Going Nowhere Is Like Giving Up.

Bang me.

Listen. It’s the day after Thanksgiving. After an intense day of travel and cheesy potatoes, I got home at 11pm and didn’t have enough time to give the final mix-tape review its due. Instead of half-assing it, I’m moving it to Monday, which seemed to be the fairest and least-douche thing to do. Besides, I thought today would be a good time to chime in about what to expect next week; honestly one of the biggest weeks in CDP history.

After wrapping up the mix-tape trade on Monday, I’ll be gearing everything up for the long-awaited release of 65 Poor Life Decisions on Friday. I’ll be answering any lingering questions about ordering and shipping, along with how you can order a personalized copy directly through me.

I’ll also be hitting the press trail, doing interviews for CDP Network bloggers Spork Nation as well as Kevin Palmer at PointlessBanter. I have a few local things set up, as well as a couple more bloggers that would like a moment of my time before November 30. Also, if you’re feeling especially awesome, I will have a banner created on the 30th that you can display on your page to promote the book.

Sometime next week, my initial shipment of books will arrive in the mail, which I will be using to mail order out to people who wish to order directly through me. I have a PO Box set up, and will be accepting money orders and well-concealed cash only. Very punk rock.

Of course, if you don’t care about an autographed copy, free shipping and free merch, you can always order the book online, which will be super-easy through Lulu.com. I’ll walk you through it and be super-gentle.

We’re almost there, friends. We’re almost there. Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your weekend.

23 thoughts on “Going Nowhere Is Like Giving Up.

  1. I thought it made me look bad-ass, in a depressing sort of way. I’m just meant to look like a child for the rest of my life, I suppose.Yeah, I just woke up. Thanksgiving was a bitch, if I’m allowed to say that on the <>CDP<>. Who runs this thing?JT, what do you say you meet me in the <>CDP Live Video Chat<> room at 8pm Central time? Also, do you want it private, or should we open the chat up to anyone?


  2. From 8-8:30, I’ll be doing a private chat with JT, as we’re doing an interview for Spork Nation. At 8:30, the room will go public to anyone who wants to join us.Rawk. It would be cool if I could get about 5 people in there to say hello to.


  3. I’m going to have to be tentative now. I forgot that I promised to take Melissa out for sushi. Damn, sorry dude.Worst case scenario – Sunday afternoon?


  4. It’s okay. Significant others come first.We can try for Sunday afternoon, but I might be at the movies. Keep and eye on these comments and we’ll work something out.Have a good one. It’s all good.THE CHAT WILL STILL HAPPEN AT 8:30!


  5. No, because everyone knows my parties KICK ASS.Sorry i couldn’t make it, friend. I was working for the man. If you let me know ahead of time, I can probably make the next one.And the release of your book is one of the best/biggest moments in my life so far, second only to the moment when I found out the picture on my driver’s liscense was a decent picture.Rock on.


  6. I’ll be around a good bit today during daylight hours…until the Clemson/South Carolina game…the single biggest game of the season if you wear orange or garnet.


  7. I threw a birthday party one time and someone showed up on the wrong day. She was very embarrassed when I opened the door and asked her why she was at my house.


  8. CARGIRL – It’s a go. I’m excited, too. Did you get my t-shirt money? I sure hope so.HATHERY – That could only happen to one of the two of us.JT – How does today (Saturday) at 11am Central time sound to you? Short notice, but I wanted to catch you before you hit the pavement. I’ll keep an eye on the comments.


  9. It’s Saturday night, it’s 6:30pm Central time, and I AM IN THE LIVE VIDEO CHAT. I’m working on some tedious stuff, so stop in and keep me company for awhile. I should be on for at least another 2 hours.


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