Pre-Sweeps Month Checklist.

CDP Sweeps Month
is just around the corner. Are you excited? Personally, I’m tingling with anticipation.

Once again, Sweeps Month is an end-of-the-year blitz to garner as many hits as possible in a 30-day period. In 2004 and 2005, Sweeps Month was the busiest month of each year as far as traffic was concerned, and we’re going to attempt to do it again.

Here are just a few things you can expect in the Month of December:

The CDP Year In Review.
The Worst Album Covers Of All Time – Part Deux.
The Best Comments Of 2006.
The Best Albums Of 2006.
The Best & Worst Of 2006.
CDP Post #500.
The State Of The CDP Speech – 2006.
The Official CDP Podcast.

These particular posts take up a lot of my time, so I’ll be working on them over the next two weeks, to make sure they’re ready come December. In the case of The Best & Worst Of 2006, I need your help.

Last year, I accepted reader e-mails to help me with the Best/Worst post. It worked out quite well, and I wanted to try to do it again. There are a lot more people reading the CDP now than there were in 2005, and I’m always looking for ways to outsource as much work as possible to folks who don’t deserve it.

Here’s how this is going to work:

1. You send an e-mail to In it, state one or all of the following:

a) Your favorite & least favorite Album of 2006.
b) Your favorite & least favorite Film of 2006.
c) Your favorite & least favorite Book of 2006.
d) Your favorite & least favorite TV Show of 2006.
e) Your favorite & least favorite Song of 2006.
f) Your favorite & least favorite Moment In General of 2006.
g) Any other favorites and least favorites you want to mention.

Be creative, be funny and elaborate as much as possible on whatever you want; it matters not. Again, you can talk about just one of these things, or about all of them. The more, the better, though.

2. As an added bonus for participating in CDP Sweeps Month, I want to send everyone who e-mails me some FREE CDP SWAG.

So, if you participate in the Best & Worst of 2006, just include your mailing address in the e-mail, and you’ll be sent FREE CDP stickers, buttons, magnets and maybe more! Your address will be shared by nobody and instantly deleted once the package has been shipped. I couldn’t care less where you live, honestly.

Also, if you still don’t want free merch and don’t care to share your address, you can still e-mail me and participate in the event. It’s as simple as that. The e-mailed comments will be used in the Best/Worst post and attributed to you (not as your real name; your screen name will do).

Here’s a link to last year’s list for inspiration, and the deadline for submissions will be in about two weeks, so get cracking.

I don’t know how I can make this easier. Obviously, if you still want to donate to the CDP or buy merch the other way, the links are on the top of the page. Sound off in the comments section, start e-mailing your responses to and enjoy your day.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Sweeps Month Checklist.

  1. I also want to make it crystal-clear that Sweeps Month is important to me and me alone. December is a month filled with rampant CDP ego-strokery, in which nobody is entertained but myself.Ignore what I just said.


  2. Wonderful; I need all the help I can get this year. With <>Lost<> gone for the winter, my hits are dropping faster than ___________ at a __________.Insert your own joke; I’m too tired.I’ve been slacking on the Sweeps Month preparation, mainly because I’m very busy at work and I might have an ulcer.


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