Dagger Vision.

You’ll notice the big banner ad on top is gone, and has been replaced by a slim search bar. This bar is really neat, because it only searches within this page! For example, if you wanted to read everything I’ve ever written about Celia, just punch in “Celia” and….well, you know how search engines work. But it’s my own personal one! Not only that, but you can search through all the old formats, old quotes and even old comments! It’s a trip down Communist memory lane. Give it a test search or two. At the very least, it’s a quick way to read all the stuff I’ve ever written about you. Lord knows I have.

The same goes for my other page, which will be updated once the crew gets back into the swing of things.

I also added a few new links, among them the bands “Apparently Nothing” and “Communique“. Apparently Nothing is a decent Madison band that I had the pleasure of working with when I went to MMI. I was a co-producer on their debut CD, and I’m listed in the credits. Communique just released their debut CD on Lookout Records, titled “Poison Arrows”. This CD has not left my car for over 2 weeks now. It is 10 tracks of ass-shaking, love making, sexy, beautiful music. This is without question the make-out CD of the summer, and by far the best album of the year. Take the music of the Faint, vocals and lyrics of Alkaline Trio, melodies of The Shins, make them 10 times better and 100 times catchier, and this is what you get. You will not be let down.

While looking into my site traffic last week, I saw that someone clicked on my page after it came up during a search for “dry hump movies”. Imagine his disappointment. Now, I’m aware of several different genres of pornography, but to specifically hunt for this type of pleasure is something special. Bless his or her heart, I hope he or she finds what they wanted.

If there’s anything you want to see here, feel free to let me know. Midgets, more nudity, unnecessary swears, you name it. I’m in the people-pleasing business.

I’ve got to get back to my non-stop Olympics watching. Ever since the US Men’s Basketball team got their asses handed to them by Italy and Puerto Rico back-to-back, it’s a blast to watch them crash and burn under their own egos. Say what you want about the idea of a Croatian basketball team, at least they know the value of teamwork.

I’ll see you this weekend at the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival!

10 thoughts on “Dagger Vision.

  1. Communiqué is pretty rad. Anything with keyboards and/or a dance beat is pretty cool with me, for the most part.

    As for it being the best CD this year…I don’t think you can make that call yet. There’s been quite a few great CDs this year already and more to come. The Faint’s new one sounds amazing from the stuff I’ve heard. Currently I’m shaking my booty to Beep Beep. Their debut CD is out soon on Saddle Creek. I heard two songs and I’m hooked. Pre-ordered the CD so hopefully it will get here soon. They’re touring with the Faint, so that’s cool. (The bass player from the Faint is actually in Beep Beep. That guy’s got a lot of cool stuff going on!)

    So check out Beep Beep already. http://www.ilovebeepbeep.com

    Or don’t. Whatever.



  2. You’re in the people pleasing business? What a coincidence! I’m a people! Now please me!

    It has come to my attention through vigorous research (i.e. 2 minutes with the new search bar) that you only have one entry that mentions the word “monkey”. This should be rectified shortly. I thank you in advance. For the gift of orangutang. atang. Yea…

    -RM, CA-


  3. What I meant to say was that it’s the best CD of the year thus far. It’s only August, and The Faint as well as Green Day still have albums to release. It’s going to be a good September for music.

    I noticed that Beep Beep was touring with the Faint, so I’ll check them out. I’m in dire need for some good music right now. 9 of my last 10 purchases have been awful.


  4. Humans, as a species, are very similar.

    “Monkey” was the first thing I typed in when I tested the search engine, too. I was also very surprised to see that I’ve only mentioned them once in the 7 month history of this page. What have I been wasting my time on? Friends? Family? I’m depressed beyond words.

    More monkeys are on the way!


  5. Comunique (sp) is very good, but you can’t say that their melodies are better than the Shins. Sorry ’bout that. The Shins stand up to the test of time a wee bit more than the melodies of Comunique (sp) do. It’s definitely a good CD, and I do not oppose listening to it when we are in the car. This makes it a rarity of sorts. I also think that Of Montreal’s “Satanic Panic in the Attic” is better…different genre, for sure, but that CD pretty much puts to shame any Cd in existence ever…in the world….ever.


  6. I think that “Satanic Panic in the Attic” is a great CD, certainly Of Montreal’s best yet. I’m not even close to compiling what I think are the best albums of the year, due to it being only August. But I WILL tell you that the best album of 2003 was “Reconstruction Site”, by The Weakerthans, with “Give Up” by The Postal Service ranking a close second.

    I only said that Communique had the melodies of the Shins because I had nobody to compare them to. They are 2 completely different bands, and the Shins are amazing songwriters, so it was wrong of me to state that they should be compared together.

    Thanks for setting me straight, yo!


  7. Neither of those 2 CD’s were the best of last year…you yourself stated that there were only 2 good songs on the Postal Service CD, and they were the singles. Don’t be a liar! (don’t say that everything’s working, when everything’s broken) (Damn you sexy Dashboard man!)


  8. “Reconstruction Site” was indeed my favorite album of 2003, no doubt about it.

    You know what? Screw the Postal Service! Less Than Jake’s “Anthem” was the runner-up for 2003. Come to think of it, “Give Up” is honestly closer to #4 or #5. That is to say that maybe it wasn’t even released in 2003 at all! Damn me for trying to remember the past! When the end of 2004 comes along, I’ll be ready with more detailed lists.


  9. Well damn…if you can go back to ’03, then I’m gonna have to throw Nada Surf in the mix…wait, was that ’03? I don’t even know anymore!!!!!!!!!


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