Lost Friday – "Every Man For Himself."

Lost Friday - Every Man For Himself.
Season 3 – Episode 4: “Every Man For Himself.

Another Lost Friday is upon us; we have much to discuss.

You know, there were so many things to talk about this week, I didn’t really know the best way to cover them all. Then (because I’m embarrassingly intelligent and good-looking), I decided on an “All-Numbers” edition of Lost Friday. That allows me to get to the bottom of every last angstrom of this episode, while still maintaining the easy-to-swallow format you’ve grown to know and love at the CDP.


Damn, I'm smooth.
(Desmond peers two weeks into the future to see how awesome his beard’s gunna look.)

12 Reasons Why This Episode Was Better Than You:

1. Jack was being forced to watch cartoons in his cell. I’d be doing that willingly, preferably the old Warner Brothers’ stuff. In fact, the parallels between DHARMA and ACME are far too plentiful to ignore. If I see a huge trampoline or rocket skates just once this season, I’m calling a copyright lawyer.

2. We got to hear Sawyer’s rousing Bear Cage Fanfare again. I simply can’t get enough of that; the idea that polar bears would care the smallest bit about a Sousa number is hilarious to me.

That all you got, Costanza?
(At this point, Sawyer is barely being held together with tin foil and pieces of string.)

3. Ben was going all Rodney King on Sawyer’s ass with a collapsible baton. I’m certain that nobody’s been beat up more that Sawyer on this show. He’s been shot, tortured multiple times and punched in the face more than Vinny Pazienza (or Tina Turner, if you prefer).

4. We saw a beautiful homage to my favorite movie of all-time, Pulp Fiction. Watch it again this weekend, it’s still good. Sure, John Travolta has since joined the Church of Scientology and become nuttier than an outhouse rat, but surely we can put that aside for… nah, screw it. He ruined everything.

Where's Vincent Vega when you need him?
(Does DHARMA have working defribulators? Nope. A Pain Stick? Sure!)

5. For about 55 minutes, we were under the impression that Ben made an albino rabbit’s heart explode. If you can think of another time this has happened on TV, let me know, because you’d either be lying, or have the “Shaking Rabbits To Death” channel on your satellite dish. In each case, I’d like to have a word with you. I can bring nachos.

6. Dead rabbits aside, we began to approach Saw territory when we’re led to believe that Sawyer has a pacemaker inside of him and must keep his heart rate below 140. Just his luck, this also happens to be the day that Kate gets naked in front of him. Man, if I had a nickel for every time this has happened to me, I’d be eating Nickel Soup.

Oh, Canada.
(“What was that noise? It sounded like Sawyer’s heart exploding.”)

7. So yeah, Kate got naked in front of Sawyer. I was in the kitchen at the time, fixing myself a plate of cheese and crackers, so I sort of missed it. This is why I shouldn’t walk around during Lost, and this is also why the Internet was invented.

8. Colleen died, which is a good thing. I’m was a little let down, however, that Jack didn’t start hammering her in the chest, screaming “Come on!” until she was revived. It’s worked at least two other times for him, so why not go for the hat trick?

I wasn't supposed to take that out, was I?
(Having only operated on marine life, Juliet instinctively starts pulling out all of the eggs.)

9. Keeping with the spirit of Sawyer getting the living piss beaten out of him, Pickett (Chinatown) whaled on our con-artist friend until Kate intervened. I felt sympathetic for Pickett, but I also felt bad for Jack, who was cuffed to Colleen’s corpse for nearly an hour.

10. Sawyer got conned by Ben, as they are actually on a second island with no escape. This flies in the face of common sense and logic, but I’m going to roll with it because we got to see the bunny again.

We're putting in a Hobby Lobby.
(“We’re turning that entire island into a Gift Shop.”)

11. Desmond probably saved the lives of Aaron, Charlie and that whiny Aussie because of his newfound future-predicting skills. Good for him!

12. In the flashbacks, we learned that Sawyer used to be a con man. He was!? The flashbacks this week existed mainly to show Sawyer’s soft side, and that he’s really good at conning people.

Got any Crisco?
(Kate gets her head stuck between the bars again.)

10 Things That Are Sort Of Important:

1. Jack is starting to play Juliet against Ben, much like Ben did the same to Jack and Locke. Only in this set of circumstances, it won’t end with Ana Lucia and Libby getting killed. However, I wish they could bring those two back just to kill them again. In fact, Ana and Libby should be murdered every episode.

2. When Colleen returned wounded, Ben says “The sub is back!” This is very important, as it explains how the Others are getting from island to island (without getting wet). Also, this adds to the theory that the two islands are connected underwater. Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a Cousins Subs on the island that we’re not aware of.

