The Routine.

If you don’t know me that well, or just don’t listen very closely, you should know that I get into flashback mode every January since 2000. It stems from the depression of the bitter cold, horrid cabin fever, and the idea of turning another year older. More positively, however, it stems from the fact that 5 years ago in January, me and Celia became a couple.

In retrospect of this, I’ve compiled a mixtape for the first winter of 2000. The soundtrack to winter nights at age 17, finding new love and new friends in a very old car. Never mind how tired, played and downright unlistenable these songs are to you now; just enjoy them because of where they put you when you hear them.

So come along with me. I’ll open the door to my Buick and pull the seat up so you can jump in the back. Then we’ll leave school and head to the practice room for cover songs and cookie dough. The space heater tends to act up a bit, so we’ll all have to use blankets and friction to keep warm. We can play music until 10, but then we have to keep quiet until curfew.

Take off your mittens and press play.

DISK #1:

1. Mustard Plug – Go

2. Reel Big Fish – Somebody Hates Me

3. The Aquabats – Red Sweater

4. The Impossibles – Widowmaker

5. Goldfinger – I Need To Know

6. Edna’s Goldfish – Veronica Sawyer

7. Spring Heeled Jack – Pop Song (Green)

8. Showoff – Tell Me

9. Zebrahead – Someday

10. MxPx – Tomorrow’s Another Day

11. Face To Face – Disconnected

12. The Benjamins – Couch

DISK #2:

1. The Gadjits – Traffic Tickets

2. The Chinkees – She’s My Friend

3. My superhero – So Wrong

4. Catch 22 – Day In, Day Out

5. Jeffries’ Fan Club – She’s So Cool

6. Mad Caddies – The Bell Tower

7. Goldfinger – Superman

8. Reel Big Fish – The Kids Don’t Like It

9. Less Than Jake – Al’s War

10. The Ataris – San Dimas High School Football Rules

11. Showoff – Ralphie

12. The Impossibles – Always Have, Always Will

(It should be noted that even though “Great American Zero” didn’t technically exist in January of 2000, it should probably get a spot on the CD somewheres.)

So, I need suggestions. What songs remind you of January 2000? (Ben? Sherry? Little help?) Stories are always welcome here, as well. Of course, most probably couldn’t or shouldn’t be shared.

I’m in a good mood, because I’m an hour away from a 3-day weekend. It’s so crazy to think back 5 years ago, when I would pick Celia up from school and take her to my house, then drive through the ice and fog to drop her off at 10pm. The only difference now is that I’m picking her up from work, and I never have to drop her off again. I’m simply floored by the directions a life can take you in the span of a few years. You could never predict the future for yourself, and it would seem as if fate is more twisted and complicated than we could ever comprehend.

When I met Celia, one of the first things I asked her was, “Do you believe in fate?” Now that I’m older, I don’t know what I believe, but frankly it doesn’t matter anymore. I got what I wanted. If it was my choice or someone elses, I’m just glad that it happened.

6 thoughts on “The Routine.

  1. When I think of riding in the Buick and listening to music, the first two albums that pop in my head are Showoff and the Impossibles anthology, probably some MxPx too. Those were the days… Can we all play falling-in-love again? I love that game…


  2. It is a fun game. I’m actually going to make these CD’s next week.

    I was trying to remember where my Buick went. I sold it to a mechanic at the Co-Op for $150, and last I remember he was driving it around, orange Mediocre At Best sticker and all. Of course, this was 3 years ago, so it’s probably in a scrap heap somewheres. That’s not very cool.

    The saddest part of the story is that I didn’t drive it for about 6 months because I bought the Tempo before I sold the Buick. So the Buick sat under a blanket of snow for a long time, due to a faulty transmission. When he bought it from me, it started right up on the first try.

    “If it had a hundred miles left on it, and I only drove it a mile a year, I could’ve had it for another hundred years.”


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