Here Comes The Money.

Here Comes The Money!

So, here’s the deal. After two-and-a-half years, 400 posts and hundreds upon thousands of hits, the CDP has decided to put up a donation button in the sidebar. See it over there? It’s hot, sexy and ready to take your money. I’m putting it up in case there are any CDP readers that are feeling charitable.

You see, I put a lot of time into this blog, mainly because writing is one of the few things that I’m marginally talented at. I love it more than anything on the planet besides the Missus; more than Mr. T, Tony Little and The Shaggs combined. Seriously. I’ve refused sponsors in the past and stripped the place of adverts, specifically because I felt that it took away from the page and what I was trying to do here. It doesn’t mean I don’t like money, however.

Look, I’m not broke, I don’t need a kidney and I’m kind of an asshole. However, here you are, on my page yet again, entertaining yourself for free with my essays. That’s more than okay with me, but if you’ve been looking for a special way to thank me for being so awesome, it’s you’re lucky day.

It’s completely safe and secure, and you don’t have to sign up for anything. I promise. You just need some sort of check or credit card, and that’s it.

Also, if you leave a comment, drop me an e-mail or otherwise let me know that you donated money to the CDP, I will move Heaven and earth to find some way to thank you. I can send you a customized cartoon, an autographed 8×10 glossy, anything. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, I can dig that, too.

Thank you for your support. The highly-anticipated UFO DAYS 2006 post is on the way. Sound off in the comments section about how big of a jackass I am.

27 thoughts on “Here Comes The Money.

  1. “You see, I put a lot of time into this blog, mainly because writing is one of the few things that I’m marginally talented at.” Seems like you’re more than marginally talented at ending sentences in prepositions… 🙂 Keep up the good work “Lost” guy (as my wife calls you).


  2. Jackass.I’m calling you that because if this works, I hate you for beating me to the idea. You should have acted like you needed spinal surgery to play on people’s emotions. You’d be a terrible advertising writer…


  3. Thanks Benjamin, your dollar is on the way.Todd, I was thinking of a good reason for people to send me money, but I really couldn’t come up with anything other than the fact that the CDP is like a full-time job. Perhaps I can have people donate money and request what I do with it. Whatever the case, I’ll make sure to let everyone know what the money will go to; probably something CDP-related.Remember, the more you donate, the funnier I get.


  4. For the purposes of creating merch, I changed my ‘official’ logo. You can get a sneak peek of it in the sidebar. I traded the ‘label maker’ design for something a bit more industrial.


  5. Have you ever thought about using Adsense or some such thing? I’m kicking around the idea of doing that and maybe Amazon’s associates deal on my guitarmaking blog, since a lot of time that deals with particular tools/products that Amazon carries. I don’t get a ton of traffic there, but it’s a pretty specific niche. I could make doezens of dollars.


  6. I did Adsense for about a day, and realized that I didn’t want generic ads on my page. If it works for you, however, let me know and I’ll consider giving it a third chance.dough-zens.


  7. Yeah, I don’t think AdSense would generate much unless you’re getting crazy high traffic. The Amazon thing might work for you since you often refer to albums and whatnot. It also doesn’t take up any space on your site, just makes text clickable.


  8. Mmmm…clickable text…I’ll look into that, although I’ve been successfully boycotting Amazon for over five years now. It’s a long story; I’ll tell you about it someday.


  9. The essay was actually written in 2001, long before the <>CDP<>. It was on the old Mediocre At Best message board. They totally ruined my Christmas.Thanks for the donation, you’re free personalized gift will be mailed to your house in no time!<>(Seriously, if anyone donates money and gives me a mailing address, I’ll send them something.)<>


  10. I’d contribute to your fund, but the majority of my money already goes to keepin you well-fed.One thing that people could contribute to is helping to pay off your laptop, which is used to bring them hours of written entertainment.


  11. Clearly if you’re going to be a whore for money when it comes to writing, you’d be in advertising like me. I guess you just took the most direct route with your shamelessness.Ok, so I’m just bitter because I’ve been putting together my portfolio for the last 6 hours for a meeting tomorrow. Stupid folding special brochure-holding pockets and getting high on spray-mount fumes…


  12. I’m not <>demanding<> money or anything, I just put the option on the table. You’d be amazed at how many e-mails I get asking if they can get a t-shirt or something. Soon, this will be a reality and I will get rich in the sweatshop game. In fact, the <>CDP<> will take a complete backseat to my ever-expanding textile market.Hey, good luck at the meeting.


  13. Have you ever thought about using Cafe Press for selling T-shirts and stuff? I know a few people that do that, but I’m not sure of the machinations or profit margins or anything. Apparently it’s pretty easy, though…


  14. See latest post. I’m working on it as we speak.I assume that you brought this up because you want to purchase a CDP shirt or two. What a kind chap you are.


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