Tinker gets to be the first to read my latest draft, as she is an honest critic.

My goal of a 30 page draft has ballooned to at least a 50 page one. The final act will be completed next week, as I take the rest of this week to get the other 2 just the way I like ’em. I plan on having a completely finished product by Thursday the 6th. Then I will give copies to a bunch of people, who will either lie to me about how good it is, or hurt my feelings with criticism. I will then change parts of it based on the feedback.

Tinker likes it, because there are 3 references to cats in it. The current title is “72 hours”.

And one last thing today, friends. I wrote this screenplay with filming it in mind. This means that in no time, Me and Ben will have a movie shoot on our hands. If you are at all interested in acting or doing anything else, don’t hesitate in e-mailing me at CTAKX@YAHOO.COM. We’re making magic, people!

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