Lost Friday – "Further Instructions."

Further Instructions.
Season 3 – Episode 3: “Further Instructions.”

Another Lost Friday is upon us; we have much to discuss. For example, my urine has turned a shade of neon green.

Let me back up for a second.

I’m taking a new multivitamin that’s supposed to rid my body of various toxins, along with whatever horrible things I expect it to digest and convert into waste matter. The side effect has been bright green urine, arriving about 10 times a day. If anyone out there wants to fancy a guess as to what’s going on with me, I’d be glad to hear about it in the comments section. It’s starting to bother me, as you would assume.

Now we can move on.

Well, we got our first Locke episode of the season. Finally, we got the answers to some of the more biting questions like…wait a minute… we got nothing! What did I just watch? An infomercial for the Juice Tiger could have gotten me more answers than “Further Instructions.

Okay, so we got to see how the beach was doing after the capture/implosion, and we got to (sort of) find out the fates of Locke, Eko and Desmond, but the reassurance was far from rewarding. Throw a CGI-polar bear and a greenhouse full of weed into the mix, and you’ve got something far from what’s expected of this show. I’m not complaining (I am), I’m just wondering if the writers know that viewers are losing faith in the product.

The Skinny will make me feel all better.


Life Is Good.
(“I’ve got a truck full of guns and a greenhouse full of weed…life is good.”)

The episode opens with a shot of Locke’s eye, and then a shot of the jungle (in a manner very reminiscent of Pilot, part 1). He sees Desmond running naked through the jungle, and is nearly hit on the head by Eko’s stick when it falls from the sky. Locke gets up and returns to camp.

For the time being, he is mute and communicates with Charlie using a pad and pen. Locke creates a hallucinogen and has a vision in a sweat lodge he just constructed. In the vision, Boone appears as his guide. At the end of the vision, Boone tells Locke that he has to “clean up his own mess.” After the vision, Locke is able to speak.

Charlie Mullet.
(“Look Charlie, British or not, I’m cutting off that mullet.”)

Locke and Charlie go in search of Eko and find that the hatch has imploded; Locke, Eko, and Desmond, however, were apparently blown out of the hatch. Tracking Eko, they find a boar freshly killed by a polar bear and then meet Hurley who is on his way back from the confrontation with The Others. They warn him about the polar bear, and tell him to return to the beach and deliver The Others’ message. Locke and Charlie discover that Eko was dragged into a cave by a polar bear. Locke rescues Eko using hairspray and his torch as a makeshift flamethrower, and he and Charlie take him back to the beach.

Desmond In The Raw.
(“You’ve got to lift it up, brother.”)

While Hurley is wandering back to camp, he comes across a naked Desmond. Hurley gives him a tie-dyed shirt from his backpack and brings him back to camp. Mysteriously, Desmond mentions a speech that Locke will give later on.

The episode ends with Locke giving said speech, telling Claire, Paulo, and Nikki that he is going to find Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Hurley realizes that Desmond might be able to see into the future. Nikki is impatient, and asks Hurley when he was going to tell them that Jack, Kate and Sawyer were taken, even though he just got back to the beach.

Boone Is Dreamy.
(“Hi, I just wanted to pop in and let you know how sexy I am. All right, carry on.”)

The episode’s flashback concerns Locke when he worked and lived on a rural commune. After picking up a work-seeking hitchhiker during a rainstorm, Eddie, Locke brings him to the commune, and tries to integrate him into the community there. Locke feels connected to the commune because of the sense of family and faith it has, something John is desperately lacking.

Eddie soon gains his trust, and Locke is about to tell him what is in the mysterious, guarded commune greenhouse. However, before he can reveal the secret, Locke learns the leaders of the commune have discovered that Eddie is an undercover cop; Eddie has seen massive amounts of fertilizer being unloaded off trucks and brought into the greenhouse. He thinks that they’re planning to use it in a bomb (also implying that they’re a militia), when in fact the greenhouse is filled with marijuana. The leaders are concerned that Eddie is going to blow the whistle on their sticky weed situation.

Locke's Got a Gun.
(“Locke took matters into his own hands after Eddie swindled him out of his second kidney.)

For fear of losing his new family, John takes Eddie hunting, with the idea that he will kill him to “cover up his mess,” a problem John is also dealing with on the island. In the end, John can’t pull the trigger, and Eddie walks away.

Well, there you go. You know what? I take back all the mean things I said about this episode. It was okay. Make with the numbers.


Sun's Got A Gun.
(Gratuitous shot of Sun, who was only on camera for a tenth of a second this week.)

4 – It seems like they cut a few minutes from this episode. The TiVo had it scheduled until 9:03c, yet it was over by 9:00c. I noticed a few things from the promo (Locke talking to his knife; drawing the weird face in the notebook) and a few things from the episode description (Nikki & Paulo having sex in Jack’s tent) were cut. Perhaps they cut a couple minutes at the last second for no reason? Beats me, but things were clearly cut. I’m just sayin’ is all.

