Lost Friday – "The Cost Of Living."

Lost Friday - The Cost Of Living.
Season 3 – Episode 5: “The Cost Of Living.

Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have much to discuss.

If you don’t mind, I’d like you to answer a question for me. You know, my brain’s not what it used to be, especially since I started hitting the inhalants and whatnot. Sometimes I confuse things that I’ve actually seen with things that I just made up. But for the life of me, I could have sworn that I saw the Goddamn Smoke Monster bash Eko to pieces against a tree. Surely, I made that all up. That didn’t really happen, right?


The second-to-last episode before the mini-season finale delivered the goods when it came to surprises and further mystery. We got a brief glimpse at the sixth-and-final hatch (maybe), an even brief-er glimpse at the man inhabiting it, continued to ratchet the tension between Jack, Ben & Juliet and got a good-old-fashioned bludgeoning to top it off. If the second installment of the third season is anything like what’s happened over the last 5 weeks, it’s safe to say that we have absolutely no idea where this show is headed. Good or bad, it’s your call.

I wrote The Skinny this week, so I’m changing its name to The Thick & Meaty.

(Written by the CDP, so don’t skip it.)

Stunt man, anyone?
(Just pretend that’s Eko and not a stunt man. I dare you.)

Eko, still reeling from a combination hatch implosion/polar bear attack, starts to have visions about his dead brother, Yemi. Proving once again that Eko has superpowers*, he manages to set his tent on fire through the power of his mind. By the time that the castaways toddle over to extinguish the flames, Eko runs into the jungle, looking for his brother and a clean shirt.

*Expect Eko to show up on Heroes sometime next year.

The next day, Locke proposes an expedition to the Pearl Station, to see if there’s a computer they can use to communicate with the Others (and perhaps to check Fark). They also realize that Eko is heading there as well, to locate the crashed Beechcraft with Yemi inside. Nikki and Paulo decide to come along, and nobody notices or cares, considering that they haven’t even mentioned their names on the show at this point.

Somewhere, Jin puts his ear to Sun’s tummy and grins.

In the Pearl station, Sayid and Desmond fiddle with the computer equipment, as Desmond isn’t content with already surviving one massive electrical explosion. Sayid, who apparently worked for Charter Communications in Iraq, manages to get a live feed of the Flame Station*, the only hatch we haven’t yet seen. Almost immediately, a man wearing an eye patch and DHARMA suit destroys the camera, while Nikki and Paulo wet themselves; their only real contribution to the show thus far.

*The Flame Station should not be confused with the Flamer Station. Where the Flame station is hot, the Flamer Station is SSSSSCORTCHING!

Meanwhile, above ground, Eko notices that Yemi’s charred husk is nowhere to be found amongst the wreckage. Seeing another vision of his brother (which turns out to be the Smoke Monster, who can apparently manifest itself and feed entirely on redemption), Eko informs him that he doesn’t apologize for the way he has lived his life. Yemi (Smoky) responds by hoisting Eko into the air and Sonny Bono-ing* him off of about 10 different trees.

*Don’t send me e-mail; that was funny, and you know it.

Hearing the carnage, Locke and Sayid show up to find Eko dying. Before retiring to the Great Confessional in the Sky, Eko informs Locke that they will be the next to go. Locke responds by killing Nikki and Paulo out of spite and stealing what little food they brought along.

Back at Otherland, they gather for the funeral of Colleen. Afterwards, during the cake and ice cream social, Ben berates Juliet for showing Jack his spinal x-rays. Ben promises to make a deal with Jack if he successfully operate on him, while Juliet tries to convince Jack that Ben is a liar and the Others are desperate for a regime change. Jack, suddenly realizing his newfound position of power, demands that the Book Club be moved to the Hydra station so he can participate*.

*First book on the list? The Official Fan’s Guide To ‘Party Of Five.’

In flashbacks, we see Eko doing what he thinks is best, leading to a moment of clarity. Which, as we all know, is what we always see shortly before a cast member gets murdered. This is why Michael got to leave the island, because he lived a life of constantly making the worst possible decisions. Let that be a lesson to all the kids out there.

Perhaps I should write The Thick & Meaty more often. Makes me feel like a big man. Numbers!

(Written by the CDP. Read and enjoyed by you.)

(There’s nothing scarier than a bad guy with poor depth perception.)

