Nothing’s More Exciting Than A Sports Post.

Ohio State Fears Wisconsin. Say hello to the new #1.


After weeks of being overshadowed by an overrated Florida squad, along with being curbsided by both voting committees, the Wisconsin Badgers are finally being acknowledged as the #1 college basketball team in the nation. As of Monday afternoon, the Associated Press bumped the deserving Badgers up to the throne, setting the stage for a monumental matchup this Sunday at #2 Ohio State.

Wisconsin Fears Ohio State. Say hello to the new #2.

Hey, there.

Currently ranked #1 in the USA Today Coaches Poll (and #2 in the AP), Ohio State doesn’t have as many wins as Wisconsin, who also hold a home victory over the Buckeye squad. The matchup on Sunday will not only determine an undisputed #1 team, but almost assuredly lock up an overall #1 seed during March Madness. This matchup will be, hands down, the biggest and most highly anticipated game of the year.

If you’re a fan of either team, or simply a fan of college basketball in general, this is the closest thing to Christmas in February. CDP Headquarters is based out of Madison, Wisconsin, and the already notorious party-town is set to explode heading into March.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I cannot wait until Sunday. I don’t even consider myself to be a typical douchebag sports fan, either. I’m genuinely looking forward to being entertained by the two best college basketball teams in the land.

One thing I really love about the Badgers is coach Bo Ryan. Apart from being one of the most methodical and passionate coaches in the game, I get a kick out of the fact that he looks like he could murder everyone in the arena during game day. That guy always looks stunned and incredulous, and that alone is entertaining enough. That’s the kind of guy I want in charge of my team.

Badger tickets are about as difficult to snag as Packer tickets in Wisconsin (although my family has Packer season tickets, fool!), so I’ll probably be watching the game at CDP Headquarters with a bowl full of Cool Ranch Doritos and a bottle of New Glarus Spotted Cow Ale.

Sound off in the comments section, and bow to the new #1.

12 thoughts on “Nothing’s More Exciting Than A Sports Post.

  1. Ah, yes. College sports…the one area of my life that is consistent. And by consistent, I mean Clemson consistently breaking my heart.


  2. I can’t believe what happened to them this season. They were riding the longest winning streak of the year, then BAM! Completely unranked within a week.When it comes to NCAA basketball, my heartbreak to pleasure ratio is constantly set on ‘borderline suicidal.’ But like an abused wife or confused husband, I keep coming back for more.


  3. The best part is that we’re consistently inconsistent in <>all<> sports now.It used to be just football, and you could count on our basketball team to be borderline mediocre and our baseball team to kick ass.


  4. Yup, at the end of the day, Duke still sucks.Poll-wise, Wisconsin and Ohio State will still be #1 and #1 heading into Sunday, which is the first #1 vs. #1 matchup in NCAA regular season history.Boy, Wisconsin needs to win that one.


  5. JT – Clemson has owned us in each of the last two years (both basketball and football). It was nice (for me, obviously) to see the Turtles take down the Tigers in Death Valley this year. Will Proctor seemed to be the piece of crap I thought he was…As for basketball, the Tigers have really crashed and burned since that first loss of the year (for lthe life of me, I can’t remember who knocked them off…). Oh, and Purnell needs to lose the orange suit…


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