Locke Is Thinking. Simmer Down.
(Years too late, Locke comes up with the perfect quote for his Senior yearbook.)

8 – Locke’s flashback ended abruptly. Apparently, we’re supposed to believe that John instantly jumped ship on the granola community when they got busted, got paralyzed and started working at a box company. For as rushed as this episode was, not too much was advanced as far as plot. Furthermore, has there ever been a more betrayed character in television history than John Locke? He’s the Julius Caesar of the 21st Century.

In a parallel to last week’s episode, Eddie tells Locke that he’s not a murderer and wouldn’t shoot him. Only this time around, Eddie was right and didn’t get capped by a bloodthirsty Sun.

Youngest Cop Ever.
(I didn’t know they hired undercover cops directly out of middle school.)

15 – The hitch-hiker was wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt, which the commune leader immediately recognized. At first, this seemed like a cheap in-joke to me. But once I realized that the hitch-hiker was actually a cop, it was pretty funny to realize that he was wearing the shirt solely so the hippies would accept him as one of their own. Hippies are dumb like that; as long as there’s pot around, they’ll be friends with anybody.

Please Put On Some Pants.
(There’s no caption that could possibly make this photo any funnier.)

16 – Desmond can predict the immediate future now. Good for him! Clearly, something specific happened to each of the 3 people involved in the hatch implosion. Hopefully, we’ll get to the bottom of that soon enough. I saw a theory that perhaps time is screwed up for everyone on the island, so some people are seeing flashbacks and others are seeing flash-forwards. If this is determined to be true, I’ll murder someone.

However, I can’t help but notice that Desmond has a lot more facial hair now than when the hatch imploded; lots more than Eko or Locke. Also remember that whenever The Terminator time-traveled, his clothes wouldn’t make the journey. Food for thought.

23 – Speaking of Desmond, can someone get this guy a pair of pants? We can’t have him walking around in a XXXXL tye-dye for the rest of the season…or can we?

The Pearl Suit.
(He was only captured for a few hours, but Eko managed to eat 29 people during this time.)

42 – There was a skeleton in the polar bear cave that had a DHARMA ‘Pearl Station’ outfit on. This plays into the theory that not only is The DHARMA Initiative out of commission, but something went very wrong at the onset.

Again, forget every negative thing I said about this episode. It contained more questions and mythology of any episode so far this season, and for that I am grateful. It’s preview time.


Every Man For Himself.
(This episode will be rated TV-14 for ‘Excessive Sodomy.’)

– Episode 4 will be titled “Every Man For Himself.”

– It appears to be a Sawyer-centric episode.

– The official press release reads as follows: “Sawyer discovers just how far his captors will go to thwart any plans of escape he and Kate might have, and Jack is called upon to scrub up in order to save the life of one of the Others. Meanwhile, Desmond’s behavior begins to perplex the survivors when he starts construction on an unknown device.”

Every Man For Himself.
(One way or another, the Others are going to get that stool sample from Sawyer.)

– Taken from E! Online: “Sawyer will flashback, and we’ll learn something about his role in this world. Sawyer is going to have a very bad day (as you saw from the promo), and Kate will be mostly clueless as to why. Jack will start to play Julia. Niki will talk to Desmond. (If it doesn’t get cut out.) Henry will have a bizarre reveal to Sawyer that, if true, will change what we know about Lost island.

– Episodes 5 & 6 (before the winter break) will be Eko and Kate-centric, respectively. They both look amazing.

Well, that closes the book on yet another Lost Friday. Sound off in the comments section or send an e-mail to communistdance@yahoo.com. If you feel like giving me money, make a donation or buy some merch by clicking the links at the top of the page. In the meantime, check out The Coconut Internet and tell them the CDP sent you. Have a good weekend.

26 thoughts on “Lost Friday – "Further Instructions."

  1. good review yet again. loyal reader on fridays. I was thinking about this last night. they all seem to be working out difficulties they had in the real world on the island. what if the island wasnt real but rather in their imagination or because they were hooked up to some multi user dream machine of sorts. imagine going to a clinic where they would hook you up with electrodes and put you to sleep. while youre asleep they play some dream sequence that allows you to work out the issues of your life. some portions could be programming, such as the others and security systems on the island. this type of theory would account for what the producers have been saying that maybe time isnt what you think it is on the island. just something i was thinking about last night. however, this would fall apart with only one case, desmonds girlfriends role in the show and the guys in the winter scene observatory. i think this even works for the people who have been killed off the show, a sort of game over type situation where your scheduled time is over or your problem for now is solved. this would also explain the lack of caring the others have had over the deaths of quite a few of their own. just crazy thoughts. sorry for the rambling.


  2. Welcome aboard, Brian! Don’t be a stranger to the comments section.A lot of people share your theory about the Island. In fact, I’ve heard it discussed many times online; the thought being that the Island is some sort of imaginary rehab for those who have lost their way in reality.The thing is, I’m pretty sure that the producers already debunked this. Damon Lindleof and Carlton Cuse keep telling us that “The island is real” and “It exists in our reality.” Of course, the way they’ve been fibbing us lately, we really have no idea.They keep promising something huge at the end of episode 6, so you never know. Personally, I think that the surprise will be that Jack’s going to join the dark side.