Because of the time constraints of doing Lost Friday, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking tiny notes during commercials concerning topics I want to discuss on here. Not only has this helped, but it has also sucked dry any entertainment value the show once had. I’m simply watching Lost as job now; may God have mercy on my pale and pathetic soul.

Here now, the exact transcribed notes I took on Wednesday night. Enjoy.

4 – Eko = Haunted by his past (of course). Bad-ass mo-fo.

8 – Ben’s gotta tumor – Jack’s gotta fix it. Should rip his spine out, Sub Zero-style.

15 – Back into the Pearl Station. What happened to Yemi’s corpse? Paulo took a whiz.

16 – Who’s telling the truth? Ben or Juliet? Is Jack gunna botch the surgery and lead an Others revolt? Or he is getting screwed over more than Tara Reid at a Grammy after-party?

23 – Pirate in the Flame Station. Who is he? Possibly Johnny Depp; perhaps a sweeps tie-in of some sort.

42 – The smoke monster is the Rich Little of shapeshifters. I wish I was that diverse.

(Written by the CDP. Avoided by spoiler-phobes worldwide.)

Ow, my spine!
(Ben quietly wonders how long he’ll live without a spine.)

4 – The title of Season Three/Episode 6 is “I Do.”

8 – The episode will be Kate-centric. Expect the Marshal to make another appearance.

15 – The official press release from ABC reads: “Jack makes a decision regarding Ben’s offer, Kate feels helpless when it looks like an angry Pickett is going to make good on his threat to kill Sawyer, and Locke discovers a hidden message that may guide him through the next step of his journey to unlocking the secrets of the island. We also see Kate in flashbacks, more specifically on her Wedding Day.”

16 – As if we were all still wondering who Kate was in love with (Jack or Sawyer), she will be consummating said love with Saywer in this episode. Am I ready? Oh, you betcha’.

23 – This week, we will also find out why Karl was caged up by Sawyer in the first episode. That’s a good thing, because I was losing sleep over that one. Also, expect to see the death of a secondary character. My money’s on Pickett, but I don’t really have any money.

42 – As you already know, this will be the last episode of Lost until February 7, a 12-week hiatus in a quest for a no-rerun season. During these 12 weeks, you can still tune to the CDP for all your Lost needs.*

*Your needs may vary.

(Not written by the CDP. Nope. Not one word.)

You'll be missed, Shaft.
(I think you pulled the cornrows a little tight, there.)

As you know, Mr. Eko died this week. This is sad for a number of reasons, one being that he was one of my favorite characters on the show. From his first to last scene, he’s been intriguing, intelligent and unspeakably violent, which are all things that I strive to one day become.

Without further adieu, throw down a 40 and bounce to this wack jam.

Here comes the Eko!

Cornrows flying! Others left crying!
From Nigeria to the Dharma island!

Smoke monster’s looking scary!
Unfunny like Dave Barry!
Eko be dropping smack like the Virgin Mary!

He’s got game like Pop-O-Matic!
Never causin’ static!
Give the man an emmy, cuz’ his style is dramatic!

Forget Tony Danza, because Eko’s the boss!
He doesn’t want to be your friend, like Chandler and Ross!
He shows up on my TV most ev-a-ry week!
Sucka’s be waitin’ 40 days just to hear him speak!

Echo? EKO!
Make the Others say, ‘hell no!’
Covering your ass like the Geico Gecko! (x2)

Drug dealer turned preacher!
Hustla’ to teacher!
Rocking prime time like a sci-fi double feature!

You know he ain’t playin’!
Smarter than Cliff Clavin!
Making Jerry Lewis go, “Gloy-vin glay-vin!”

When Eko get terse,
It go from bad to worse!
He’ll bash your skull, and then he’ll drop some verse!

Straight rocking out the cornrows in his native land!
Sellin’ rockz in da’ village just to make a grand!
His brother got capped and he saw the light!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all an Eko night!

Echo? EKO!
Make the Others say, ‘hell no!’
Covering your ass like the Geico Gecko! (x4)

(Fade out. Fold arms across chest and nod rhythmically.)

So, there you have it. Another Lost Friday in the books. Sound off in the comments section, or drop me an e-mail at communistdance@yahoo.com. When you get the chance, head on over to The Coconut Internet and say hello. If you want some CDP merch, check the link at the top; if you want to check out previous Lost Fridays, check out the links below.

