Monkey Is Not A Color.

Since we’re on the subject, here’s some quick thoughts on Television.

I’m starting to worry about Arrested Development. 2 episodes into the new season, and I’m liking the characters a lot less, and the plots are slipping from the absurd to downright silly. I still think it’s the funniest show on TV, but I hope it doesn’t continue the downward trend.

Badgers lose, Packers win. Ryan is torn, but happy.

I talked the Missus into watching The Burbs with me this weekend. Still one of the funniest movies ever made.

Speaking of the Missus, Celia made this prediction on Sunday, November 14 at 8:45PM. The “Boss” on My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss will be a monkey. Mark her words, I think she’s right. I’ll refer back to this post when it’s revealed that she was correct.

Why aren’t you watching Mythbusters? For God’s sake, it’s the best show on cable. If you’re not familiar with it, here are a few quotes from the show to get you started:

Adam Savage: “It just goes to show, don’t grab the third rail with both hands and piss on it from three inches away.”

Jamie Hyneman: “Something seems to be wrong with our Death Ray. I’m standing right in it, and I’m not dead yet.”

Adam Savage: “Let’s say, standard 85-percentile male, right? Six feet, 180 pounds. Uh, proportionally, that’s 72 inches to 180 pounds.” [holds up an action figure for scale-model testing]

Adam Savage: “10 inches tall? 25 pounds. I just did the math. I need him to weigh 25 pounds.”

Jamie Hyneman: “So you’re saying that he needs to be built out of depleted uranium.” Adam Savage: [laughs] “Eh, do you have some? Is it under “D” or “U” over here?”

Adam Savage: “How hard can it be to blow up a room full of gasoline?”

Well, you get the point. I refuse to miss an episode, and plan my day around it. Enough about Television.

Last night I had a dream that I was sitting in the back of an old pickup truck being driven backwards through a wooded area at a high rate of speed by Celia. I was wondering how I had gotten myself into this sort of situation, and how dead I’d be if she were to hit the brakes. Luckily for us, she stopped the truck by a run-down shack and we got out. There, a giant lumberjack of a man shot a flare gun at me, somehow blowing up the shack I was standing in front of. I then wrestled a pitchfork out of the hands of a lanky passerby, and put it through the lumberjack’s neck. As blood exploded from his jugular vein, I threw up and awoke. I didn’t sleep much afterwards.

The weirdest part came this afternoon, when most of that dream came true.

What are you dreaming about?

5 thoughts on “Monkey Is Not A Color.

  1. Arrested development is still funny, they’ve just upped the pacing quite a bit and they’re trying to work all of the characters into every single episode.


  2. Was George Michael or Maeby in this last episode at all?

    I don’t like Oscar at all, although the censored erection thing was pretty funny. They’re hitting the repetition pretty hard as well. I prefer the interaction of all of them in the same room, where now they’re all off on their own or in pairs. It’s certainly a different style now that it was before. I’m not bailing out on them or anything, I’m just concerned.

    You’re absolutely right about the pacing. Now, there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason as to what’s going on. They just throw characters and scenes at you left and right. It’s even faster than the Simpsons now.

    Time will tell.


  3. Maeby was in it very briefly. George michael had the thing with his girlfriend eating the hard-boiled egg which was pretty hilarious, I thought. Why don’t you like Oscar? I think it’s pretty funny, I guess.


  4. Dude, I put it right through his neck. I could feel the skin give way for the tines to slide through. That’s why I threw up once he died.

    I’ve always thought the “twin brother” thing was awful in sitcoms. It’s more of a soap opera thing that they use to incorporate elaborate plot twists. That whole thing with George Sr. dressing like his Brother to steal the Iraq information….it was so fast, nobody knew what the hell was going on. Once it was over, you were too confused to laugh. (The George Michael “egg” thing WAS pretty funny.)

    I really don’t like the open marriage thing with Lindsay and Tobias, and the Iraq subplot isn’t funny at all. They’ve just got to slow it down a little bit, it’ll still be the fastest-paced show on television AND you’ll be able to enjoy it more.

    The characters are dangerously close to being unlikable, and the point was that they ARE unlikable people, but they don’t know it. If it gets any wackier, it might as well be animated.

    The last 3 seasons of Malcolm in the Middle have been amazing because of their pacing, characters and wonderfully woven storylines. They get wacky at times, but it all makes sense in their world. This season of Arrested Development is wacky without substance, the story weaving is very weak, and the characters are more icky than enjoyably unlikable.

    It’s sad how much energy I’ve used to pick this show apart, but that’s what I do to something I like. I really want it to remain fantastic, and that’s what they need to do to make it so. It’s still the funniest show on TV, but the slope is getting steeper.


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