Once More With Feeling.

Never let it be said that I’m not looking out for you.

Today, new albums have been released by Of Montreal and The Shins; arguably the two best Indie bands on the planet. They both have released videos for their respective debut singles, both of which share a ‘school play’ setting and are featured right here at the CDP.

The Of Montreal video was directed by The Brothers Chaps, the duo responsible for HomeStarRunner.com. Please watch it before the Internet explodes, because it’s the most surreal and wonderful thing you’re going to see today.

Of Montreal
“Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse”
Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

The Shins’ video is decidedly more somber and beautiful; a welcome introduction to this amazing group if there ever was one.

The Shins
“Phantom Limb”
Wincing The Night Away

I’m off to Best Buy. Sound off in the comments section and tell me that my tastes in music are horrible.

19 thoughts on “Once More With Feeling.

  1. I never said that Country Music ‘makes no sense,’ I’ve just stated that it lacks worth and is a shell of its former glory. Mainstream Country is in the same boat as mainstream Hip-Hop; which is to say that it’s putrid, stale and in a state of disrepair.Both of these songs maker perfect sense. In fact, this is one of the most straightforward Of Montreal songs I’ve ever heard. It’s just the videos that need a little explanation.In the case of The Shins, I get it. In the case of Of Montreal, we’re not supposed to get it. When you see them live, they do the same stuff on stage. It’s really quite entertaining.


  2. Beautiful.I’ll have to warn you, however. If you <>like<> Soul Coughing and <>dislike<> Of Montreal, the Missus will probably want to have a word with you. If the universe is balanced so that everything has an equal and opposite counterpart, I think you and the Missus exist for each other, based solely in that respect.Heh-heh…you said <>‘Coughing drop.’<>


  3. Wow…while neither of these bands is something that I would rush out to buy, I enjoyed the Shins music and the bear in the pimpsuit fromt Of Montreal.Also, I agree…mainstream country, hip-hop and rock are a wasteland that all sounds the same right now. Luckily, country has Shooter Jennings as a rising star, hip-hop has Sage Francis, and rock has a myriad of people depending on the sub-genre.


  4. When your tastes in music are as diverse and varied as mine, you’re bound to miss the mark every now and again. What’s important is that I’m out there, putting my ass on the line in my never-ending search for the perfect song.Yep. I believe every word of that. Yessir.Sage Francis = LetsEatPaste.JT, I know you’re into more country-fied rock and whatnot; have you ever heard of The Features? Their debut album, <>Exhibit A<>, is an album that I can honestly recommend to anyone. It’s the catchiest, most rockingest, Appalachian pirate rock in the world.Honestly, everyone should go and buy that album right now.


  5. I had never heard of them, just checked them out, definitely a talented band, but not quite my speed.Of course, this is coming from a man whose house is decorated with PBR memorabilia, so take my opinion with a grain or two of salt…


  6. I must say that while I have a gigantic range of musical interests, they are mostly limited to what I can listen to on the radio. I applaud your efforts in the musical jungle scene. You prefer to stalk and hunt your dinner, relishing the taste of an earned meal. I prefer mine already cooked to my taste and served on a plate. (I am pleased that the irony of the preceding analogy will not go to waste)The latest for me has been new alternative. There is a great station out here doing the right thing. check it out. http://www.wbru.com


  7. JT – The Features’ MySpace page doesn’t have any songs from <>Exhibit A<> that do them justice. If you ever have one of those days where you just want to by an album completely on the fly, I give them my full endorsement.BluStaCon – Meat metaphors = Sure-fire hilarity. I applaud you.RJ – Welcome to the World <>Weird<> Web! BWAAH-HAHHA!!!!


  8. Yea, I’ve been busy… mucho overtime at my crappy job. Plus the band, school, and looking for a new job. No time for much anymore. You should find us a venue in the fantastic Madison area to play at… planning on hitting up Big E’s in Edgerton when we have a chance.


  9. JT – Atta’ boy. Thanks for giving them a listen, though.RJ – If you’re looking for Madison venues, the boys in Razor Fist always know the most charming places.


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