I’m ‘oot.

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40 thoughts on “Lost Friday – "The Cost Of Living."

  1. nice song. i started to skip over it and then saw tony danza and said anything with a tony danza reference has to be good. btw, you must put way too much time into this lost friday business. i can see why you wanted to stop a while back. so whats your real gut instinct on who’s telling the truth with the whole juliette and ben scenario. they could be still further testing him or juliette could really be serious about not being happy there. we have seen that in the past when she burnt her muffins (song playing in the background-forget what it was), her talks with ben when jack isnt around, etc. so i guess i think i answered my own question. i think she’s trying to have a little coup d’etat. very interesting. poor eko. any thoughts on why eko and locke saw different monsters. one being bright light and one being darkness and smoke. also, any thoughts as to why it only was present when they were alone?thanks again for another quality lost friday.


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Brian. Whenever I’m starting to slip in the creative department, I can always count on Tony Danza to liven my spirits. In fact, I’ve been wearing a “WWTDD?” bracelet for years now.Anyways, the Lost folks have us conditioned to not trust anything that we see, so we’re skeptical of everything. In fact, just last week, the producers told us that Jae Lee comitted suicide, plain and simple, and they never intended for that scene to further some sort of murder conspiracy. Perhaps we have too much faith in them.So, in short, I think that Juliet and Ben are at odds with each other due to their failed relationship, and they both want the Spinal Surgeon on their side. Their motives may be equally evil, but I doubt they’re working together.Two sides. One white, one black. One good, one evil. That’s been the key to this show since Episode 1. There is a positive and negative Island energy, and it all depends on who you are. It can manifest itself into whatever it wants, and it seems to play directly into the psyche of the castaways. I think that’s about all we know so far, and all I expect to get this season.Someday, I’ll walk you all through my Lost Friday writing process. It’s really quite amazing; I’m sure you’d feel the same way.


  3. Also, I want to mention something about the death of Mr. Eko. The actor who plays him (I won’t even bother trying to spell his name) had asked to be written off of the show so he could move back to England. I guess he just lost both of his parents, and had things to do that were more important than the show.So, I guess we can’t get too pissed off at the writers. They did the classy thing and went on without him. I wonder how that will change the storylines they had originally planned for him.


  4. The Nikki and Paolo thing is starting to get annoying. Everytime they come on screen I find myself waiting for them to stop talking so we can move on with the show. It’s just so bizarre watching them interact with the other characters. The main characters have such depth to them that when these two people come on screen it looks like guppies in the shark tank. I don’t know why these two have been brought out of the background. I think they did just fine as blurry couple #5 carrying wood or sitting around campfires. They are to <>Lost<> what Jar Jar Binks was to <>Star Wars<>. <>“ha ha meesta Locke Locke, toilet flusha justa fine. BBBBRRRAAARRBBB”<>


  5. Folding arms across chest and nodding rhythmically … Nice.I wonder what they have planned for Nikki and Paulo. They obviously had to start including them for some reason. They’re pretty clumsy at introducing new characters.


  6. <>“Everytime they come on screen, I find myself waiting for them to stop talking so we can move on with the show.”<>I think that’s the meanest possible thing to say to an actor. Good work!You’re absolutely right, though. I understand that they were thrown into the lineup to make up for the loss of Boone and Shannon, but do we really need to please a demographic that badly? Even if they were killed, people wouldn’t care one way or another. Perhaps if their ‘introduction’ scene wouldn’t have gotten cut, it would make more sense, but somehow I doubt it.


  7. Because of the character depth, us fans aren’t very kind to accepting new people on the island. Especially people who were thrown in solely for the purpose of surface conflicts. If we start to see Nikki and Paulo popping up in some of the A-Squad’s flashbacks, I’m gunna slit my wrists.Oh, and speaking of unlikable characters, I think they’ve officially crossed the line with Angela on <>The Office<>. The writers really wanted to turn her into the office bi***, and they succeeded. Unfortunately, she’s nowhere near funny to me anymore; I just cannot stand her comments, which I suppose is what they wanted.She really infuriated me last night.


  8. As much as I hate to say it, I thought that the funniest part was Michael doing the Adam Sandler bit at the end.Either that, or Dwight strutting into the gymnasium with his robe on.


