Lost Friday – Volume 3.

Season 2 – Episode 5: …And Found.

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Oh yes, another Lost Friday is upon us. Before we get down to the business of getting down, here’s a quick synopsis of the episode, as told by our friends at Wikipedia:

On the familiar side of the island, Sun has discovered that she has lost her wedding ring. First Jack tries to help, by telling a story about how he lost his wedding ring, and tore apart the garbage and the plumbing looking for it. When Sun asks where he found it, he replies that he didn’t, he bought a replacement…an answer that doesn’t seem to sit well with Sun.

Then Hurley gives advice, suggesting that Vincent ate the ring while Sun was feeding him. Later, when Sun is angrily tearing apart her garden, Locke arrives. Locke being calm as usual, Sun states that she doesn’t remember ever seeing him angry. Locke laughs and replies that he used to become angry quite often. Sun asks him why he no longer becomes angry to which he replies that he is not lost anymore. Sun asks him how he found himself. Locke answers, ‘The same way everyone finds something that is lost, I stopped looking.”

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Finally, when Kate tries to console Sun, telling her everything is all right, Sun informs her that certainly isn’t the case, and reveals that message bottle had been recovered. Kate asks where it is and Sun tells her that she has buried it. Upon digging up the bottle, Kate becomes upset and frantically attempts to read all of the messages. Sun stops her and says that they are private. Kate tells Sun that she never said goodbye to Sawyer. Kate then glances at the sand and tells Sun to look down. Her wedding ring is lying in the sand.

Meanwhile, Jin, Michael, Sawyer and the survivors of the tail section decide to trek back to the safer side of the island. Before they leave, they gather food, with Jin distinguishing himself with his fishing abilities yet again. Michael abruptly leaves to look for Walt alone. Jin and Eko set off after Michael while the remaining survivors head for the camp. Along the way, Eko senses someone coming, and the pair hide. Hidden in the bushes, they see a procession of people go by in almost unearthly silence. The “others” are seen only from the thighs down; some are wearing pants, some only dirt, and the last is carrying a brown teddy bear on a string. All are barefoot. Later, the pair find Michael and convince him to come with them.

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In flashbacks, Sun is set up on a date by a matchmaker, and finds her prospective suitor, Jae Lee, to be wealthy, educated and surprisingly charming. Meanwhile, as Jin is preparing for an important job interview at a hotel, his roommate, Tai Soo, consults a book of astrology and suggests that Jin is destined to find love soon, and adds cryptically that its color will be orange.

Jin’s interviewer, Mr. Kim, insults his prospective employee, suggesting that Jin is bumpkin villager who stinks of fish, then hires him as a doorman anyway, with a stern warning that Jin is not to open the door to anyone like himself.

Sun and Jae continue to hit it off, and the pair schedule a meeting at the hotel where Jin is working, though he fails to see her because he is bowing as he opens the door for her. Inside, the suitor suddenly reveals that he plans to marry a woman he met in America, and has only been seeing Sun to placate his parents. Sun wishes him well and immediately leaves. At the same time, a poorly-dressed father with a young boy approach the hotel, and ask Jin for permission to enter, as the boy urgently has to go to the bathroom. Jin reluctantly lets the pair inside, but Mr. Kim observes, and gives him a stern dressing-down. Jin quits on the spot and departs.

Later, wandering along a bridge, he notices a woman in an orange dress walking past. Turning to give her a wistful look, he shakes his head in amusement, and walks away…and collides directly into Sun, his first meeting with his soon-to-be wife.
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Now, I don’t have to tell you that this episode was…a bit slow. Uneventful, even. Over the course of 60 minutes, we got to see how Jin and Sun met, watched at Sun lost and eventually found her wedding ring, and got a good look at the filthy legs and feet of the others. Fair enough, as the Lost team is saving their bombshells for sweeps week.

Which reminds me, there won’t be a new episode for TWO WEEKS. Here’s the quick schedule for the next three weeks:

October 26: Season 2 – Episode 2: “Adrift”
November 2: Season 2 – Episode 3: “Orientation”

This is borderline unacceptable, but we’ll manage, because “Abandoned” will launch into sweeps week with the death of a major cast member. Who’s it going to be? Well, stopping short of a full spoiler, here are two hints:

1. It will be a woman.
2. She’s not a tail-section survivor (Libby, Ana Lucia). Damn. I hate this woman.
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Here come the numbers! A lot of this information comes to us from an interview with producer Damon Lindelof. There wasn’t a lot to talk about this week, so here’s some theories and spoilers straight from the mouth of the man.

1. In that picture of Jin’s resume, we see that his birthday is November 27, 1974, and he’s 30 years old. There are a couple things interesting about that. First off, that’s the birthday of the Missus, but more importantly, it solidifies when this story is taking place. Where people have been speculating that the crash takes place in the future or past, we see that it’s pretty much happening in present day, lest the writing staff made a huge continuity error (which I doubt).
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2. Jin’s e-mail address is JinSoo74@yahoo.com.

3. Mr. Eko rules.
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4. Sawyer’s shoulder wound is going to become nastily infected.

5. The “Orientation” film’s jarring jump cuts are actually what producer Damon Lindelof calls “missing pieces” that resulted when Desmond spliced the broken movie back together after watching it too many times. Those missing pieces will become “very important plot points down the road.”

6. Shannon did not see Walt in the jungle. It was a vision, which leads the theories that Walt isn’t “special”, but Vincent is.

7. Says Lindelof: “I think the audience is very compelled to figure out exactly where Desmond was running to and, once he gets there, what is he going to do. We told you that he was in a ship wreck, but I think there are a lot of questions about how exactly he came to be here. That’s certainly a story on the horizon.”

8. Was Mr. Rutherford from Jack’s flashback in episode 2.01 Shannon’s dad? Her ex-husband? Expect to find out in an episode airing during November sweeps.

9. “The Helen we meet in flashbacks is not the same Helen that Locke was speaking to on the phone,” Lindelof clarifies, sort of.

10. Expect a reunion between Rose and husband Bernard.

Here’s a gratuitous photo of Sun.

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Later kids. Start the conspiracy in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Lost Friday – Volume 3.

  1. Sun… so hot right now.A couple weeks of reruns is nothing… Last season they didn’t have a new episode for several weeks at a time, trying to wrangle new viewers who weren’t smart enough to watch the show from the beginning (like myself).The surprise for me was that it looks like Jack will not be a part of the impending love triangle… It looked like they were implying it would be between Sawyer, Kate, and Ana Lucia. Or maybe it will be a love square.And in TV laughing news:“I like ‘Here’s the food,’ because that’s what’s happening.”Dwight as a Sith Lord arguing with Michael and his paper mache second head.


  2. The Office was brilliant. I was explaining to the Missus that by setting an otherwise bleak and depressing episode during a costume party, every shot became a punchline.Steve Carell’s lamenting about how he shot a deer in the leg, and had to kill it with a shovel, was fall-down funny.Yeah, I guess there were a lot of re-runs last season. Just like you though, I didn’t figure it out until after the “real” first season was over.I don’t know what’s on the verge with this love triangle or square. It’s clear that there’s going to be some anger when the tailies move into the hatchlings camp, though. There was a theory that Ana Lucia and Kate wouldn’t get along because Ana Lucia was actually a second Marshall on the plane, trying to get Kate back to the states.


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  4. Woah, woah, woah. Back up the truck for a second.Beep. Beep. Beep.You can’t just come on here and make a claim like “I’m getting married” without an explanation or backup story. Come on.Give me details, or give me death!


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