We’re As Dead As Disco, Baby.

My old band Mediocre At Best played their last show over 2 years ago, just before realizing that we had played just one show too many. Nevertheless, we had a great time and made a lot of temporary friends along the way. For me, the best part of the whole experience was talking to people who really appreciated or at least feigned interest into what we were doing.

Which is why I found this letter so charming. This is an e-mail sent to Celia about 2 weeks ago. Bear in mind again that we haven’t done anything with this band in years.

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 11:34:27 -0700 (PDT)

From: aditya renggadita

Subject: Mail from indonesia

To: thegirlfrommars@XXXXXXXXX.com

I havent hear any song from your releases,cos i

couldnt find it in Indonesia due to economic condition

of Indonesia. That why i wrote this mail to

you….wondering…dyou guy have any cd sampler?or

whatever like free cd or anything? maybe i could make

a small promo about your band.

i couldnt always browsing your site cause i dont have

any internet acess. i use internet on cyber cafe so i

must pay it over and over again.

why dont you guy come and play in Indonesia?its a

great place.

Aditya Renggadita

jl. setia no.124/e sukarasa

Tangerang 15111


The 4 of us are currently scrounging around, looking for things to send her, free of course. With this bit of good news, and my wedding on Saturday, I’m having a much better week than I deserve. Here’s to hoping that yours is the same.

The next time I talk to you, I’ll be a married man.

11 thoughts on “We’re As Dead As Disco, Baby.

  1. I’ve got stuff to send. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. If you or Celia (or Ben, for that matter) would like to write a little letter or something to include, that would be cool. I’ll throw something together though.

    Best wishes with the wedding festivities this weekend. Hope you guys have a good time.


  2. Thanks for the kind words, and for finding some stuff to send to Indonesia, I appreciate it. Yeah, I can send her an e-mail tonight telling her that some stuff is on the way. Can we get her a CD too? Just wondering if you still had a few. Thanks again.


  3. I’d be afraid of Malaria and smallpox and stuff like that. Then they’d cut our heads off, because they are savages and I only know what I watch on Fox News. Man, I need a nap.


  4. I’m sending a CD, and a handful of stickers/buttons/patches. I’d like to send a t-shirt, but I have no idea what size to send. Plus a shirt would increase the size and weight of the package to the point that it would probably be way more expensive to ship to the other side of the globe. I’m gonna stop into the post office in a bit and see how much it will cost to ship. If I can cover it, I’ll do it.



  5. $3.80 to send some junk to Indonesia. And it should only take a week or two. Not too shabby.

    Your mom must have had the day off…I went to the Larsen post office to say hi but then she wasn’t even working. Psht.



  6. It only cost 3.80? That’s fricken awesome…I was expecting it to be like 20 bucks…sheesh! Indonesia rocks…or maybe it’s the US Postal service that rocks…I’m not sure which!


  7. I managed to fit everything into one of those padded orange/yellow envelopes…I was expecting it to cost a lot more, but last time I sent anything overseas it was a box with several t-shirts and CDs in it. So that makes a big difference.



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