24 Hours Until Doomsday.

November 30 - 65 Poor Life Decisions.

It’s all set.

The book is finished.

The book has been published.

The book is ready for you to purchase.

Tomorrow is the biggest day in the history of the CDP.

My pants. They are so soggy. Soggy with anticipation. Anticipation mixed with urine.

Look, what more is there to talk about? Come Friday morning, I will globally release my first book to the raving masses. Interviews have taken place. Questions have been answered. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be shaking more hands, meeting more people and doing more press. The book will be reviewed, criticized, praised and mocked. Complete strangers, lifelong friends and loyal fans will buy it. Hopefully, they will all be entertained in one way or another.

You know how you can buy it (I’ll remind you again tomorrow, just to be sure). You know what’s in it and you know what to expect. Tomorrow is the beginning of something completely new to me. I can’t wait. I hope you can’t wait, either.

Please direct any questions to the comments section or to communistdance@yahoo.com. I’ll answer anything for you, and do absolutely everything I can to make sure a book goes out to everyone that wants one.

It’s all set, friends. Have a good day.

113 thoughts on “24 Hours Until Doomsday.

  1. Like we established before, sleep is for the meth-induced and the weak, which we are neither of.I am never going to sleep. I honestly dislike, and am a bit scared of sleep. Existential reasons, I believe.It’s 12:19 and no post.I could be playing GHIII right now.


  2. I tried going on Stickam because no one on there ever sleeps, but the only people who would talk to me were Australians and people with names like <>blackandlong69<>. Eh, not interested, no offense to the Aussies.I’m thinking about diving into a visit to the WoW, but I think I’ll get too engulfed in it and look at the clock at 3:39 and crap my pants.


  3. I used to have serious sleep problems. I eventually wrote a funny screenplay about it that nobody cared about.Sorry about keeping you from GHIII. If I had known you were in Stickam, I would have dropped in and said hello. Poop. On the bright side, I have the new post up!(truth be told, I actually was blackandlong69.)


  4. Indeed. But I believe blackandlong69 had other ideas.=/I posted on the CGNM already, by the way. I wrote a post, then sat here refreshing your page and copied/pasted links and posted a few seconds after you. Not stalker-ish at all, right?


  5. I’m not too worried about it. 🙂 Furthermore, if you really <>were<> stalking me, then maybe you’d come up to Madison more often!Very, very soon, Madison will become a frozen, hostile wasteland (like Chicago), and you’re going to want to stay away until April. Plan accordingly.


  6. I would love to make it to Madison some Saturday when I’m bored out of my mind and have 5+ hours to burn. Also, there’s an issue of parental consent.I assume I can’t think of a plausible reason for my disappearance for that long. I’m open to suggestions though.


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