Faster Than A Shorthand Bullet.

It’s good to be back. Allow me to tie up some loose ends, so we can all get back on track. As you can see, I’ve had a lack of sleep and sunlight in the past couple weeks.

(Initially, I had typed up a nice, long list of things I did this week, but my computer crashed at the last possible second. After minutes of cursing and breaking things, I decided to shorthand it instead of trying to remember every little thing that I said. What follows is that shortened form.)

1. Here’s a few final thoughts about the passing of my Grandfather. I had left the post about him blank because I didn’t feel the need to make my feelings public. What you need to know is that he was quite simply the most amazing person I’ve ever known. ‘Nuff said. This week has been agonizing, and my entire family is looking forward to better times.

2. Boycott Unity is also back on track. Expect new cartoons all next week.

3. Playoffs this weekend. Important. Packers will beat the Choke-ings. NFC Championship. Terrell Owens. Hope he snaps leg like Fazoli’s breadstick. Joe Theisman.

4. Celia doesn’t like babies anymore. Discussion will resume in distant future.

5. My vision getting bad. Fake glasses ruin eyesight. Irony writ large. Scared.

6. Unrelated topic. Playing lots of Mario Kart on GBA. Usually 18 hours per day.

7. Spent $700 on getting car fixed. Angry and sad. Thanks Mom.

8. Bought Operation tonight. Scariest game ever.

Will live like hermit this weekend. No phones, contact or bathing. Expect new things at CDP, getting close to 1st birthday. Later.

7 thoughts on “Faster Than A Shorthand Bullet.

  1. I forgot how truly horrifying it really was. It punishes imperfection and rewards skill of hand. Sort of like those Japanese game shows where they give you an enema on stage if you get a question wrong.

    Operation: Never again.


  2. I’ll let her answer for herself, but the simple answer is that she had to hang around them a lot this weekend.

    We want babies, just not now. (Personally, I prefer excess income and being able to display fragile things in my house.)

    Thanks for the card, Sherry + Ben. I appreciate it, very kind of you.


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