17 thoughts on “…And Here Comes The Pizza!

  1. Watch that whole clip. When they come back from commercial, the announcer is laughing so hard he can’t breathe. The way they handle it is hilarious.<>“…And here comes the pizza!”<>


  2. I can’t get it out of my head this morning. Every time someone says something to me in the office, all I can think of is <>“…And here comes the pizza!”<>


  3. In <>CDP<> Land, egomania runs rampant, and I never want you to leave.Sure, I could have inserted a link to the <>American Idol<> homepage, but what would <>I<> get out of that? More traffic? I think not!


  4. Screw MKE magazine. If they are going to have a ‘Best Blog’ vote in their publication, they should have the common courtesy to inform the Bloggers that were nominated. They don’t deserve my traffic for being lazy.JT- Dusty’s working on answering the questions as we speak.


  5. Oh yeah, and you can vote under multiple categories. Where it says other categories it was nominated for, you can click on those and then vote there too. (i.e. Best Humor Blog and Best Blog About Stuff)


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