  3. Stanley: “Only 364 more days until Pretzel Day.”Stanley was awesome this week. His pure happiness for pretzel day was hilarious.Also, the entire scene with Dwight and Ryan in the barn was great. “Is that your cousin Mose?”“Love me, love me…say that you love me…”


  4. Here’s all you need to know about Lost (and it’s past two episodes)…I was more anxious during the Jim/Pam conversation than any scene from the last 120 minutes of Lost.


  5. I wish we had pretzel day at MY work. Instead, I think they’re serving in the cafe something called “Chix Jumbalaya”. I’m not sure what that’s all about.


  6. If you ask me, I think Chix has some explaining to do.Folks!Anyway, I agree with Moe on this one. Not taking too much away from Lost, mind you, I just think that The Office was brilliant last night.Never fear! The next two episodes will lead us back to the Pearl Station in search of answers. Certainly, they’ll find a way to ratchet up the tension in there.Right?


  7. I’ve never seen War Of The Worlds, but I have the original radio broadcast on tape, and it’s still scary as hell.Tom Cruise, on the other hand, not so much.Tamara, don’t be sorry; this episode was really good. In almost every way, this episode was better than last week, with one notable exception:Last week – Naked Sun.This week – Naked Desmond.


  8. <>“As you have planted your seed in the ground, so shall I plant my seed in you”<>This week’s <>Office<> deserves a <>wicked<> to its awesome.Desmond in the tie dyed shirt kept reminding me of <>Animal House<>. I was waiting for him to reach for the corn flakes.Could someone please jog my memory. Who are Nikki and Paulo? When did they go from random background wander to speaking role?


  9. I actually liked this week’s episode, particularly Locke’s flashback. I’m liking the Stamford branch Office stuff. I about lost it when they panned over to the guy who sits in front of Jim lip-synching to Jim singing Lovefool. Cardigans is actually a pretty good band despite their one-hit-wonderness.I also liked how Michael made the big sale and didn’t make a big deal out of it at all… He would rather the people in the office laugh at his Cosby impression than know that he can actually do his job.


  10. Yep, Michael made the big sale after eating his “Works” pretzel. Then he crashed and passed out on his desk. I like that he didn’t want Pam to mess up his pretzel order, when he just wanted the guy to put everything on it.Nikki and Paulo are random castaways they are introducing to keep the show fresh (yep, it’s happening). They had a bigger scene this week, but it got cut, which explains the quick and awkward scene on Wednesday.The CDP music library contains the Cardigans CD that has Lovefool on it, First Band On The Moon.


  11. Sorry for the long delay in response to my original comment about it being some sort of unconscious rehab. i didnt know they disputed it. it could be a real island where the rehab is taking place. they have to fly them in to some sort of exotic rehab. anyway, i guess we’ll just hvae to see. the office is by far the best 21 minutes on tv. if you missed the office, its usually posted on youtube.com. any of you waste your life watching prisonbreak?


  12. prison break is one of the worst shows on. everything that couldn’t happen, does. however, i have invested about 30 hours of my life into the show so i figure whats another couple more. lost and house are by far the best hour long shows on television. 24 is up there but its not as fresh as lost is. the office is great also but only about 20 minutes of programming a week. if only the show the dead zone had the creative and writing staff that lost has. that show is good but could be great. tivo rules. watch about 6 hours of tv a week and its only shows i want to watch without the commercials.


  13. I agree with you on TiVo. I can watch exactly what I want, when I want, with no commercials whatsoever. It actually allows me to watch <>less<> TV, while still checking out everything I’m interested in.It may have saved my life.


  14. to be honest, without tivo i wouldnt have been able to watch all of these programs. im not much for watching the clock to wait for when my program is on or even keeping up with the repeat/no repeat schedule of all of these programs. tivo is the best thing ever. however, i would like it if the hd tivo was less expensive. oh well, not a big deal. btw, if you havent upgraded your hd in your tivo i would highly suggest doing it. i bought a 200gb hd from staples for 30 bucks about a year and a half ago. upgrade took about 15 minutes to do and i now have 267 hours of recording at low quality or 76 at best. this compared to the original 9 at best quality. big improvement. and i also have another tivo in the living room to watch sopranos and hbo shows since i only want to pay the stupid cable company for one digital box rental. mother f’ers. oh, and no commericals is the best thing ever. if we are home in time for a program start we intentionally wait 15-20 minutes to bypass all the commercials. another show i was interested in on concept alone was jericho. have you or any one else on here saw the first couple episodes? heard any reviews?


  15. You’ve got the TiVo thing down to a science. For that, I envy you.Jericho has fizzled out, as far as I’m concerned. This week, we had 48 minutes of “Who stole the horses and pesticides?” I can’t believe that this show is already so out of ideas.


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