An Inch Of October Snow.

Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart.

This past weekend destroyed me. I got home at 4am on Saturday night (Sunday morning), which will take days to even out, sleep-schedule-wise. I’m simply getting too old for my playboy lifestyle.

That all being said, I’m taking today off. Hell, I might even take tomorrow off. Sound off in the comments section and tell me aboot your weekend. And Erin, if you’re reading this, e-mail those photos to me, post-haste (I promise not to publish them).


16 thoughts on “An Inch Of October Snow.

  1. Well, the weekend was great, but I failed to get the CDP shirt on Gamday. It was so crowded and loud I couldn’t even hear what they were saying. I do have some pics of drunken antics wearing the shirt, I’m just waiting on my sister to email them to me.


  2. Wonderful, wonderful stuff, JT. We’ll all be waiting for the piccy goodness.CDP Headquarters got over a half-inch of snow this weekend, so I’m getting all set to kill myself this afternoon.


  3. Two inches on October 21! Did the state of Wisconsin collectively hit a Leprachaun with its car or something? What have we done to deserve such wrath?Thanks, Brian Olson. You can be a real turd sometimes.


  4. Good Lord! I have to listen to my sister in GA tell me about the 75 degree weather they have right now. You people make me feel a lot better.Snow in October is just plain <>wrong!<> Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the dry weather and warm days with cold nights. Having it snow in the middle… Well, it’s like driving through your old neighborhood. Comfortable and familiar, filled with memories of your childhood and places where you used to play. Simpler times with out a care. Then someone goes and builds a Walmart where the old penny candy store used to be. Kind of ruins it.


  5. You hit it on the head, Blustacon. October is the one thing I always get to look forward to before winter, and it goes and gets destroyed after a week and a half. It’s uber-depressing. I already told the Missus that I cannot survive 7 months of winter, so she’s fully expecting me to hang myself with the elastic in my boxer shorts tonight.


  6. I am looking forward to the first snow, I love cold weather. I should have been Canadian, but I don’t suppose I’m nearly funny enough.Oh, and I went back and read Thursday’s post that I missed. It’s the B Vitamins that are changing the color of your urine. It is pretty common…well, if by bright green you mean flourescent yellow-green: nothing to worry about. However, I couldn’t tell what it would be that would pee chlorophyll-esque green, but you might want to get that checked out.For Hallowe’en a couple of years ago my costume required me to spray paint my hair a florescent red color with hairspray. For a week afterwards I had flourescent red boogers. What was worse, is that when you have boogers that color, you want to show them to people. For some reason, my friends and family didn’t find this experience nearly as interesting as I did.


  7. Thanks for the Vitamin B info. I’m certain that’s what it is; the color stopped when I didn’t take them for awhile. At least I know it’s a good thing, and not the first sign of my impending death.I’ve had the same experiences with spray-on hair dye. For the following days, it looks like you’re blowing Kool-Aid out of your nose.


  8. Since we’re posting about dye-related stories, here’s mine:For St. Patrick’s Day here in Columbia, 2 of my friends and I traditionally grow beards, shave them into leprechaun-like chin straps, and then bleach them and dye them green. We don’t roll with that spray on stuff, we use real hair dye.Unfortunately, it tends to get on the skin under the beard and leaves your face with a green stripe for a few days. But it’s worth it.


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