CDP Wayback Machine – Slush Fund Edition.

CDP Wayback Machine.

Today, I am at work. I’m feverishly catching up on exams and audits and whatnot; none of which is the least bit entertaining or exciting to the common folk.

Well, the auditing is sort of fun, because I could be partially responsible for sending people to jail. I’m also setting up a Slush Fund, so I can retire when I’m 29. I’m illegal like that.

Nonetheless, what I was doing one year ago today was far more exciting. Check it out:

July 5, 2005 – “Toronto Diary: Day 5.”

This post throws you smack in the middle of our 2005 trip to Toronto. If you have the time, check out the entire diary, because this is all you’ll be getting from me today:

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five

Day Six
Day Seven & Eight

I’ll be back tomorrow with much bigger news. Believe ‘dat.

Sound off in the comments section and let us know how you spent your 4th of July.

9 thoughts on “CDP Wayback Machine – Slush Fund Edition.

  1. I didn’t see the fireworks because we had a 30some person fight going on at the time. Several people were stabbed. There were then about a dozen other smaller fights in the area. And a band on a roof with giant pyrotechnics that I shut down.I’m such a dick.Good times… my sergeant got OC’d twice. I love Oshkosh. Can’t wait to get away from here. Stupid gang wannabes.


  2. Don’t call it that.So I was watching an episode of Sons and Daughters the other day, the one where Don was in the play, “A Gentleman’s Murder.” I listened a little closer than usual to the lines of dialogue in the play, that is funny stuff. “Nasty bit of business, that.”


  3. I’m really hoping that they release the 10 or so episodes of <>S&D<> on DVD; it’s the least ABC can do. I miss it very much.RJ, 30 people were fighting. <>Knife<> fighting? Did you get to bust any heads?By the way RJ, have you listened to the new album by Dragonforce? I think it’s right in your wheelhouse; some of the most amazing guitar/synth work I’ve ever heard. Seriously.


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