  9. I really think that the Michael Sandler bit was a secret to the rest of the cast. You know, something that he was doing in his spare time on his own. It seemed that everyone was really enjoying the bit (out of character).


  10. Yeah, I don’t think that was ever meant to be “part of the show”, so to speak…I think it was truly a candid moment.Paulo will never ever be Boone. Boone’s corpse dangling on some piano wire would make a much better character than Paulo.


  11. I liked the <>“…And I Only Vomited Once!”<> bumber sticker.We should do a Hell House next year. I’m a Reverend, you know.To recap:I got Farked. And watch for the CDP sign on Smackdown tonight.


  12. Ryan had some good lines this episode:“I think they were saying something about Zach Braff…”“… Or to travel, and buy an X-box.”So Dwight and Angela are broken up… is that new and I just didn’t catch it before?


  13. Oh, and also, I thought that Eko’s hut getting set on fire was the first indication that Eko was not having a vision or dream, not something playing tricks on his mind… Yemi had a lighter.


  14. Great…now we have a pyromaniac priest running around the damn island. Will this show ever let up?I didn’t think Dwight and Angela were really broken up, just keeping their relationship as secret as possible. Of course, I could be wrong.


  15. I thought that’s why Angela was especially pissed off this episode, and why Dwight was so adamant about being single.Not the best Office this season, but I laughed out loud a few times.


  16. letseatpaste – thanks for pointing out the lighter bit. I hadn’t caught that and wondered what started the fire…So, Yemi’s body disappeared from the plane…Jack’s father’s body disappeared from the coffin. I think that is the mystery I want answered immediately. Where are all these dead bodies going? Are Yemi and Christian hanging out somewhere playing poker on the island (and occasionally setting fires)? Love the pyromaniac priest comment!


  17. Awww. That was really, genuinely funny. Humor on the intertubes? I’m shocked! Anyway…I think Nikki and Paolo are just the human shields, so that nothing happens to any of the popular main *coughcharlieneedstofalloffacliffcough* characters. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. I. Can’t. Stand. Them. They’re this season’s Shannon and Boone. Did we really need to bring that dynamic back? I thought things were going along pretty well without them, thanks. And I think there’s double dealing with both Ben <>and<> Juliet. Still – I can’t wait to see Captain Hatch Pirate (I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought “Arrrgh. Here there be Others.” during that scene). Nice Fark reference, by the way. And yes, when we come out, we come out in droves. Like locusts!


  18. Maus, you Farkers made my day. Please stick around; I’ll give you money and candies of some sort.I’m glad that we’re all in agreement about Nikki and Paulo. I expect a bloodbath before the season’s over with their names on it.


  19. Well, not only was my CDP sign on TV about 50 times, there was a close-up shot of me and the Missus that lasted for a full 2 seconds. It was a nice reaction shot of me pumping my fist and going, “WHOOO!”Hilarity.The video’s up on WWE.com; It’s in the “Brothers Of Destruction” piece, at the 2:10 mark. Perhaps I’ll link it on Monday.


  20. I tried to watch it (meaning I stumbled on the channel and then remembered), but i didn’t realize how early i started or how long it ran. I missed the first hour of it, and subsequently only caught around 20 or so minutes before I had to go save a baby from a burning house fire (okay, i forgot about it and changed the channel during a commercial and forgot to turn it back). But I looked really hard for that 20 minutes and I saw a lot of signs that I couldn’t read really well. I’m sure one of them was yours.Aw, crap, I’m sorry, I should have been a better CDP obsessed fan. But I really, really hate wrestling. That was still more wrestling than I’ve watched at once stretch in nearly 10 years.Hopefully someone else caught a better look at it than me – someone with TiVo and screencapping abilities.


  21. Yeah, I’ll be posting the video and screencaps next week.Don’t worry, I can’t believe that you watched it for that long. Unless you’re really up for some good old-fashioned Sports Entertainment, it’s going to be like pulling teeth.What’s impotant is that I was on TV; it doen’t matter where.


  22. Hi, just came over from Fark. Loved your re-cap. I’ll come back next Friday, if you don’t mind. Can’t type complete sentences. Too many rum and Cokes. Forgive.


  23. Speaking of FARK, I’ve been averaging 1000 hits a <>day<> this month due to them.I’m scared and happy. Sort of like when you stab someone that really deserves it.


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