Letting Off The Happiness.

Here are 15 reasons why I’ve been in a good mood these last few days:

1. Michael Moore was on Jay Leno Friday night.

2. They fixed the buzzing streetlight outside my window.

3. I slept until noon on Saturday.

4. I can walk in the beautiful Fall weather every evening.

5. I slept until noon on Sunday.

6. The Packers won.

7. The Badgers won.

8. The Red Sox won.

9. I took Celia out for a nice dinner on Saturday night.

10. All of our bills are paid for the month.

11. I went to the doctor, and my toe wasn’t broken.

12. The Red Sox won again.

13. I’m picking up “Arrested Development” on DVD tonight.

14. The Red Sox will win for a 3rd time this evening.

15. I’m seeing Michael Moore on Saturday.

In the sake of fairness, here’s 15 reasons why I shouldn’t be in a good mood:

1. I’ve placed my Political ego into the hands of a Documentary filmmaker.

2. I made someone work overtime so I could sleep better at night.

3. I’m lazy.

4. I can’t walk very well because of my toe.

5. I’m still lazy.

6. I can be easily amused by men throwing a leather ball around.

7. I allow my emotions to be swayed by people who don’t know me.

8. I can be easily amused by men swinging a piece of wood.

9. I spent $55 at the Olive Garden.

10. I’m broke.

11. I had to sit in a waiting room with 100 ill seniors.

12. I can be easily swayed into thinking the Red Sox aren’t cursed.

13. I’m about to spend $30 on a plastic disk.

14. The Red Sox will NOT win again this evening.

15. I’m driving 3 hours to listen to a filmmaker talk Politics.

It’s all how you look at things, I guess.

12 thoughts on “Letting Off The Happiness.

  1. You will be very pleased to know as well, that someone got to your page by typing “Alexander Despatie naked”…and it wasn’t even ME that typed it!!!


  2. Someone also did a search for “Rate My Moustache”. Not only that, but people have been getting to my page by searching for “Action Action”. The Internets are hilarious!

    You gotta stay up for this game tonight. The Red Sox will make history again!


  3. Yes, but you seem to have missed my point: ALEXANDRE DESPATIE NAKED! I clicked on the search link and it actually was something I said that caused it to show up on the search engine..haha!


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