Leave Before The Lights Come On.

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1. The Missus has a new, short haircut. The Cuteness Factor around the house has increased by 300%.

2. The 2007 Blogger’s Choice Awards have ended, and the CDP finished well above anything I could have imagined. We cracked the Top 10 in two of the three categories we were nominated for, beating out literally thousands of other bloggers from around the nation in the ballots for ‘Best Humor Blog,’ ‘Best Pop Culture Blog’ & ‘Best Blog About Stuff.’ The 2008 awards have already started, and as always, you can vote for the CDP by simply clicking on the links at the bottom of the sidebar. Thanks for drawing national attention to the CDP, and making us all the more popular. I owe you a dinner.

3. I’ll be working extra-hard on the book this weekend. Scout’s Honor. Now that the guts of the book are tip-top, we’re left with all of the formatting, business and distribution nonsense that comes with self-publishing a book. For the stress that this project has placed upon me in the last six months, I’d better sell 14 kajillion copies.

4. Guitar Hero III will be released on Sunday. I’m considering taking Monday off.

5. Today, I ask another Halloween-related question in the hopes of starting a conversation in the comments section:

“What Is Your Favorite Scary Movie?”

Hey, enjoy your weekend. Where I live, there’s a good chance that it might be the last nice one we get, so I’ll be making the most of it. Here’s hoping that you do the same. Cheers.

52 thoughts on “Leave Before The Lights Come On.

  1. yes, the short sleeve uniforms are borderline ridiculous. They look one step away from just wearing a WB undershirt. I think I could see the outline of a Chevy IROC key in their pockets.


  2. Beh-heh-heh.I know what you’re saying about Boston. In 2004, they were pretty much the way the Rockies were now; it was just amazing to see the fairy tale come true. This year….well….they look like the Yankees. I ain’t complaining, though. Us fans deserve a year of domination.The Patriots are just too amazing to dislike. Blustacon, is this the greatest football team you’ve ever seen? I’m thinking it might be for yours truly.


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