No, they have a freaking submarine. Unreal.

Where's the Torture Channel?
(“Ahhh, I finally found the “All Torture Channel.””)

3. Tom was mentioning that since “the sky turned purple,” their communications have been down and they don’t seem to know what’s wrong. This adds to the assumption that the Others don’t exactly know everything about the DHARMA experiments. They, in fact, might be subjects as well. Or, they might be dolphins, I don’t know anymore.

4. Judging by how unprepared they were for Colleen’s death, it appears that the Others don’t have much training in the field of medicine. It seems true that they’re not murderers, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from being massive assholes. Perhaps Ethan was their doctor, and he had to go and get capped by Charlie in Season One. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t a good idea to send the only doctor on the island into an infiltration mission. I doubt this was the case.

Well, there's your problem.
(An island full of electromagnetic energy and just ONE guy gets a tumor?)

5. My theory is that Jack will be made a deal to leave the island if he saves whomever has the tumor in his back (probably Ben). He will then either join the Others, or leave the island. Then, he will have time for the Party Of Five reunion I’ve been writing the FOX network about.

6. There are two different islands. Did anyone predict that? I know a lot of people are calling foul, because in the Season 3 premiere, we saw the plane crash on the same island where the Others lived. That’s all fine and good, but who says the Hydra station is on said island?

Why isn’t it possible that the Others neighborhood and the Hydra station are on different islands, and they’re shuttling back and forth, putting on costumes, designing false structures…man, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Take that, young Gene Wilder!

7. In the conversation between Jack and Juliet, the writers gave us a callback to the Pilot episode, where Jack is asking Kate to stitch him up. That ruled.

8. Because the Nikki and Paulo scene got cut from last week’s episode, the general audience has no idea who that jerk was that was giving Desmond a hard time on the beach. I don’t know how many episodes they already have filmed, but they should do their best to establish who those 2 are, if they want the audience to care about them in the least.

You're lucky my chick's not here.
(“As a new character, I envision a long and happy life here on the island.”)

9. No, we still don’t know why Desmond can sense the future.

10. Yes, Claire still annoys the hell outta me.

4 Things About The Next Episode (HUGE SPOILERS AHOY!):

Yaarrrggh! Tis a Dharma Pirate!
(Well, that explains the glass eye in the Arrow station. Just sayin’ is all.)

1. The episode is called “The Cost Of Living.”

2. It will be Eko-centric.

3. The official press release from ABC reads: “A delirious Eko wrestles with demons from his past, while Locke and some of the other castaways head back to The Pearl — one of the Dharma Initiative’s island stations — hoping to find a computer that they can use to locate Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Meanwhile, Jack doesn’t know whom to trust when two of “The Others” seem at odds with one another.”

See you in hell, Eko.
(“What? I just bought a house here!”)

4. Okay. Listen to me, and listen closely. Someone’s going to die this week. A major character, too. Seriously.

I’ll tell you who it is, but I want to give everyone who doesn’t want to know ample time to get the hell out of here.

I’ll wait.

Okay, as amazed as I am to say it, it appears that next week will mark the swan song for Mr. Eko. This truly bums me out, but I’ll be interested to see how they close the book on one of my favorite characters. Besides Bernard, there’s pretty much no relevant tailies left on the island.

Are you sure?
(“Dude, when you’re done with the lightning rod, can I eat it?”)

1 Final Question:

The way I write Lost Friday, coupled with my formatting and structure, fits perfectly within the bounds of an audio podcast. If I were to turn Lost Friday into a podcast, would you be interested in listening to it? Just curious.

Well, there you go. Another Lost Friday in the books. Sound off in the comments section with questions and praise, or e-mail me at communistdance@yahoo.com if you want the personal touch. In the meantime, check out The Coconut Internet, they’ve been good to me, and they’ll be good to you, too.

31 thoughts on “Lost Friday – "Every Man For Himself."

  1. Out of nowhere, Paste shows up with the punchline! Well-played.There wasn’t a new <>Office<> or <>Earl<> this week, so we might have to actually talk about <>Lost<>.As an aside, I gave up on <>Jericho<> for good this week. What a huge disappointment that show was. <>30 Rock<> started out shaky, but the newest episode was hilarious.<>Heroes<> and <>Studio 60<> still rule.


  2. So, I predict Ben has spent his whole life on the island because it keeps his cancer at bay… Or at least it did until someone went and made the sky turn purple.I haven’t watched Heroes yet, haven’t had the time to commit to it. I may catch up when Lost goes into reruns. Studio 60 is okay, but I’m starting to like it less and less. I don’t mind the constant jabs at midwesterners/conservatives/Christians, except that Sorkin’s jabs are based on his own false cartoonish idea of what those people are like… I mean, the one guy’s parents didn’t know who Laurel and Hardy were, and had never heard of “Who’s on first?” That’s ridiculous. Like Columbus Ohio is some other planet. I bet Sorkin has never been anywhere in the USA except LA and NYC. I’m hanging in there, though, I mostly like the show.


