Episode 14 Review
Season 3 – Episode 15 Review
Season 3 – Episode 16 Review
Season 3 – Episode 17 Review
Season 3 – Episode 18 Review
Season 3 – Episode 19 Review
Season 3 – Episode 20 Review
Season 3 – Episode 21 Review
Season 3 Finale – Lost Monday
Season 3 Finale – Lost Tuesday
Season 3 Finale – Lost Wednesday
Season 3 Finale – Episode 22/23 Review

Prepare for Season 4; sound off in the comments section and enjoy your weekend.

The ‘CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade #2’ Names Are Drawn.

Mix-Tape Exchange #2 Deadline Reminder.

The CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange #2.

Just a reminder that the deadline to get in on the CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange #2 is Friday. If you’re on the fence and haven’t signed up yet, let me know now! Sound off in the comments or send an e-mail over to communistdance@yahoo.com, and let me know you’re in!

As of right now, we have 18 people that are confirmed, with two listed as tentative (Caveman? Maus? are you in or out? I gotta know sometime today, if possible). This number is on par with the last Trade, so I’m content and confident that everyone will do their part and make it rock twice as hard. Besides, who doesn’t want to wake up on Valentine’s Day to find a Love Mix from a stranger in their mailbox?

Furthermore, if you are a woman that is interested and hasn’t signed up yet, PLEASE SIGN UP! We want to have a near-even male/female balance, and we’re short a few ladies, so please sound off in the comments section if you want to make a Love-Themed Mix Tape and you own at least one bra. Your assistance and participation is greatly appreciated by our organization.

The pairings will be randomly drawn and released Monday, and contact information will be sorted out then. Deadline for mailing out mixes will be Valentine’s Day, Thursday the 14th of February.


Dear Al Harris: Never Talk Trash Again. Thanks.

Ruining The Magic.
(Not Pictured: Everybody.)

After the positive response I received last week in posting a photograph of yours truly aboard the Satellite Of Love, I decided to pull another picture out of the vault from that tour. This shot is taken just off-center of where the hard camera normally is, and you can see that the stage is elevated about three feet off of the ground, so the puppeteers could stand comfortably in the trench behind the deck. Just to the right of the stage is a kitchen area; pretty neat stuff.

I also need to mention that I was interviewed for a feature in the Wisconsin State Journal last night. I think it went pretty well, and the second it’s published, I’ll include a link over in the sidebar. Melanie, you obviously don’t need praise from me, but you’re fantastic and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to get me drunk and ask me questions. Quite frankly, it’s my idea of a near-perfect night. Make me look classy, and I won’t tell anyone that we got kicked out for making a scene. Thanks again.

I’m hard at work on the long-awaited Lost Season 3 Recap, gearing up for the Lost Season 4 Preview, which of course will launch us right into the Lost Season 4 Premiere and wrap up quite nicely with the triumphant return of Lost Monday. Lost is back, kids, and I’ll make sure you’re ready for another half-season of speculation, mystery and beards.

As the snow continues to fall and the depression continues to plummet dangerously, sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

An Amusingly Cranky Eccentric Curiosity.

In The Not-Too-Distant Past.
(Skinny, awkward, baggy shirts…I hated the 16 year old me, and it showed.)

1. It bears repeating that Sunday is the NFC Championship game between the Packers and the Giants. If you live anywhere near the midwest, you’re already aware of the astronomical prices and lengths that people are going to snag themselves tickets to Lambeau Field (considering the embarrassing state of our nation right now, even reasonably intelligent people will take anything they can get to take our minds off of reality, so suck it up and ask for seconds, kids!).

The Missus’ side of the family are season ticket holders, which means that they always get first dibs on securing playoff tickets. Upon the realization that Green Bay would be hosting the championship game, my wonderful Mother-in-law tried to buy out the four family tickets and surprise me and the Missus with them as a gift (and a jaw-dropping gift at that). She offered her parents (the ticket owners) a cool grand for them, which they turned down in favor of selling them to a broker.

How much did they sell their daughter out for? $1200. A mere $200 more than what she offered them. This effects me directly and hurts me deeply, as I was to be the recipiant of one of those NFC Championship tickets. In fact, when I heard the news, my nose started bleeding. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and I will spend Championship Sunday in my living room, listening to Troy Aikman ramble on about pass coverage while Joe Buck eats a cheese pizza.

Packers 34, Giants 17. See you in Arizona, Patriots.

This Is Way Cooler Than Porn.

2. I received a piece of Spam e-mail yesterday that contained the tagline: “Be Like Ron Jeremy!

Yeah, that’s exactly who I want to be like. A 55 year old, balding, has-been fatass with a smaller unit than me. Sounds like a raw deal, when you really think about it. I don’t need you, Spam! Find another sucker! Come back to me when your tagline says: “Be Like Ron Popeil!” That guy was a visionary; he invented the Pocket Fisherman, for Christ’s sake.

Tinker Catsup.

