(Warning: This post is huge and picture-intensive. It will be merciless if you have a dial-up connection, so be patient. It’s worth it, and if there are any problems with things showing up, please leave a comment about it. Hell, just leave anything. I’d appreciate it.)

Friday Morning

Ben and Sherry spent Thursday night at our house so we could head out at 7am on Friday. This proved to be slightly difficult due to lack of sleep. (Sherry gets the giggles when she has too much wine.)

Not pictured: Benjamin Jenkel


So anyways, we arrived to lovely Thayer’s Historic Bed and Breakfast at about 1pm after picking up our tuxes and wedding license. Once there, we were greeted by our huge wedding suite, equipped with huge hot tub being sat on by Ben and Sherry here:

We were also greeted by the 2 resident Maine Coons, Sadie and Tennessee.

After emptying the contents of our car into our respective rooms, it was off to the Mall of America for some recreation, veggie burgers and fish.

Hey, nice jorb there, Ben!

So after a long day of not shopping, we visited my family who was staying at a nearby hotel, and then headed back to the B&B for some sleep.

Or so we thought.

Out of respect for the fragile mindsets of some of our friends and family, the 4 of us decided not to discuss the events of Friday night until now. We figured if our guests knew that the place was haunted to the gills, they wouldn’t want to spend the night. Here’s just a sampling of what happened to not only the 4 of us, but also to 2 lovely Korean ladies who also where there with us: (My apologies for not snapping a picture of them. They were sweet and nice.)

– The original owner of the B&B, named “Gus”, likes to leave pennies around as gifts. I noticed one of these on the floor, and ignored it, chalking it up to dropped change. When I remembered about the “Gus” story, I went back for it no more than 30 seconds later. It was gone.

– The 2 ladies gave the spirits “permission” to enter their room, and asked them to “give them a sign”. When they came back in the room, all of their stuffed animals had been moved from one corner of the room to another. Honestly.

– Celia, upon standing next to a rocking chair on the third floor, was overcome with a feeling of uneasiness and sickness, and had to leave for a minute. We later found out that the rocking chair is frequently inhabited by the spirit of an old woman. Apparently, this spirit passed right through Celia.

– Ben was constantly locked in and out of his room all weekend. Admittedly, I chalked this up to stupidity on Ben’s part, but I later saw it happen first hand and saw that Ben did nothing to the door to make it lock. It just locked by itself. We also saw several doors slam shut on their own.

– While giving the spirits “permission”, the 2 ladies were standing next to an antique table in the hallway. Suddenly, something ran into the table so hard that it shook the things on it. Seriously.

There were more things that happened, but we were so completely freaked out that we couldn’t remember anything else. This was the night before my wedding, and I couldn’t get to sleep until 2am. Before going to sleep, I made a loud announcement that there were to be NO SPIRITS IN MY ROOM.

Don’t Cry Over Pastry

The 4 of us had a quiet breakfast on Saturday morning, feeling slightly haggard and stirring with anticipation about the long day that was about to unfold. One by one, everyone showed up on time and checked in, and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Exclusive Members Only Picture From AMYSBACK.COM!

(I have several more pictures of Amy’s back, with closer zoom-ins on her tender shoulder blades. If you want them though, you’ve gotta pay. Sherry looks hammered.)

There was only one little teenie, tiny hitch to our plans. A half hour before the wedding was to begin, Celia’s dress hit a snag. Well, her zipper, to be more exact. The dress was beautiful and beautifully made, but the zipper wasn’t worth a shit. After a short delay and some struggling, we made our way to the garden and participated in the most stressful 25 minutes of my life.

Allow me to get a little personal for a paragraph here. I did everything I could not to cry. I sang songs in my head, refused to stare her in the eye, and laughed at nothing for as long as I could. But once I had to take her hands, and let her know how much she meant to me, I just couldn’t handle it. I recovered quickly, but I did have several welling tears. Luckily for me, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Rumor has it that even old Ben was shedding a tear or two, but out of respect for his masculinity I will not confirm or deny these accusations. I’ve never been sadder or happier in my life.

We made it through, though. Then it was pictures and mingling for a few hours before the big murder mystery began. It is at this point that I must mention that Anthony, Lindsay’s Texan boyfriend, took most of these pictures of us. He did a great job, and we’re all very appreciative of his work. (I tried my hardest to get him to talk to me, and I think I almost succeeded. I’m beginning to think that the guy just doesn’t like to talk. Oh well, I liked having him there anyways. Thanks, man.)

What A Scoop!

I was so proud of everyone who did the murder mystery. I laughed harder than I have in years, and from the most unexpected sources. (Like my Dad. Go figure!) Some of the highlights were Tyler’s unfliching performance of the meek nerd-slash-murderous genius, Kevin’s believable death scene, Celia’s Mother’s completely over-the-top southern belle act, my Dad’s Matt Foley-esque screaming delivery with every question asked of him, and Ben’s borderline-alcoholic portrayal of newspaper writer “Clint Print”. Honestly though, everyone was great. We couldn’t stop talking about it for days, and we plan on doing it again sometime.

After a long day, everyone was pretty much exhausted, and went to bed earlier than expected.

I know there are a lot of stories I’m leaving out, so if you have a specific memory you’d like to share, please leave it as a comment. Everyone played a supporting role in this wedding, and that’s exactly how we wanted it to be. My wife and I didn’t want to be the centers of attention any longer than we had to, because we essentially wanted this to just be a fun weekend for everyone.

I think we pulled it off. See you again this weekend!

5 thoughts on “06-19-2004

  1. Ryan! I can’t believe you put that ugly picture of me sleeping! You’re going to get it! Just kidding 🙂 Why do I look so drunk in that one picture? Maybe it’s because I’m holding an unidentified drink in my hand (which, by the way, is Pepsi). See you guys on Sunday!


  2. You look pretty hammered in that picture…cuz you’ve got the drink in your hand and you’re leaning in the way drunk people do. We’ve got another one somewhere where Erin looks drunk, and an even funnier one with Erin and Kevin doing simultaneous yawns.


  3. Oh, that’s right. The one with Erin and Kevin is funny, because it looks like they are screaming at each other at the same time, and nobody seems to care.

    Split-second moments in time are great. I had a good weekend.


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