  3. Good theory about Ben. Whatever healing energy the Swan Hatch was harnessing might be dissolving. If that’s the case, we might start to see Locke revert as the weeks go on.After last week’s episode of <>Studio 60<>, I saw a lot of people online sharing your sentiments about the portrayal of midwestern folk. Like you said, it’s not that it was necessarily offensive, it’s just that it was a sweeping (and unrealistic) generalization. I mean, those two parents knew <>nothing<> about nothing.However, when it came time to parallel the black comedians in the nightclub, I thought it was done brilliantly. How can Sorkin hit one stereotype so dead-on, and miss the mark completely on another?That all being said, I thought the episode was very well done. The blacklisted old man also added to the mix of stereotypes; along with a crash course on American comedy.


  4. I think it was an episode of Dr Katz where a comedian was complaining about comedians whose jokes are based on a false premise… The comic starts with, “What’s the point of sugar-free chocolate, I mean, who’s that for?” and he yells right away, “It’s for diabetics!”I tried to google the script, but there’s actually a diabetes expert named Dr. Katz.


  5. JERRY: “What’s the deal with cancer?”MAN: “Hey, I <>have<> cancer!”KRAMER: “Ooh, tough crowd.”I suppose the licensed Dr. Katz is a lot less funny than the squiggly one.


  6. I wouldnt listen to a podcast. that requires too much effort on my part. i like to read it real quick and do it in private while at work. however, if im stuck to a podcast, i have to listen which eliminates the privacy. plus i like the way its written and im sure a podcast would sound too scripted. unless youre a professional podcaster or voice over artist. i think you missed something in your post. the fact that they stated the only reason why sawyer is still alive is because they need him. i think we can all see why they could need jack or even hinting as to the real reasons. however, what could sawyer provide. i also still confused as to whether or not they are good or bad people. they havnet killed them yet but they also seem as if they would. if anything, they’re not opposed to beating them without mercy. that alone is reason enough to think they are bad people. they could say they are doing it to defend themselves but the others are conning them in some way and they are forcing them to stay. if any of them are hurt or killed, they deserve it and have no right to beat or kill the survivors. just venting but i think the real question is what do they need sawyer and the other survivors for.


  7. I’ve got all the Studio 60’s on my computer to take me through the Lost hiatus, so I’ll start watching it around the time it gets cancelled. On a side note, as a South Carolinian/Southerner, I can empathize with you Mid-Westerners and the horribly inaccurate stereotypes that tend to be used…most of the time they don’t bother me too much, but Aaron Sorkin seems to be worse than most.If this info isn’t a foiler, this person will be sorely missed. I compare it to the death of Darth Maul in Episode 1: killing of one of the only cool characters (though in what was otherwise a really crappy movie…unlike Lost). That being said, I really liked this past episode – though I’ve pretty much like them all this season, so that puts me in the minority.


  8. Brian, thanks for the podcast feedback. It’s funny you mention being a voice-over artist, because I sort of am. Out of college, I did voice work for an animated feature film, along with a documentary. You can currently hear my voice as the official narrator for the State Of Wisconsin Department Of Regulation And Licensing. It’s buttery smooth.As far as Lost goes, I think they need Sawyer for his conning abilities. The whole episode was proving to Sawyer that they were smarter and more sadistic, but they probably want to recruit them to help with the experiments.Godot, I didn’t take you for a spoiler person. I do know that they are throwing around a lot of false information, so you never really know what’s going to happen. If this person doesn’t die, I’ll remove the info from this post and pretend it never happened.Yah dare hey.(I don’t have an accent, either. I have a radio voice. Honestly.)


  9. Im going to have to disagree with you. i dont believe they are trying to recruit sawyer and kate. if they were they wouldnt have treated them so poorly. would you ever want to be one of them if you were beaten violently, drugged, put in a cage, electrocuted, etc. etc. if they do wind up working with the others it woudl have to involve some sort of blackmail or money. especially for those two. however, kate can’t go back to the united states. if she does, she’s going to jail. this might be a good alternative for her. i also dont buy jack moving to their side especially when he has heard the tail section stories and what he has seen first hand from them kidnapping children and shooting people. jack is a good person. i think kidnapping walt alone shows they are not good people. sawyer has some good qualities but has been hardened because of his life (which isnt his fault) and kate it hot so she has to be good. correct? i may be way off on that one.


