‘Lost Friday’ Has Become ‘Lost Monday.’


Cancel your plans and mark your calendars, because it’s back.

Here’s the skinny, and everything you need to know about Season 4 of Lost.

Season 4 was supposed to be 16 rerun-free episodes in a row, but only 8 were filmed prior to the strike. ABC, desperate for new entertainment, will air these 8 episodes back-to-back. The creators were not too happy about this, as Episode #8 isn’t necessarily a ‘cliffhanger’ for the season, so to speak, and they were promised 16 episodes in a row. The writer’s strike changed all of that. More specifically, greedy studio executives changed all of that.

So, we will get the first half of Season 4 in the form of the first 8 episodes. The remaining 8 episodes will be taped and aired depending on when the strike ends. This could be as early as Fall of 2008, or stacked atop Season 5 in 2009, essentially giving us a 24-episode fifth season.

Does that all make sense? We’re going to get new Lost episodes, but only 8 of them, and another long wait before the second half of the season is unveiled. It’s better than nothing.

Now, onto the time slot change. LOST WILL AIR THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 9PM EASTERN, STARTING ON JANUARY 31. The creators are said to be happy with this slot, as they will not be shadowed by American Idol, and the rest of the Thursday night lineup will be riddled with reruns and reality. This is a good place for Lost to be, even if it’s not the Wednesday slot we’ve grown used to.

Good. Done. Settled. Almost.

With the announcement that Lost is moving to Thursdays, this also changes the time slot of the CDP‘s World-Famous ‘Lost Friday.’ From here on out, ‘Lost Friday’ will officially become ‘LOST MONDAY.’ There’s no way I can do a recap in three hours; it’s far too intensive and awesome to be rushed.

So, there you go. The Season Premiere of Lost is Thursday, January 31, and the Season Premiere of Lost Monday arrives on February 4. Direct any questions or concerns to the comments section, and enjoy your Thursday.


(NOTE: Tomorrow is also ‘World Orgasm Day,’ so let’s celebrate a little unity tomorrow!)

69 thoughts on “‘Lost Friday’ Has Become ‘Lost Monday.’

  1. CDP: Net Friends 4 Eva, fer sher. No worries, I was just checkin’. It’s not as though my blog contains lots of biting and insightful political commentary, but I can’t seem to keep my mitts off the stuff.Are season 3 Lost DVDs out yet? I could use them to hold off the DTs I’m getting from Battlestar Galactica’s very long hiatus. (neeeeeeerrrrrrrrd!)


  2. Yeah – older episodes of BSG were supposed to be used as replacements on one of the air channels (whichever one is affilaited with sci-fi) during the WGA strike if it lasted into the new year. I wonder if that is still going to happen, and when is the show coming back with new episodes?? I’m toally out of the loop with tv right now.


  3. <>DOM<> – YAAAARRRRRR! Thanks for all the insight! YAAARRRR!<>HOSS<> – <>Lost<> would have consumed you. The only other TV addiction I can compare this to was when I couldn’t sleep comfortably without watching an episode of <>MST3K<>. This went on for at least 6 months.<>EMILY<> – Season 3 DVDs are out, along with the <>Simpsons Movie<>. Drop it like it’s hot, and so forth.<>BSG<> is another one of those shows that was ruined for me by my friends. How dare they tell me how good it is!


  4. CDP/Cargirl – I’m trying to work on a “51 Truths” post. It’s much, much harder than I thought it ould be, and I’m only on 19.


  5. <>HATHERY – You sure like to make fun of mean, superficial things. Isaac Brock and Davey von Bohlen’s lisps, Jewel’s teeth, everyone’s nose, Tina Fey’s scar. How did you possibly find me attractive? I had absolutely everything wrong with me when we met.<>You’re like Mr. Burns…you were such a perfect storm of things wrong with you that you were virtually indestructable.


  6. <>JT<> – It’s hard. Addictive, therapeutic and interesting, but hard. Don’t think, just type. Can’t wait.<>HATHERY<> – Mr. Burns, you are the sickest man in the United States. You have everything.Mr. Burns: You mean I have pneumonia?Doctor: Yes.Mr. Burns: Juvenile diabetes?Doctor: Yes.Mr. Burns: Hysterical pregnancy?Doctor: Uh . . . a little bit, yes.


  7. <>CDP said: <><>The only other TV addiction I can compare this to was when I couldn’t sleep comfortably without watching an episode of MST3K.<>That’s because you don’t watch <>24<>, aka <>The Jack Bauer Power Hour<>. Last season was disappointing but the season before that more than made up for it.I think they are running out of ideas though — he’s died twice, got out of Chinese prison, shot more terrorists and turncoats then you can ever believe, and even killed his own family members.What’s next? Impregnate Chloe?


  8. MAUS – Word on the street is that the new season of BSG will start in April. Hopefully that’ll be plenty of time for the writer’s strike to have ended.CDP – I’m on it. Also, I don’t want to tell you to give BSG a shot for fear of driving you away from it even more. I resisted at first, too, but I have since learned that giving in is so, so much more fun. Heck, even if the plots weren’t great (which they are), I’d still watch for all the pretty people.I ain’t too proud to admit that.


  9. CARGIRL – I expect to be on for an hour, make it in if you can!HOSS – I gave 24 a chance when it premiered, and it totally rubbed me the wrong way. I guess I was never a big fan of those straight-ahead Action dramas, regardless of the admittedly cool ’24 Hour’ gimmick. I understand it’s good though; I won’t knock it.EMILY – I could have my buddy Ben send the DVDs my way. I get the feeling I’d be watching them alone, but I’d grin and bear it if the show was good.6PM, kids. I don’t have anything planned; just some chatting and music. I might even take requests, if you’re good and there’s more than two people in there.


  10. You forgot Firefly, Angel, Serenity, Buffy, or anything else that Joss Whedon might have gotten his hands into. It’s not that I hate sci-fi, I just don’t enjoy ‘fi’ as a general rule.I read reference books and biographies. I watch the History Channel. I certainly don’t write any fiction. While I obviously take in a large amount of fictional television in every week, I prefer it if there’s a certain realistic aspect to it.If it takes place on a spaceship or concerns vampires, I can’t suspend my disbelief all that much.<>Lost<> gets a pass because I was forced into watching it, and it just so happened to be the greatest drama in television history.


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