The Polybius Legend.

I’m James K. Polk, and I approve this message.

Some quick things I wanted to share with you today:

1. 3 cheers to FOX for bringing “Arrested Development” back for a second season! Please watch this show every Sunday, as it is the best thing on television in the last 2 years.

2. My first week of work went fine. I’m slowly learning to function on my own, and I’m quickly realizing that I am the lowest rung on the ladder. I will be the “utility” man, which means I will do everything and anything they want me to do; but I’m going to get my own cubicle out of the deal, so I’m going to keep reaching for the rainbow. Wish me luck.

3. We spent this weekend in Minnesota at the Mall of America. We were in the area to pick up our marriage license for our upcoming wedding at Thayer’s. Celia got an “Eggstractor” that doesn’t work.

Other than that, I’m preparing for a get-together this Friday, and me and Celia are working like feverish little yuppies. I’ll have more time to chat this week, but right now I have to watch the season finale’ of The Simpsons.


One thought on “The Polybius Legend.

  1. The Eggstractor does too work! I just had to get the hang of it….with the exception of the one egg that shout right out of the kitchen onto the computer desk, the rest of the eggs were a success.


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