  10. Yeah, you raise some good points. Clearly, they’re treating Jack differently from Kate and Sawyer, who are mainly being used for manual labor at this point.The Others probably think they’re good people, but that’s a far cry away from actually being good people.


  11. Spoilers are what first brought me to your board! But now I am a little more selective about the ones I read and I don’t actively seek them out anymore. If I hadn’t already heard the rumor you mentioned in passing, I might have skipped reading it. Cat is the one who is spoiler-phobic.While true, spoilers have ruined episodes for me (Dave) so have over-analyzing them. It’s a fine line I try to walk and I inevitably fail from time to time.I have only a slight-to-no southern accent. It is usually only noticeable when I’ve been drinking or am really sleepy, though some colloquialisms will often give me away before the accent does (I DO say “I’m fixing to…” though I DO NOT say “y’all”).


  12. i really dont think they need their labor. they appear to have a lot of people around and they are just using them for busy work. i think its all part of the con. also, they are definitely treating jack different but they clearly said they needed sawyer. im wondering for what. any thoughts on the for what portion?


  13. Godot, I know what you mean about the spoilers. Last season, I wanted my page to contain every spoiler I could find, because I thought that would draw more people to theCDP. Truth is, not only did it burn me out on the show, people kept e-mailing me to stop with them. Live and learn; now I try to keep the balance, and focus more on recaps than future happenings.Cat = Spoiler-phobic.Godot = Walking a fine line.Got it.Brian, perhaps the Others are keeping Kate and Sawyer busy as they have kept Desmond busy in the Swan Hatch for 3 years. However, Ben was driving the point home to Sawyer that he should embrace his love and need for Kate; which is sort of weird. It’s almost as if they’re testing to see if they are a good couple; like a DHARMA version of E-Harmony.


  14. This season’s <>Lost<> has taken quite a different turn. I see most of the debate has been about The Others’ motives for their actions. They are truly being revealed as some positively strange people. They are extremely smart and academic yet can resort to violence and torture without a qualm. i think the compelling mystery of this season is <>why<> these people are the way they are. If you’ve read any Frank Herbert (The Master) you’ll find the central premise of a lot of his books is that environment can shape behavior. If you control the environment you control those who live within it. (see: the Dosadi Experiment) I think the question is What kind of environment do these people live in that has made them the way they are. I think The Island still has a large part to play yet.


  15. Great points, Blustacon. The island is still a huge character in this show; the central character, even. The mysteries are still being revealed at a snail’s pace.The eye-patch wearing guy in the previews for the next episode seems interesting. I think he’ll answer the question of why a glass eye was found at the Arrow station.


  16. i didnt really think they wanted sawyer and kate together but that is certainly a possibility. especially since they value jack considerably more than sawyer and kate. they might want to make certain jack is not distracted in any way by kate. especially since kate and sawyer are both considered “bad people” for what they have done in their lives and jack hasnt been shown to be a murderer yet. i really like what blastacon said about the others being intellectual and barbaric at the same time. very odd lot. bottom line is that some really good information should come out of the next two eps and im very excited. btw. cdp i had forgotten about the glass eye from the beginning of last season. good pickup. frigin pirates.


  17. You can’t have an island without pirates. They all came in on the Black Rock.Demitri Martin has a bit about how people always think of Pirates when they see someone wearing an eye patch, regardless of if he’s wearing a business suit.


  18. im really excited for tonight’s episode but im thinking more and more about this pirate. i hope the show doesn’t get really ridiculous now. i know that its going to but im really hoping its not. niki and paulo were a joke especially the way they introduced them this year. then we have this whole new cast of others. now another faction of others lead by a guy in an eye patch. thats a lot to introduce in the first 5 episodes of season 3. im hoping that the writing stays fresh and keeps you guessing but not guessing because theyre going to throw in ridiculous pirates or new good looking cast members every few weeks.stupid pirates.upon further review, disregard everything typed above. i appologize for my ranting. its very early and its a WEDNESDAY!


  19. hmm. they didnt develop eko into the priest. i had assumed he had continued his brother’s work at his brother’s church. i dont know if we’ll ever find out how religious he truly was or more to the point whether or not he actually acted as a priest or just a criminal disguised as a priest. His work that ended him up in australia with the fake miracle girl would suggest that he was acting as a real priest. hmm. sorry to see him go. at least they tied together why he was building a new church on the island. i wonder what it meant at the end about him saying who are you, youre not my brother.


  20. i was thinking that but then recalled my knowledge of smoke monsters and didnt think they had that ability. so this sheds new light to all of the delusions that we have seen. jacks father, hurleys friend dave, etc. they could all have been smoke monster manifestations. i think that might have been what the producers meant by we’ve seen the smoke monster but didnt know it.


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