Meet Me When We’re 10 Years Older.

Yo, yo, yo! I’m makin’ more dough than Charlie Chan, and clockin’ more ho’s than Ed McMahon.

Anyways, I read that Target stores are banning those Salvation Army bell-ringer Santas from peddling outside their stores this holiday season. Apparently, this is due to an existing ban on all solicitation. So, you know where I’ll be shopping this Christmas! Seriously, I must give 20 bucks every December to these people. The worst part is that each Santa is different, and they don’t know that you already gave the Salvation Army money. Dude, I’M BROKE! I have just enough money to buy this Matchbox 20 CD for my sister and maybe grab some dinner. Screw the Salvation Army, and their guilt-driven racket.

If you haven’t already checked out Boycott Unity, you’re missing out on a lot of interesting articles and shrewd propaganda. Remember, that if there’s anything you want to contribute, send it to BOYCOTTUNITY@YAHOO.COM, and I’ll make it so. If you go there now, you’ll see a USA Today article about where I work. Scandal!

Last night, I assembled a 5-story wire rack for the Missus’ stuffed animals that stands 7-feet high. It’s beautiful and horrifying. I’m fully expecting to come home tonight to see plush novelties strewn all over the apartment, with the cats nowhere to be found. As is their custom.

Tonight is a long-living tradition at the Zeinert household. TACO TUESDAY! Every Tuesday, the Missus makes wonderful vegetarian soft-shelled tacos. My only chore is to pick up some sour cream, which I’m typing now so I don’t forget. Come to think of it, it’s time for me to leave work now, too. Later G’s, I’m punching out.

2 thoughts on “Meet Me When We’re 10 Years Older.

  1. Yes… screw those money hungry bellringers. Everyone is getting mad at us because of it, not realizing that the higher ups in Minneapolis basically force us “team members” to give to the United Way. Since we have to make our goal for donating, or our execs don’t get their raises! Woot!
    Well, enough of that.



  2. Honestly, I love Target. They have a good selection of a lof of things, the prices are comparable, and it’s not Sprawl-Mart. I’ve probably spent over 10 grand there in my lifetime. I’ll do my Christmas shopping there because they have what I’m looking for, and the Salvation Army will be nowhere in sight. God Bless Target!


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