3. Benjamin over at Killer Sandbox Productions wants to draw you a picture. For free!

Here’s the thing. Ben just bought himself a drawing tablet, and needs practice before he starts making millions off of his soon-to-be viral web animations. He’s an incredibly gifted artist, and he’ll create something that you’ll love. So head on over there, give the man some much-needed practice and get something awesome and original in return!

Tonight, you’ll find me in line for the 7:30 showing of Cloverfield. Also, the CDP will be taking Martin Luther King Jr. Day off, so expect the funny to arrive on Tuesday. Free at last.

Sound off in the comments section, sign up for the Nationwide Mix-Tape Trade #2 if you haven’t yet, and enjoy your extended weekend.


Post #700.

Today marks the Communist Dance Party’s 700th post. I greatly appreciate your kind words and applause, but I’m going to request that you hold off for a minute.

I have something very important and emotional to share with you. It’s something that I believe perfectly sums up the love and joy that I’m feeling today; a song that speaks what I’m unable to convey with my meager words.

Please enjoy.

Renaldo Lapuz.

We’re Brothers Forever.”
Lyrics By: Renaldo Lapuz

I am your brother
Your best friend forever

Singing the songs, the music that you like.

We’re brothers ’till the end of time
Together or not, you’re always in my heart

Your hurt, your feelings in you will worry no more.

Thanks for sticking around, 700 times over. Please sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day.

Take Off Your Mittens And Press Play.

Mix-Tape Trade #2.

Back by popular demand, it’s the sequel to the wildly successful CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange! Here’s the skinny, for those that want to be included this time around. Don’t get left out!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the general theme for Trade #2 is ‘Love.’ Try to create a mix CD that covers at least one of these three love-related topics:

1. Your favorite love (or anti-love) songs.
2. Songs to make love to.
3. Songs that make you cry.

If you want in, drop me a line in the comments section or send an e-mail to communistdance@yahoo.com, telling me that you wish to be included in Mix-Tape Trade #2. The deadline to include yourself in the Trade is Friday, January 25. At that point, we’ll draw names and find out who you’ll be making a mix for.

We’ll go from there. All you need to know right now is the following:

1. Let me know if you wish to be included in the Trade by Friday, January 25.
2. Pairings will be drawn on Monday, January 28, along with contact info.
3. Mixes will then be due in your pairing’s mailbox by Valentine’s Day.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to the comments section or to my e-mail address. We had almost 20 people the last time around; we can do a lot better this time.

Sound off and get to it!

Girls Just Wanoo Have Fun.

#5 Humor Blogger In The Nation.

On Saturday, I celebrated the Green Bay Packers advancing to the NFC Championships by destroying two bottles of Chardonnay with a couple friends and singing karaoke until the wee hours of the evening (Singstar Rock, Pop & Amped; ask for it by name). While most Wisconsinites were content in sucking down beer and brats, we kept it far classier and refined, although we all look the same passed out on the kitchen floor, I’m quite certain.

On Sunday, the entire nation was shocked by two things:

1. The realization that Lambeau Field would host the NFC Championships (God damn!)
2. The worst list of Golden Globe winners in recorded history.

While I won’t bust on the Golden Globes too much, I will say that Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell are the embodiment of Pop Culture dimness; an entire genre of blank, talentless faces that make a living on the success and creativity of others. How freaking disgusting and sad it must be to wake up and know that you bring nothing to the table of life but your ability to read from a prompter and hold a microphone in the general direction of someone who actually did something worthwhile with their life.

Best run-on ever. Seriously though, screw the pop culture press. I’m through with them in the worst way. Furthermore, did network television poop in the cereal of all the Golden Globes voting members? If were part of the Big 4, you were almost guaranteed not to win a thing.

Unless, of course, you were Tina Fey.

Wanty McWantwant.

Congrats, Tina. Just call me Wanty McWantwant. Let’s move on.

More importantly, I won’t have to once again watch my idol, Brett Favre, travel to Dallas and lose the NFC Championships. The only thing standing between the epic Favre/Brady Superbowl matchup is a banged-up Chargers offense and a Giants team that’s running on so much heart that there’s already a Disney movie in production about their season. Peyton Manning is playing the role of Eli, because hey, he won’t have much to do for the next few weeks.

At the beginning of the season, I thought that seeing Green Bay in the playoffs would have been an amazing accomplishment. Now, I know it’s their destiny. They will defeat perfection, cementing Brett Favre as the greatest quarterback ever to play the game of football. Mark it.

I’m working on lots of new things this week. Check it ‘oot!

1. I’m compiling a Season 3 Lost recap, along with a Season 4 preview.
2. I’m preparing for a HUGE interview on Wednesday night; I’ll give you the scoop when I can.
3. I’m considering throwing myself a birthday party, and you’re all invited. More info soon.
4. Prepare for the CDP Nationwide Mix-Tape Exchange #2! It’s coming in February!

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your day. American Gladiators is on tonight, which means that Crush is on tonight, which means that I’ll be staying home tonight.