Superficial Jackasses, Meet Your New Leader.

Suck it hard, so and so.

During a lunch break at the office yesterday afternoon, I clicked on the 2008 Bloggers Choice Awards page to see how things were shaking up. The CDP fared pretty well for itself in the 2007 contest, finishing in the Top 15 for the categories of ‘Best Blog About Stuff,’ ‘Best Pop Culture Blog’ and ‘Best Humor Blog.’ I was extremely happy with the showing; it sent a lot of extra traffic my way and made me realize that yes, my blog was resonating with people across the nation.

However, I was well aware of my limits. I’ll never rake in a million hits a day with my funny stories, pop culture references and daily observations. I’ll never be able to topple Wil Wheaton (hey, who would want to?) and Perez Hilton (despite his inherent lack of everything) in their specific categories, nor would the CDP ever rise through the ranks to become a household name, like PostSecret or I Can Has Cheezburger. I understood that going in, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. My goal with the Bloggers Choice Awards has always been to rub elbows with big shots, get some additional traffic and see where I fit in.

That being said, my half-chewed vegetable panini tumbled directly out of my slack-jawed mouth upon seeing this pop up on my computer screen:

Suck It Hard, Perez.

That’s the CDP, my personal blog, currently sitting at #1 atop the Bloggers Choice Awards in the ‘Best Pop Culture Blog’ category. #1 out of over 1100 nominated blogs, mind you.

Well, I’ll be damned.

Yes, yes, I understand. The 2008 contest has barely gotten underway. Yes, I will tumble back to the bottom by the end of the week. Yes, I will eventually lose the award to someone who blogs for a living. I get that entirely. My blog barely covers pop culture anymore.

However, today I will rejoice and celebrate my three seconds of Internet Immortality. For nobody will ever take this fleeting instant away from me. The one moment that I was briefly recognized as the Greatest Pop Culture Blogger in the World.

Current Bloggers Choice Awards Standings For 12/04/07:
Best Pop Culture Blog – Ranked #1 out of 1153.
Best Humor Blog – Ranked #5 out of 1557.
Best Blog About Stuff – Ranked #4 out of 3276.
‘The Blogitzer’ (Best Writing Ability) – Ranked #3 out of 756.

To vote for me in all four categories, visit the links at the bottom of the sidebar. Thanks for all you’ve done already. If you only have one nice deed in you for the day, I’d really rather you purchase my book.

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Hump Day.

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