Do You Swag Like I Swag?

Wisconsin's Best Wrestler.
(Brought to you by a pissed-off Austin Starr; Wisconsin’s best pro wrestler.)

Every now and again, loyal CDP readers will send me photos of themselves enjoying one of the many different kinds of quality merch found at the CDP Webstore. I always get a kick out of this, because not only are these folks kind enough to buy something that endorses the CDP, they take the time to send me a photo of said endorsement.

It’s always appreciated, and every photo will be published on the CDP. The webstore is HERE, and my e-mail is Thanks in advance.

Today, we have four different photos from two different sources. The first pair comes to us from CDP Network alumni, JT. Some of you may remember that back in November of ’06, JT was nice enough to send us photographs of himself rocking a CDP t-shirt at a tailgate party.

As you may or may not know, JT is an avid fan (ie. borderline alcoholic) of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. PBR is brewed and manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, less than an hour from CDP Headquarters. As luck would have it, I was invited to guest judge a stand-up comedy competition in December that was sponsored by the fine folks at PBR. In tune, we were overloaded with all sorts of free PBR swag. Free drinks, sweatshirts, iron-ons and the like.

One particular piece of swag that caught my eye was a stack of no less than 100 temporary PBR tattoos. Knowing that JT would have a far better time with these than I would, I quickly snatched them up, threw them in an official CDP envelope and shipped them down to South Carolina.

Herein, the aftermath.

PBR Guys.
(I count at least six tattoos. Six sexy tattoos.)

I like how the girls and guys were split into two groups for the photograph. What was this, a Sadie Hawkins party?

PBR Girls.
(This photo was censored because all of the ladies are under 10 years old.)

I wasn’t sure if these ladies would like me to throw their photo onto the internets, so I went the extra step to block out their faces, just in case. I really don’t need a lawsuit at this point in my life. They were cool with me seeing the photos in private, though, so what’s a few thousand more sets of eyes?

When I started the CDP, I had dreamt of a world where women would willingly send me photographs of their tattooed midriffs and rear-ends. I consider this a testament to my clout and prowess as a blogger, and I’m deeply humbled to achieve this milestone. Thanks, JT!

Moving on.

The next two photographs come from longtime CDP friend Tammy. She had just moved into a historic apartment that has seen more than a few college students in its day. Somewhere along the way, a tradition started to leave a sticker or two somewhere in said apartment. Not one to break a longstanding streak, Tammy purchased a few CDP stickers and had a go:

Rocking The Barcode.

Here’s another angle:

Rocking The Barcode II.


Sound off in the comments section and enjoy your Monday.

9 thoughts on “Do You Swag Like I Swag?

  1. <>Ask not what the CDP can do for you, ask what you can do for the CDP. Boo-ya.<>I keep that close to my heart.And that was the best Daytona 500 in a long time. My best goes out to Clint Bowyer. He finished 18th after crossing the finish line upside down and on fire. Good man.


  2. No worries, and for the record I truly do have the ability to control my drinking.I just choose not to sometimes.Like this weekend, when I was asked to be the lead singer of a band called The Nuggets. We’re terrible.


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