CDP Top 30 Posts Of All Time – #6.

CDP Top 30 Posts Of All Time - #6
“The Homecoming Quadrilogy.”
(Originally published 04-24, 04-25, 04-26 & 05-01-06.)

Here is a four-part story about one of the most stereotypically teenage nights of my life. Someday, I will turn this into a screenplay and make millions with the CW network. If this countdown were up to me, this story would have been closer to #1, but I was shot down by the Voting Academy. Links have been used as to not clutter the main page.

Please read and enjoy.

PART I – “Love Tha’ Player, Hate Tha’ Game.”
PART II – “J. Crew & The Mystery Girl.”
PART III – “Brace For Impact.”
PART IV – “Three Strikes, You’re In.”

2 thoughts on “CDP Top 30 Posts Of All Time – #6.

  1. CDP – My best friend is coming up to Madison next weekend to visit her boyfriend who just started the PhD program at UWM and just moved there himself. She is a vegetarian, do you know of any good veg-friendly restaurants in the area or have any overall suggestions for things for them to do? A good bar with a nice microbrew selection would be great, too!Have a great weekend!


  2. There are a ton of great bars on the Capitol Square. I recommend the Great Dane Pub, simply because they have a huge selection of micro and homebrews.Also, Madison has the highest density of vegetarian eateries in the nation. There will be plenty of ethnic places on State Street for them to enjoy.If you’ve never been to Madison, you have to experience State Street at least once. There are great record stores and amazing atmosphere. If you need any other info, let me know. Madison is a truly awesome city.


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