Katharine McPhee Watch – Volume 6.

Katharine McPhee and 5 losers.

92,000 people auditioned for American Idol this year.

There are now 6 singers left, and Katharine McPhee is one of them.

Just thought you might want to know. Here’s some quick thoughts concerning this week’s installment:

Rod Stewart seemed like a nice enough bloke, but I still cannot stand most of his music. It looked as if he spent more time trying to be funny than actually helping the contestants nail the songs. In his defense, he really had nothing to teach the contestants, and he said that himself, which was quite introspective and humorous. I’m glad that Taylor Hicks got a kick out of his SNL sketch; it was pretty hilarious. If I ever become a flash in the pan popular enough to be spoofed on SNL, that will basically allow me to die in peace. Since I was 6, I’ve wanted nothing more than to host that show. Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee are two of the best contestants AI has ever had; if they end up in the finals together, the earth might finally fall into a constant state of peace and unity…until we nuke Iran and subsequently get vaporized. Paris Bennett had a good night, but the act is wearing thin and she’s up against two other women who snag more votes. Singing standards is in her wheelhouse, but everything else makes her look like an amateur. Kellie “I can’t believe these fools keep voting for me” Pickler should be sent packing next week, if we’re lucky. Every week, I cringe on the couch each time she opens her craw, certain that anything and everything she says will be idiotic and embarrassing. Elliott Yamin is still the best technical singer on the show; I hope he sticks around as long as possible. His overall look and appearance, although just fine with me, might stunt his progress in the show. Hopefully he can keep picking good songs that showcase his prowess over the rest of the pack. Ace Young looked like a greasy small claims lawyer (‘Have you been injured in an automobile accident? call Ace!’). When you lose the hair, you lose the fans who like you for your looks and are willing to overlook your shortcomings. He’s like a modern-day Samson.

Happy 4-20, duuuuude! Lost Friday arrives tomorrow…or does it?

8 thoughts on “Katharine McPhee Watch – Volume 6.

  1. Good idea. Kermit would be a lot more helpful than some of the turds that float through the <>AI<> set. Besides, Katharine could sing <>Rainbow Connection<> and I would cry.I was hoping there could be some way for them to rope Paul McCartney into doing a Beatles-themed episode, but I can’t remember if he got the rights back for the songs or not.


  2. What else would you do with gold?But, puking up little gold flecks isn’t fun. I had a few too many last night.By a few, I mean I have no idea how many shots I had.Thanks for the link!


  3. Little known Idol fact: A colony of 100,000 bees puke around the clock backstage during American Idol performances to ensure a constant stock of shellac for Katherine’s lips.Who knew?


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