Hot Enough For You?

An Inconvenient Truth.

“The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to a close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.”Winston Churchill

Thank you, Al Gore. Thank you for showing us that Global Warming is not a political issue. Thank you for showing us that global warming is not a national issue. It is a planetary fact, and must be dealt with instantly. Thank you for criss-crossing the country and passionately educating people on the cause and effect. You have created a documentary that is vital, and I am urging people to check this out if they plan on taking in a movie over the next few weeks.

Thank you for scaring the poop directly from my pants.

26 thoughts on “Hot Enough For You?

  1. Al Gore’s been preaching about Global Warming since 1973; we’ve always known his stance on the issue. Furthermore, I think he said he was never going to run again. I know what you’re saying and I’m not blind to it, but saving the earth is far more important than power; which Al already has plenty of.This film is about Global Warming, and to a lesser extent it’s about Al Gore, and why he’s so passionate about the cause. If you don’t like Al Gore, you’re not going to want to watch him talk for 100 minutes, but his message is still crystal clear.


  2. It’s funny that you mentioned global warming today. I have a weather bar in my Firefox browser, and usually when it’s sunny and hot or warm, it has the little fun icon of the bright sun. Sunday’s icon is a thermometer on fire. No kidding.


  3. Some guy kicked a big hole in our solid wood door at the bar last night… what an ass. Got his ass arrested… didn’t resist, though. I was hoping for some action.


  4. Well, we now officially have two days of on-fire thermometer…I think then next icon that’s going to come up is that picture of children fleeing from Hiroshima..


  5. I saw a flying V ukelele today… I will be buying that and a pickup to install in it within the week. I will then be starting a ukelele based metal band.You laugh, but I’m completely serious. Even if it is just a joke band. I’ll probably just do covers, but might write some originals for it.


  6. You could do a metal tribute to Tiny Tim. Instead of his trademark high-pitched voice, you could scream and growl through such classics as <>‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips.’<>I’d pay to see that.


  7. Yes, Al Gore did indeed say that he never plans to run for a political office again. He’s now focusing his campaigning efforts on spreading the message about global warming.


  8. Did the movie say whether or not it’s possible to reverse what’s happening? It seems to me unlikely that if the ice caps are already melting, we wouldn’t be able to have a “quick fix,” you know? And I’ve always wondered whether or not the damage was done 100 years ago…you always see those turn-of-the-century factories just spewing toxic smoke, and it seems like we’re so much cleaner now. Did they talk about anything like that?


  9. Surprisingly enough, it is something that can be stopped <>(or at the very least, contained)<>. It’s a global problem, so it will take a global effort, but it can be capped with minimal hindrances on our lavish lifestyles. For starters, little things like saving energy and whatnot.The global temperature has always been rising, but since the advent of modern chemicals and carbon-based products, the graph is very ‘hockey-stick’ shaped, starting its wicked slope at around 1972.If you’re interested in the facts and don’t really want to see the movie, check out for extra info.


  10. Except that it is blatant false advertising. There is a much more terrifying film out right now, and it involves a tiny CGI’d black man pretending to be a baby.


  11. But Patrick Powell (chief meteorologist at Fox 11) tells me that global warming is a bunch of bullcrap. The major gas that causes the greenhouse effect is water vapor, which naturally occurs. I’ll have to see the movie though.


  12. Hey, welcome back! I hope you had a good time. Patrick Powell needs to find a new line of work. Water vapor does naturally occur in the atmosphere, but the spike in global heat is beyond what vapor can do on its own.


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